Key Factors Affecting Estate Agents

Key Factors Affecting Estate Agents:

  1. Comprehensive Disclosure: NTSELAT mandates the disclosure of all material information that could influence a consumer’s decision-making process. This includes, but is not limited to, property price, tenure, council tax bands, and any physical characteristics of the property.

  2. Avoiding Misleading Omissions: The omission of critical details can lead to severe penalties under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations (CPRs). Estate agents must ensure all material information is prominently displayed in listings to prevent misleading consumers.

  3. Early Involvement of Professionals: Estate agents are encouraged to engage conveyancers or surveyors at the outset to identify and disclose the 210 specific bits of ‘material information’. This proactive approach not only aids in compliance but also streamlines the property transaction process.

  4. Adaptation to Legislation: The NTSELAT guide, alongside CPRs, outlines the responsibilities of estate agents in the clear and timely provision of material information. It’s crucial for agents to stay updated on legal requirements to avoid penalties, including fines or imprisonment.

  5. Educational Resources: NTSELAT provides resources and guidance to assist estate agents in navigating the complexities of material information disclosure. Estate agents are urged to familiarise themselves with these materials to enhance their understanding and compliance.

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This guide, rooted in the principles outlined by NTSELAT, underscores the necessity for estate agents to meticulously adhere to trading standards through diligent disclosure of material information. By doing so, estate agents not only safeguard their professional integrity but also contribute to a more transparent, fair, and efficient property market.

Source: National Trading Standards Estate and Letting Agency Team (NTSELAT), Material Information in Property Listings (Sales), Version 1.0, November 2023.  (click to download)

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