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Tony Piccirillo – Interview with Peter Knight

An amazing interview with Peter Knight. One of, if not the most influential person in the UK property industry.


How to generate more income as an estate agent?


Peter Knight: Well, here we are in EA Masters 2022 and I am joined by Tony from AVRillo, a firm of conveyancers that I’ve known for many, many years….Tony, you’ve got a number of features for your business. I know, but one of them is about helping agents generate more income. Tell me how you actually do that?

Tony Piccirillo: Well, we started off as estate agents, so we see it from the estate agents side. What we do is focus on getting the deal through. A lot of the things that we do as agents are common sense. You pick up the phone and you find solutions to problems. As you were saying this morning, it’s all about automating as much as you can and having the people that actually pick up the phone and make the important calls, so we make ourselves available for that…


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How long to completion?

Peter Knight: That’s where you get the value.… I mean, it was eight weeks when I started in the state agency from an offer accepted to completion that’s more than doubled now in terms of that time lines. I know that you guys shortening the time, but what were you averaging? What’s your average?

Tony Piccirillo: …..The national average to get completion is five months. That’s almost half a year. Our timelines, we’re aiming for about eight weeks on completion. And we’re doing that almost across the board.., sometimes a little bit longer. But that’s really your prime point ….so people don’t change their mind.

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Using technology to speed up the conveyancing process

Peter Knight: ….is it using technology or is it just the people piece of driving it through?

Tony Piccirillo: Both. What we do is make sure that our lawyers are there to do the course on important stuff. Our tech does things like make sure we issue contracts on the same day and numerous small adjustments, which save days here or a half-hour there. These all add up and give the lawyer more time to make calls, find solutions, and advance the case.


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