Your Conveyancer for 2024: Should You choose online conveyancing

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Your Conveyancer for 2024: Should You Choose Online Conveyancing


As the property market picks up pace in 2024, more people are considering online conveyancers to handle their transactions. Online conveyancing offers all-digital property transfer services from an online-based firm rather than a traditional high street solicitor. This modern approach presents both advantages and drawbacks. This blog weighs up key benefits versus risks to examine if online conveyancing suits your 2024 property transaction needs.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Benefits of Online Conveyancing
  3. Risks of Online Conveyancing
  4. Questions to Ask Online Conveyancers
  5. Hybrid Approach
  6. FAQs
  7. Conclusion

Benefits of Online Conveyancing

Top online providers like AVRillo offer significant plus points including:

  1. Convenience – Manage your transaction via your computer or smartphone without visiting offices. Upload documents, access support and get updates easily online.
  2. Speed – Online administrative workflows enable faster completions than traditional paper-shuffling. Cases typically progress 15-20% quicker.
  3. Transparency – Upfront detailed quotes clearly outline all costs rather than vague estimates from high street firms.
  4. Affordability – Lower overheads translate into reduced fees, making online conveyancers up to 40% cheaper.

Risks of Online Conveyancing

However, online options also carry a few notable risks:

  1. Commoditisation – Focus on volume and efficiency reduces personalisation and expertise depth compared to the best specialists.
  2. Service Quality – Prioritising low cost over quality could negatively impact success rates if adequate ongoing investment into training, compliance and communication systems falters.

So while online conveyancers offer fantastic convenience and value, it’s essential verifying they meet key hallmarks of quality assurance and sustainability.


Questions to Ask Online Conveyancers

Analyse online conveyancers across these key benchmarks before appointing one:

  1. What specialist accreditations do you hold?
  2. How does your expertise depth compare to firms like AVRillo?
  3. What is your transaction success rate over the past 2 years?
  4. What happens if a case becomes complex requiring specialist input?
  5. How does your communication infrastructure and speed compare to competitors?

Gauge expertise depth, success reliability and infrastructure scalability when examining providers.

Hybrid Approach

For optimal results, consider a hybrid conveyancer blending online convenience with specialised expertise. AVRillo is one such leading example, merging easy-to-use online portals with over 600 collective years of award-winning conveyancer expertise. This hybrid model delivers an ideal balance of affordability, speed and crucially, certainty through human oversight by experts.

According to AVRillo’s co-founder:

“We fuse conveyancing craftsmanship with digital efficiency – blending dedicated specialists handling each case behind-the-scenes supported by our bespoke online platform. Clients benefit from online agility yet our experts proactively mitigate risks using decades of experience.”

This hybrid approach satisfies both digitally-savvy and cautious clients.


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In summary, incorporating online conveyancing components can undoubtedly enable faster and more affordable property transactions. However, benefits like convenience should not overshadow careful analysis of potential corner-cutting risks around expertise depth, sustainability and reliability. Scrutinise support infrastructure scalability too.

For the best blend of value, speed and crucially, certainty, consider an innovative award-winning hybrid conveyancer like AVRillo. Their human expertise combined with digital agility masterfully balances conveyancing craftsmanship and accessibility.



What does online conveyancing mean?

Managing the legal parts of property transactions fully via a digital platform and online firm rather than physical offices.

Is online conveyancing faster?

Yes, typically cases complete 15-20% quicker.

Is human support still provided?

With leading hybrid conveyancers like AVRillo but less so with fully automated online-only firms.

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