Mortgage lending data released

Friday 15 January 2016  / Ruth Montia

According to new data, Mortgage lending for home buyers plunged by 9% in November, but has risen by 18% over a full 12 month period.The Council of Mortgage Lenders also say there were 27,900 loans to first time buyers in November, which is a decreased...


LSL Price index indicates houses prices will again rise this year

Thursday 14 January 2016  / Ruth Montia

LSL Property services price index indicates that average house prices in England and Wales have increased by 6.6% in 2015 with the possibility of reaching an astonishing £300,000 average price in 2016. LSL data shows that the average home price has grown...


Halifax Data suggests average home price around £208,000

Friday 08 January 2016  / Ruth Montia

Halifax have released data showing that house prices in the three months to the end of 2015 were 9.5% higher than in that same three month period in 2014.This suggests that the average price of a UK home is now around the £208,286 mark.Halifax...


What were the fall-through rates for 2015?

Thursday 07 January 2016  / Ruth Montia

Sales company, Quick Move Now have claimed a high sale fall-through rate of 27.94% for Q4 of 2015, which is much more than the 19.62% reported in Q3. For the whole of 2015 they reported that 29.26% of sales fell-through. Quick Move Now’s business manager...


13,000 new homes to be built this year, announced by David Cameron

Tuesday 05 January 2016  / Ruth Montia

An unexpected announcement from Prime Minister David Cameron indicates the government’s responsibility for new home development and says it will "directly commission" small firms and companies to build up to 13,000 new affordable homes on public land...


Halifax Data shows biggest house price increase area for 2015 is…

Monday 04 January 2016  / Ruth Montia

According to research by Halifax, 2015 data is showing that Newham in London has recorded the largest percentage of house price increases out of all the major UK cities and towns, increasing values from £261,399 to £319,522.The data suggests the average...