Your Conveyancer for 2024: What to Look for When Searching

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Your Conveyancer for 2024: What to Look for When Searching


As 2024 begins, more people will be looking to buy, sell or remortgage properties. This makes choosing your conveyancer right crucial. Conveyancers legally facilitate property transfers, handling all legal work for buying, selling or remortgaging. With such an important role, you need assurance that your conveyancer has the specialisation, expertise and track record to safely steer your transaction to completion. This comprehensive blog reveals what to look for when searching for your conveyancer this year.


Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. Specialisation and Expertise
    3. Communication Infrastructure
    4. Pricing Structure and Transparency
    5. Technology and Efficiency
    6. Success Rates and Assurances
    7. Red Flags When Choosing
    8. Client Reviews
    9. FAQs
    10. Conclusion

Specialisation and Expertise

Firstly, opt for a firm specialising solely in conveyancing rather than a general practice solicitor. Pure conveyancing specialisation enables more honed expertise, just as a heart specialist doctor builds deeper cardiovascular knowledge than a general practitioner.

AVRillo perfectly illustrates this, being focused entirely on conveyancing without handling any other legal services. Its conveyancers will have handled thousands more property transactions than general solicitors. This acquaints them with countless issues that commonly jeopardise transactions, equipping them to swiftly nullify problems.

Type of Firm Advantages Disadvantages
General Practice Solicitor Wider range of legal services Less focus on conveyancing, less expertise
Pure Conveyancing Specialist Deeper conveyancing expertise Limitation to conveyancing services only

Consider this statement from an AVRillo conveyancer:

“We know property transactions better than anyone because we ‘eat, sleep and breathe conveyancing’. A general solicitor simply won’t have confronted the sheer diversity of issues we deal with daily.”

As this quote highlights, pure specialisation breeds better expertise. General solicitors often promise conveyancing without mastering its intricacies.

Communication Infrastructure

Additionally, your conveyancer should provide superior communication infrastructure. This facilitates better collaboration with estate agents, allowing joint troubleshooting to expedite transactions.

AVRillo has invested heavily in advanced CRM portals offering:

  1. Email/text/WhatsApp case updates
  2. Live chat 24/7
  3. Online case tracking
  4. Appointment bookings

Regular, transparent communication ensures you feel continuously updated on progress while collaborative abilities help smooth out problems faster.

As one satisfied AVRillo customer reported:

“I was instantly messaged each time progress happened. I also had direct access to my case handler via call, text and email. As a busy individual, not having to chase for updates was invaluable.”

Pricing Structure and Transparency

Moreover, ensure transparent fees with no hidden charges. AVRillo details all costs upfront rather than demanding deposits. You pay only for what you utilise without nasty surprises. There are basic fees for standard transactions plus additional charges if unusual complexities arise later. This flexible pricing structure avoids locking you into rigid fixed fees but it still remains great value compared to competitors.

Conveyancer Pricing Approach
others fixed fees or hourly rates
AVRillo fees for standard work + charges for complexities

Consider what customers say about AVRillo’s transparent pricing model:

“Other conveyancers tried pulling the wool over my eyes with cheap initial quotes that didn’t reflect the final bill. AVRillo outlined all pricing details at the start so I knew exactly what I’d pay, avoiding budget shocks down the line.”

Such transparency is too often lacking from competitors.

Technology and Efficiency

Furthermore, leverage conveyancers utilising award-winning technology. AVRillo has pioneered multiple innovations enabling it to spot issues early while completing cases in nearly half the industry average time.

Its online client portal also lets customers self-serve for updates rather than endlessly calling their overworked case handler. This efficiency reduces risks that can otherwise derail sales. As this happy home buyer discovered:

“My previous failed purchase with another conveyancer collapsed after months because critical searches got delayed. Yet AVRillo’s portal updates meant I addressed issues early, saving my next transaction! Their tech focus is miles ahead.”

Success Rates and Assurances

Critically examine success rates as well before appointing a conveyancer. While UK conveyancing failure rates average 39.8% annually according to Which, AVRillo boasts an exceptional 95% success score.

It also offers rare quality assurances like a 60 day free trial and 100% money back guarantee. This means zero financial losses for you if dissatisfied with its service. No other conveyancer provides such watertight assurances.

As one of AVRillo’s founders lucidly explained:

“Near enough 4 in 10 clients lose their conveyancing fees and property sale each year despite instructing a solicitor. We think that’s unacceptable so offer a promise we stand by – if we don’t successfully convey within 60 days, walk away cost-free.”

Red Flags When Choosing

While assessing options, keep an eye out for these red flags:

  1. No case tracking portal
  2. Refusal to detail pricing
  3. Cannot provide latest success rates
  4. Makes overblown promises on speed
  5. Poorly presented offices

Firms displaying such traits often lack the infrastructure to assure transactions complete smoothly.

Prioritising business expansion over properly serving existing clients is another factor that can undermine success rates. As this client who saw their purchase collapse realised:

“My conveyancer grew too fast taking on thousands more clients across multiple offices. They became badly overstretched and neglected focusing on existing customer cases. It’s no wonder all the plates came crashing down for me.”

Client Reviews

It’s additionally prudent checking independent client reviews before appointing a conveyancer. AVRillo scores extremely well here with thousands of Feefo and Google reviews like these:

“A first class firm who worked tirelessly to ensure my property transaction proceeded seamlessly. Their expertise managed risks that could easily have derailed completion. I wholeheartedly recommend them!”

“All conveyancers should follow AVRillo’s model – outstanding communication, total transparency and a smooth process from exchange right through to successful completion!”

While no company satisfies every customer, such regular rave reviews evidence that the vast majority have very positive experiences.



In conclusion, AVRillo exemplifies an ideal conveyancer for 2024 home movers. As the UK’s top awarded pure conveyancing specialist, its intense singular focus cultivates unparalleled expertise. This combined with its stellar communication, transparent pricing, award-winning technology and incredible 95% transaction success rate delivers virtually unrivalled assurance.

For anyone buying, selling or remortgaging property this year, put your trust in the UK’s preeminent specialists at AVRillo for worry-free conveyancing!


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How long does AVRillo’s conveyancing process take?

Approximately 2.5 months versus 5-6 months traditionally.

Can AVRillo provide updates through WhatsApp?

Yes, clients can opt to receive instant messaging updates via WhatsApp.

What happens if I start with AVRillo but am unsatisfied?

AVRillo offers a 60 day free trial and 100% money back guarantee.

Does AVRillo have extensive client reviews?

Yes, it boasts thousands of 5 star Feefo, Google and Trustpilot reviews.

You’re 8x times more likely to move with us than with other conveyancers.