Stamp duty still a concern

Wednesday 17 June 2015  / Ruth Montia

It has been suggested by some agents that the prime central London market is slothful in the extreme, Patterson Bowe agency claims there are 30 potential buyers for every property for sale at £2m and above in one part of the capital.They indicate...


New Property Channel on Sky

Tuesday 16 June 2015  / Ruth Montia

Sky will next week launch a new channel dedicated to concepts and formats covering just about everything relating to property. This is the first of its kind in the UK and will be on channel 238 at 8am on Monday morning.The first phase of broadcasting...


A moral dilema?

Tuesday 09 June 2015  / Ruth Montia

This weekend the Guardian published an article which criticised north-west London agency Elliot Lee for charging buyers what it calls a ‘client progression fee’. The Guardian reports that the charge of £1,495 is paid by buyers after they have had...

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Summer Move? When Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy?

Monday 08 June 2015  / Ruth Montia

For some buyers, moving house will always present some difficulties. But London estate agents and conveyancers have encountered that there are certain times of year when the process can run more smoothly. Traditionally, spring and early autumn have been...


What Do You Actually Pay For During the Conveyancing Process?

Tuesday 26 May 2015  / Ruth Montia

So, you’ve found your dream property. The offer has been accepted and now you’re racing towards completion. But before you can begin packing boxes and looking at carpet samples, the conveyancing process needs to take place. This involves legally transferring...


The launch of Veyo

Monday 11 May 2015  / Ruth Montia

The conveyancing portal Veyo officially launches across England and Wales today, after originally assuring they would open in April. The portal has been created by the Law Society and IT firm Mastek (UK). They aim to combine on an online system all the...