What are conveyancing enquiries

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What are conveyancing enquiries

Conveyancing enquiries are a process that forms part of conveyancing when buying or selling a property. Conveyancers will submit specific conveyancing enquiries to the seller’s conveyancer to ensure that there are no known defects with the property and to uncover any potential claims against it. These conveyancing enquiries are either standard or bespoke.

They can relate to anything from:

-drains and boundaries,
-to charges on the land,
-shared access and rights of way over adjacent land.


conveyancing enquiries


The answers these conveyancing enquiries provide are an important factor in determining if a sale is viable. These conveyancers will also review the answers with their clients so they fully understand the implications of findings before signing the contract. Conveyancing enquiries help buyers gain peace of mind about their purchase by ensuring that all details about the property have been disclosed.

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The different types of conveyancing enquiries

As part of the conveyancing process, a conveyancer – either acting on behalf of a seller or buyer – will raise enquiries to protect their client’s interests. Broadly speaking, these conveyancing enquiries generally fall into three categories which include pre-contractual enquiries, contractual inquiries, and post-contractual enquires.


Pre-contractual conveyancing enquiries

Pre-contractual conveyancing enquires are requested before sale contracts are exchanged and may include questions about property conditions, boundaries, and any potential rights issues.

Contractual conveyance enquiries

Contractual conveyance enquires are those that take place after contracts have been issued such as requests for completion statements or confirmation about existing mortgages on the property.

Post-contractual conveyancing enquiries

Post-contractual conveyancing enquiries typically concern money due from either party or other obligations that must be met before the transfer of ownership can take place.

Whether acting on behalf of a buyer or seller, conveyancers need to ensure that all relevant conveyancing enquiries are raised during each stage of the conveyance process to protect their client’s rights and interests in the property transaction.

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Customer Review:

Professional service. Responsive and fast and the agents were reassuring, Angela Higgins in particular made a very difficult experience manageable. It must have been an exceptionally difficult purchase because the vendor would not respond over nearly two months and without Angela and her team’s persistence I think the sale would have failed. And, all progressed with patience and kindness. My sincere thanks.” – Mary, a satisfied AVRillo client.

Why you need to be aware of them when buying or selling a property

When it comes to buying or selling property, conveyancing enquiries play a crucial role. These enquiries are questions that must be asked and answered by a conveyancer during the conveyancing process to ensure that both parties are complying with current regulations and laws. Most often, these questions are sent to the seller’s conveyancer by the buyer’s conveyancer to help uncover any issues or problems which might affect the conveyance of the property.

Such queries typically include things like whether any changes have been made to the property since purchase;

  1. is there any awareness of any party-related debts on the property;
  2. or if there is pending new development nearby.

Both buyers and sellers need to be aware of conveyancing enquiries before agreeing to this will help them avoid potential complications down the track. With this information in hand, buyers and sellers can then be sure that they are getting an accurate deal when it comes time to finalize their transaction.

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How to make sure your conveyancer is doing their job properly

It’s important to ensure your conveyancer is providing you with the best service possible- not just going through the motions. So, how do you make sure they’re doing their job properly? First and foremost, ask plenty of questions. Your conveyancer should be willing and able to answer any conveyancing enquiries that you have.

Secondly, ask them for regular updates so you can stay informed about what’s being done. Finally, if at any point something doesn’t seem right or you feel like the conveyancer isn’t taking enough care of your matter – don’t hesitate to voice this!

By taking these steps, you can rest assured that your conveyancer is providing excellent service. This will pay dividends down the line as your buy or sell journey will be smooth sailing from start to finish.

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Job done good

What to do if you have any questions about your conveyancing enquiry

If you’ve recently purchased or sold a property, conveyancing enquiries should be top of mind. Even when the process is straightforward, it helps to have a team of professionals to guide you through the procedures. Here’s what to do: start with basic research online, then consult trusted experts such as conveyancers and solicitors. Reach out to people in your network who may have recently gone through the conveyancing process. There is no substitute for quality advice from knowledgeable conveyancers. Their experience and expertise will ensure that your conveyancing enquiry runs smoothly from start to finish. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact reliable professionals whenever any questions arise about your conveyancing enquiry.

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Conveyancing can be a confusing process, but we’re here to help!

Conveyancing can be a confusing process if you’re unfamiliar with how it works. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or just looking to refinance, conveyancing can seem like a complex and intimidating undertaking.

Customer Review:

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That’s why AVRillo Conveyancing is here. We will help explain the conveyancing process step-by-step and make sure that your conveyancing enquiries are answered. We offer an array of conveyancing services. From conveyance searches to title registration we`ll ensure that your property purchase is completed efficiently. Our experienced conveyancers will answer any questions you may have and providing advice when needed.

We at AVRillo Conveyancing are dedicated to making the conveyancing procedure as straightforward as possible. Get in touch today to start your conveyance journey!

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