NAEA say build more homes!

Wednesday 02 December 2015  / Ruth Montia

According to the National Association of Estate Agents, the number of sales made to first time buyers has mounted for the second month running making its highest level in six years.Averagely in October, out of nine sales made per estate agent branch...


What the stamp duty income will look like in years to come…

Monday 30 November 2015  / Ruth Montia

The Treasury has admitted that the stamp duty ‘take’ is expected to climb from £11.2 billion this year to £17.8 billion in 2020/21.The figures were released after George Osborne’s Autumn Statement last week. The figures are not only based...


Can the 3% Stamp Duty surcharge be legally avoided?

Friday 27 November 2015  / Ruth Montia

The 3% stamp duty surcharge has obviously caused debate throughout the industry and some estate agents and accountants are beginning to investigate whether there are legal ways of avoiding the surcharge.Maskells Estate Agents, Charles Curran of says...


George Osborne confirms Stamp Duty increase

Thursday 26 November 2015  / Ruth Montia

George Osborne made his autumn announcement yesterday informing the country that an additional 3.0% stamp duty will be placed on second homes and buy to let properties.The details are still being released by the Treasury, but in the Autumn Statement...


Are agents reporting money laundering suspicions?

 / Ruth Montia

Transparency International are an anti-corruption campaign group and have released a report saying British estate agents reported only 179 suspicions of money laundering in a whole year.The report covers many sectors of trading and its states the...