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Fact: There is a 350% better chance of you getting to completion when you move with AVRillo; helping you not only avoid wasted valuation, mortgage, broker & legal fees but also on losing out on your ideal home. And we don’t like delays either! That’s why we get you to exchange 35% faster the the national average, saving you time and wasted mortgage repayments.



50 years combined experience helps us avoid the usual mistakes made in Conveyancing, saving you time and money.


We use our expertise to cut out red tape, offering a first-class service at a fair, competitive price.


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Our Leasehold Conveyancing Unit is a dedicated team of experts who ensure you are protected before and after your move.


With AVRillo there is less risk of your purchase falling through, helping you not only avoid wasted valuation, mortgage, broker and legal fees but also losing out on your ideal home, and the risk of you paying more for another property.


Where other solicitors delay, we’ll get you to exchange faster, saving you time and wasted mortgage repayments.


Are you buying a lease or a leasehold property?

The concept of freehold and leasehold can be confusing to buyers. And buyers, quite rightly, worry as to whether they are paying hundreds of thousands to purchase something which does not actually belong to them but which they occupy for a fixed period of years. Another question asked often is, ‘Is my leasehold worth less than a freehold property?’The answer is it mostly depends on the length of your lease and the obligations and rights that exist or are missing from your lease. That is why it’s important that you instruct solicitors both expert and experienced in dealing with leases.

Lease Extensions

A short lease will de-value your property and make it more difficult to mortgage. Our specialist Leasehold Extension Unit will guide you through this complex are of law. Learn more here. downloads

Call Us. We Are Here to Help.

Instructing A.V.Rillo will save you time and money in the long run. We are recognised as industry leaders in complex leasehold cases and specialise in leasehold extensions. We review our client’s lease as soon as it is received and prepare a special report on the title, detailing key information and highlighting any defects with solutions the buyer may wish to consider before following through with the purchase.