Many estate agents are worried about prosecution as they find it difficult to comply with the Trading Standards obligations for agents to review the Deeds and look for Material Info to upload or face up to 2 years imprisonment, a lifetime ban or unlimited fines.

For this reason, Trading Standards recommends two options for you. 

Option 1. Do It Yourself

But also get the help of a conveyancer upfront to find all the information to allow you to upload these to the new fields required to be published on your website and property portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla, and OnTheMarket. 

Option 2. Get your Supplier or Conveyancer to prep this for you. 

Trading Standards recognise that not all supplies or conveyancers are compliant, so choose as you are primarily liable. Note. AVRillo’s Info pack will make you compliant. 

Depending on the number of instructions, we may even offer this service for free, normally costing £147, to make you compliant. 

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