Wow Nominations

We encourage our team to push themselves to the limit in terms of service. This feature enables any team members to nominate their colleagues for recognition that they've really excelled in a particular task.


Georgina for always trying her best for others around her. For saying yes to tasks, and especially for using her other skills by helping the IT department, as well as her full role in the Hospitality Team

Nominated by: Angelo

Submitted on: 18 Jan 2019


I am nominating Shadi for always being on the ball and always scoring goals.Whenever you ask Shadi to do something she is always willing and only to happy to help with a smile. Thank you Shadi, you’re amazing!!!

Nominated by: Shadi

Submitted on: 14 Jun 2017

Jess & JT & Julie

I would like to nominate Jessica, Julie and Joanna for treating the whole office to Pimms and fresh fruit too. Always thinking of others, Thanks ladies x

Nominated by: Georgina

Submitted on: 26 May 2017


Just a quick email , I have been calling in a lot recently regarding updates and just thought I would drop a line to let you know that Aalliyah who has been answering the phone is always friendly answers with a nice happy tone of voice and is always helpful, she is a credit to your company.

Nominated by: Aalliyah

Submitted on: 25 May 2017


Donna-Marie has been of great help in scanning. She has really taken control of the entire process and is very prompt with requests. I will really recommend her to be kept there as it is the backbone of this entire piece.

Nominated by: Donna-Marie

Submitted on: 5 May 2017

Georgina Lapwood

I am nominating this ball of energy for all her help in moving us around in the office. she is alwayssssssssss positive happy to help, smiling. Love her walking into our room. Girl you got to keep doing what you do because your simply amazing… From Team Mel 🙂 xxxxxxxx

Nominated by: Mel Erdogan

Submitted on: 12 Dec 2016

Ebru Kesen,Gamze Bakir

I don’t know where to start with these two little munchkins…. They are my everything… Always there when you need them, never hesitate to go the extra mile, best values, great work ethics… They are both very hard workers always positive and bubbly…. A little crazy at times haha but I love them the way they are in every way…. You two always make me smile, you never moan when things get tough you are always supporting and make a pretty amazing team 🙂 What can I say… Love you a million xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Nominated by: Mel Erogan

Submitted on: 8 Dec 2016

Joanne Turnball

Because she is simply the BEST! one of the nicest persons I have had the pleasure in meeting. A friend some could only ever wish for… perfect in every way. Jo is a shining star. Her values are AVRILLO all over – she is a real asset and a pleasure to work with and know in person. Thank you a million. Love you xxxxxxxx

Nominated by: Mel Erdogan

Submitted on: 7 Dec 2016

Joanne Turnball

She is simply one of the most dedicated people I have worked with coming in on weekends without being asked and coming in early to help in completions department and then do the cleaning and then helping Jess – she is excellent!!

Nominated by: Hussain Ahmed

Submitted on: 7 Dec 2016

Leo Yianni

This morning when I came in to work there was a personalised Christmas Bauble on my desk. This really made my day and I really think this is a WOW moment. It has made me feel really special and has put me in the Christmas spirit! Thank you Leo 🙂 x

Nominated by: Emily Coyle

Submitted on: 1 Dec 2016

Glenda Lapwood

She is simply one of the most dedicated people I have worked with coming in on weekends without being asked and coming in early to help in completions department and then do the cleaning and then helping Jess – she is excellent!!

Nominated by: Mel Erdogan

Submitted on: 1 Dec 2016

Leo Yianni

There isn’t a week that goes by where Leo hasn’t recognized Hospitality for their support. He always shows appreciation for us and it he really is a breath of fresh air. Even the little things he does to show his support for us goes a long way!

Nominated by: Aalliyah Larmie

Submitted on: 30 Nov 2016

Francessca Hurcombe

For being such a hard worker and really doing everything she can to make sure that the completions team is kept running smoothly everyday! Even when you can see that things are a bit stressful she still manages to keep a smile on her face. You really are a star!!!

Nominated by: Aalliyah Larmie

Submitted on: 24 Nov 2016

Andriana Panayi

For being a great and inspirational manager. Everyday she works super hard to make sure the team are the best they can be, always motivated and she always has a positive attitude which helps to make coming to work an extra pleasure!

Nominated by: Aalliyah Larmie

Submitted on: 17 Nov 2016

Richard Buck

I have nominated Richard as he is an amazing asset to the business. He is always running around helping everyone. Always positive, friendly, super polite and a pleasure to work with. Today he spent time he didn’t have on helping me with a computer problem and I would like to thank him very much for this. Richard you always always always display the AVRILLO values, you are very hard worker and have a great attitude. Well done.

Nominated by: Mel

Submitted on: 16 Nov 2016

Ebru Kesen,Gamze Bakir,Shadi Toserkani

I would like to share a story and nominate these 3 special people in particular…. Recently we have received a lovely comment from 2 different estate agents to say that they know when it is us on the phone due to the positive energy that we display. They mentioned how upbeat and great the tonality always is, and that it really goes to show how happy we are at work. They mentioned Shadi from our front face to say she always answers with the nicest tone each time they call. When Gamze called one of them for an update, he went on to stop her before she even mentioned where she was calling from to say “you don’t need to tell me I know where you are calling from just from your happy voice”. Ebru always demonstrates a positive attitude no matter what, always pleasant and a pleasure to have as a team member.This goes to show that we all reflect on one another and I would like to thank you all for displaying the AVRILLO values in this way on our way up to a world class service provider. Well done team.

Nominated by: Mel Erdogan

Submitted on: 16 Nov 2016

Shadi Toserkani

Everyone in our hospitality department is amazing. Shadi especially has a brilliant attitude and she is always cheerful. I have had several agents and client tell me that they love speaking to her and love calling AV Rillo because they know when the phone is answered they will speak to someone who is smiling on the other side of the phone.

Nominated by: Gamze

Submitted on: 16 Nov 2016

Meltem Erdogan

Mel is a star. She is professional, thoughtful, driven, focused and a real credit to herself and AVRILLO. Mel will always have time to help you and wants you to be the best you can.
Thanks for your support and help and friendship Meltem!!!

Nominated by: Joanne Turnbull

Submitted on: 10 Nov 2016

Leo Yianni

I would like to nominate Leo for a WOW! Award because he helps everyone on a daily basis. Even if he chooses to come in early everyday, it shows the passion he has for his work and he always makes sure he gets the work done. As a member of the hospitality team, I work closely with Leo and it’s a pleasure. He helps answer phones and envelopes post when he can so I’d like to thank Leo for his support. Go Leoooo!

Nominated by: Andriana Panayi

Submitted on: 9 Nov 2016

Glenda Lapwood

Glenda is just something else! _x000D_
The after care she gives the clients once they have completed is exceptional. _x000D_
You can see Glenda put her time and effort into happy and unhappy clients. _x000D_
The un happy clients tend to finish off on a good note with AVRillo just because of how much care goes into them and making sure their issue is resolved in the most professional manner.

Nominated by: Shadi Toserkani

Submitted on: 8 Nov 2016

Gamze Bakir,Meltem Erdogan,Emily Coyle

Gamze Bakir- she has been amazing helping fit in since day one always been supportive and positive._x000D_
Meltem Erdogan- has made me feel welcome to the team and takes her time to explain legals to me which has been very beneficial._x000D_
Emily Coyle- she is great to work around always has a smile on her face and is always willing to help. She has fit it so well with the Av Rillo FAMILY.

Nominated by: Ebru

Submitted on: 4 Nov 2016