The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Online Conveyancing Service

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Online Conveyancing Service

Looking to buy or sell property in the UK? You’ll need a residential conveyancing solicitor to handle all the legal work. But sifting through conveyancers to find the best online conveyancing service can get confusing. This guide covers tips for identifying top-quality online conveyancers that provide fast, streamlined services.

Table of Contents

  • What is Conveyancing?
  • Online vs Traditional Conveyancing
  • Key Factors to Consider When Choosing an Online Conveyancer
  • Questions to Ask Potential Online Conveyancers
  • How Much Does Online Conveyancing Cost?
  • Spotlight on AVRillo – Leading Online Conveyancing Service

What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the process of legally transferring a property title from seller to buyer. It involves extensive administrative tasks like:

best online conveyancing

  1. Checking legal ownership
  2. Negotiating contracts
  3. Verifying planning permissions
  4. Conducting local searches
  5. Exchanging contracts
  6. Transferring funds
  7. Registering the title with Land Registry

This complex process takes around 5-6 months traditionally. Well-executed conveyancing helps ensure a smooth transaction.

Online vs Traditional Conveyancing

In years prior, all conveyancing was handled in person through traditional law firms. However, online conveyancing has grown popular recently. Top online conveyancing services offer:

  • Greater Efficiency: Handled remotedly through digital portals allows faster turnaround times, close communication, and live tracking.
  • Fixed Fees: Some offer fixed pricing models allowing accurate budgeting.
  • Ease of Access: Messages, payments, document uploads, and more handled digitally 24/7.

Benefits of online conveyancing make it an appealing route for both residential buyers and sellers conducting property transactions.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing an Online Conveyancer

However, not all online conveyancers offer exceptional services. Consider these key aspects when researching:

Factor Details to Evaluate
Specialisation Do they focus specifically on residential conveyancing or take on other legal work too? Specialists tend to offer greater expertise.
Experience Level How long have they actively handled conveyancing cases? More years in the field equates to greater capability in resolving various issues.
Service Pricing What is their pricing model? How flexible is their fee structure? Avoid firms with egregious hidden charges.
Communication Capabilities What are their communication and accessibility like? Look for services with robust digital portals, omnichannel messaging, live tracking, etc.
Online Ratings & Reviews Do they have overwhelmingly positive online reviews? Pay attention to any worrying complaints.
Industry Recognition Have they won any reputable awards in the conveyancing sector? Awards can indicate expertise & service quality.

Thoroughly researching across the above checkpoints helps ensure you choose a stellar online conveyancing firm to represent your property transaction.

Questions to Ask Potential Online Conveyancers

When evaluating online conveyancing services, asking precise questions is key. Below are crucial questions to cover:

  • How long have you actively practiced conveyancing law?
  • Do you solely specialise in residential conveyancing or handle other legal work?
  • What steps do you take to shorten conveyancing time frames?
  • Can you provide a detailed breakdown of your fees before formally retaining services?
  • What communication/visibility capabilities do you offer clients throughout the buying/selling process?
  • Can you share verifiable ratings, reviews, recognitions that speak to your capabilities?

Comparing answers across multiple providers assists in determining the best fit online conveyancing firm for your individual transaction requirements.

How Much Does Online Conveyancing Cost?

Conveyancing costs tend to span £850-£1750 traditionally. Additionally, most online conveyancing services fall within or below this range. Furthermore, the final price varies based on elements like property type, leasehold vs freehold, help-to-buy schemes, and other complexities requiring additional legal work.Some online conveyancers offer fixed pricing while others structure pricing in tiered packages or transparent hourly rates. The most reputable services detail expected fees upfront before formally commencing conveyancing proceedings.

Spotlight on AVRillo – Leading Online Conveyancing Service

One online conveyancing firm that ticks all boxes is AVRillo, which tops charts nationally for quality, efficiency and service pricing. Some defining features that make AVRillo the best at online conveyancing:

  • Pure play conveyancing focus with no other legal work
  • 95% completion success (versus just 60.2% nationally)
  • ~50% quicker completion times
  • 5* ratings on Trustpilot from over 5,000 reviews
  • Multi-year winner of the UK’s ‘Best Conveyancing Provider’

Ready to streamline your home sale or purchase? For award-winning service quality marrying advanced digital convenience, AVRillo leads at online conveyancing in today’s proptech age.


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What makes a top online conveyancing service?

The best online conveyancing firms differentiate by focusing specifically on streamlined residential conveyancing, not any peripheral legal work. They combine this pure play specialisation with robust digital infrastructure for communication, payments, document sharing, and more. Additionally, they have stellar track records reflected through verifiable positive reviews, high completion rates, and industry recognition.

How much faster is online conveyancing?

Leading online conveyancers conduct cases far quicker than traditional high street practices. While conventional times runs 5-6 months, competent firms reduce this to 2.5-3 months through dedicated optimisation of conveyancing bottlenecks digitally.

What questions should I ask online conveyancers before choosing?

Be sure to inquire about years in practice specifically conducting conveyancing, what steps they take to expedite cases, their pricing model and how customisable it is, their ratings and reviews, communication/visibility infrastructure, and any awards or credentials that speak to their capabilities. Furthermore, our responses help determine the ideal firm for your needs.

Finding the best online conveyancing to represent your residential property transaction doesn’t need to be daunting, Especially when reputable pure play specialists like AVRillo make it efficient, understandable and even pain-free. With the tips covered in this guide, you’re equipped to evaluate providers and select the perfect one matching your unique priorities.

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