Conveyancer vs Solicitor Working with a Conveyancer vs Solicitor when buying or selling a home is an incredibly important decision. Conveyancers have dedicated property transaction experts who assess contracts of sale and help both parties to meet their obligations. Solicitors manage everything from contract preparation and negotiation to the lodgement of transfer documents. Although they...
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Conveyancing searches are vital for anyone looking to purchase a property. In its simplest terms, these searches are an integral part of the conveyancing process and involve the solicitor or licensed conveyancer researching the background of a property, to ensure that it is suitable for purchase. Conveyancing searches can include: -local authority searches, -land registry...
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How Long Do Property Searches Take (2022) If you’re thinking of buying or selling property, no doubt you’re wondering how long do property searches take (2022). There are several different types of property searches available and they all take different amounts of time. We’ll cover everything you need to know about property searches, so you...
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