Why us

The real reason customers prefer AVRillo

Qualified as solicitors for over 30 years each and owners of both AVRillo and estate agencies along the way, the two brothers, Tony and Angelo, understand just how emotionally draining moving is and how crippling it is for buyers and sellers if they are one of the 40% who fail to move, even after instructing conveyancers. As a result, they created their ‘one thing’ conveyancing. Putting people first before profit. 

A passion to help clients move 

Everything they do is client-focused on the client’s one thing they need: to move. Their conveyancers are not only trained to understand the emotional needs of movers but to treat the move as if it were theirs. In an industry where buyers and sellers often feel left in the dark, frustrated, and treated merely as a number, AVRillo is dedicated to putting you first on their journey to help you in your ‘one thing’. 

Your ‘One Thing’ is Our Priority

We have honed our services to deliver just that. Our ‘One Thing’ philosophy means we deliver a 95% success rate compared to only 60% nationally because we know that’s all that matters. They understand that if you are paying your lawyers to move you, any other outcome is wasted money, time and stress. Why even start if you fail? 

Why we get referred by clients? 

Our client-centred approach is embedded in every aspect of our work, from how we keep clients updated to how we find suitable but practical, faster solutions to ensure the clients meet their one-thing target. 

When you decide to instruct us, you will be assigned a dedicated conveyancer who may be supported by a legal assistant. Our conveyancers are either solicitors, licenced conveyancers, legal executives or have the relevant conveyancing experience and expertise to handle the cases that have been assigned to them.

So, why AVRillo?

AVRillo’s unique experience since 1998 makes them the trusted choice for those seeking results and a caring and responsive conveyancing service.

You can trust their Award-Winning Recognition: They are not just another conveyancing firm but one that treats your case as if they were personally moving. In recognition, they are not only the three winners of the Sunday Times best conveyances, but 10 Golds in customer service, and the other 40 Golds make them the most awarded legal firm in conveyancing history for a reason because they care. 

Stress Reduction: 

Recognised as champions of mental well-being, we focus on reducing the emotional burden of moving and their unwavering care, ensuring clients feel supported throughout the process. As they know the mental pain buyers and sellers suffer when 4 in 10 crash out; they ensure each client’s journey is as stress-free and successful as possible, leading to their record of 19 in 20 compared to only 4 in 10 nationally. 

Try us for free with our 60 day money-back guarantee

We’re the UK’s only conveyancers to offer a money-back guarantee. No more buyer’s remorse. Just don’t pay us if you find cheaper or aren’t 100% happy. That’s right, change your mind, not a penny paid for our costs…zilch, nada, rien! Nothing means nothing in any language! No charges, no questions, no fuss. So there’s no risk for you to give us a try!

And there’s more.

As we work in trust, we refuse to take money on account. We won’t ask you to pay our costs upfront when other lawyers do; we’ll carry your costs to the end. And, better still, you only pay for what you use, making your costs even cheaper. 

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