Why AVRillo Tops the List of Best Online Conveyancing Services

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Save thousands with our 95% success rate
compared to a 39.8%* failure rate elsewhere

* according to OnTheMarket data (OTM is one of the top 3 UK property portals alongside Rightmove and Zoopla)

Why AVRillo Tops the List of Best Online Conveyancing Services

Seeking the best online conveyancing services to handle your UK property purchase or sale? The conveyancing market has experienced rapid digitisation, with countless virtual offerings promising speed and savings. Yet best-in-class online conveyancing entails much more than building a slick platform. Industry leader AVRillo sets themselves apart from the pack when it comes to doling out premium digital conveyancing at scale nationwide.


Table of Contents

  • Online Conveyancing Game Changers
  • Core Pillars of Premium Online Conveyancing
  • Spotlight: What Makes AVRillo a True Leader
  • AVRillo’s Standout Metrics and Milestones
  • FAQ

Online Conveyancing Game Changers

The conveyancing realm has seen seismic industry shifts towards online service models offering:

  • Convenience: Digital portals allow 24/7 case visibility, communication channels, document sharing, payments and more.
  • Efficiency: Leaner costs not needing traditional brick-and-mortar office space translates to savings passed onto clients through lower fees.
  • Quicker Completion: Specialist virtual conveyancers concentrate workflow exclusively on speeding up bottlenecks surrounding searches, legals, contracts.

Top-performing online conveyancing firms combine these structural advantages with other differentiating factors covered next.

Core Pillars of Premium Online Conveyancing

While digitalisation drives progress in online offerings, virtual conveyancing still necessitates artful execution across key categories:

Category Details
Specialised Expertise Conveying residential property necessitates experience navigating diverse issues like leaseholds, Help to Buy ISAs, second charges, boundary disputes and more.
Robust Technology Beyond surface-level virtual platforms, genuine utilisation of automation, AI and more behind the scenes to streamline conveyancing.
Service Pricing Cost savings from tech-enabled models need to manifest as fee reductions for clients. No egregious hidden charges.
Communication Flow Omnichannel visibility into cases via seamless client portals, email, SMS, calls.
Verifiable Credibility Top virtual conveyancers back up services with outstanding testimonials, awards and multi-year track records.

As explored next, AVRillo shines across all above aspects that set premium online conveyancers apart.

Spotlight: What Makes AVRillo a True Leader

Competitive Differentiator AVRillo’s Capabilities
Niche Specialisation Pure play residential conveyancing focus, driving efficiencies traditional firms struggle to achieve.
Digital Optimisation Proprietary software and workflows reduce admin overhead by over 50%.
Competitive Pricing Transparent fee structure averaging £850-£1750 without hidden charges.
Communication Excellence Robust client portal enabling document sharing, messaging, payments and more.
Industry Validation Rated 5* by over 5,000 reviewers.

Clearly, AVRillo dominates on all must-have aspects that set apart basic virtual conveyancers from premium online conveyancing leaders. But how do these capabilities translate quantifiably?

AVRillo’s Standout Metrics and Milestones

Demonstrating powerhouse performance, AVRillo hits benchmarks far surpassing national conveyancing standards:

  • 2X faster completions – 10 week average versus 20 weeks traditionally
  • 95% completion success rate – Far outpacing 60.2% national norm
  • >50% cost savings – Delivering deals thousands below high street solicitors
  • 12,000+ cases – Completed, cementing them as bonafide large-scale specialist

Plainly, AVRillo’s digits speak for themselves. For best-in-class value, efficiency and service levels from nationally-recognised conveyancing masterminds, clients overwhelmingly deem AVRillo as today’s definitive leader in online offerings.


In the rapidly evolving landscape of online conveyancing services, we have found that one name consistently rises above the rest: AVRillo. As we’ve explored in this comprehensive guide, the world of digital conveyancing has seen a transformation, offering unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and speed. AVRillo excels in every aspect, setting the gold standard for online conveyancing nationwide.

24/7 accessibility

Firstly, from 24/7 accessibility through their digital portals to the leaner cost structure that translates into our savings, AVRillo embodies the core pillars of premium online conveyancing. Secondly, our specialisation in residential conveyancing is laser-focused, reducing administrative overhead by over 50%. Additionally, our pricing structure is transparent, averaging between £850 to £1750, with no hidden charges, making them a truly cost-effective choice for us as clients.


Communication excellence is another hallmark of AVRillo, with a robust client portal that facilitates document sharing, messaging, payments, and more. This dedication to client service has earned us a stellar reputation, with a 95% completion success rate and a consistent 5-star rating from over 5,000 reviewers.


Firstly, AVRillo’s performance metrics speak volumes. We complete transactions in half the time of traditional conveyancing, with an average of 10 weeks compared to the usual 20 weeks. Our 95% completion success rate far surpasses the national norm of 60.2%, and they deliver cost savings of over 50%, often thousands below high street solicitors. Furthermore, with over 12,000 cases completed, AVRillo proves the ability to handle large-scale specialist work.

In conclusion, AVRillo isn’t just a player in the online conveyancing market; we are the definitive leader. Furthermore, our commitment to excellence, efficiency, and transparency sets them apart as the go-to choice for anyone seeking trustworthy, digitally-empowered conveyancing services. Whether you’re buying or selling residential property in the UK, AVRillo is the name that guarantees the best-in-class value and service levels you deserve.


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How do AVRillo’s fees compare to traditional conveyancers?

Boasting tech-refined operations densely focused on solely delivering conveyancing contracts, AVRillo holds fee advantages traditional firms struggle to match. While many rivals charge anywhere from £1500-£2500, AVRillo offers fixed pricing averaging £850-£1750.

What recognition or awards has AVRillo received?

When seeking trustworthy, pure play online conveyancing to streamline your home sale or purchase, look no further than award-winning market captains AVRillo. Furthermore, our digitally-empowered niche specialisation drives better, faster and more affordable outcomes for residential buyers and sellers countrywide.

You’re 8x times more likely to move with us than with other conveyancers.