Can Agents Ignore New Trading Standards a Bit More?

The Risks of Waiting

Hoping to delay action or waiting for others to be prosecuted first is a gamble with high stakes. New changes in trading standards have already been implemented, and the consequences for non-compliance are severe. Estate agents who choose to ignore these changes do so at their own peril.

Proactive Measures Are Essential

The only surefire way to avoid prosecution is by taking proactive measures to comply with the new standards. This involves understanding and implementing the requirements for disclosing material information right from the start.

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Urgency in Compliance With New Trading Standards

The message is clear: there is an urgent need for compliance with new trading standards. Estate agents must act now to adapt to the new standards, ensuring that their practices are in line with legal requirements. Waiting and watching is not an option in the face of potential legal action.

The Consequences of Complacency

Ignoring the updated trading standards in hopes that the storm will pass is a dangerous game for estate agents. The industry has seen a significant shift towards stringent compliance and accountability. This move aims to protect consumers and ensure fair dealings within the property market.

Estate agents who choose to overlook these changes, hoping to ‘wait it out,’ might find themselves in a precarious position, facing legal challenges and damaging their reputation and professional standing. The time for action and adaptation to these new rules is now, not later.

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