Summer Move? When Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy?

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For some buyers, moving house will always present some difficulties. But London estate agents and conveyancers have encountered that there are certain times of year when the process can run more smoothly. Traditionally, spring and early autumn have been known to be the best times to buy a property. However, there are also advantages when choosing to buy in the summer:


School’s Out

For families with children, buying a property in the summer could be an ideal time. If the move is to a new area, the summer holidays are a perfect time to transition children; finishing the school year in one area, and starting the next year somewhere new, will ease children into the change. On the other hand, the school holidays can be a hectic time for families. With a lot of time consumed with childcare, families may struggle to arrange property viewings and important meetings with estate agents and conveyancers. Generally, people will have more free time during the summer months. This means that buyers will be able to seek assistance from willing friends and family to help with the move.


Here Comes The Sun

The summer months are generally favoured by buyers for the improved weather. Who wants to move house in cold and damp conditions? Making a move in the winter can be difficult; if a new property requires redecorating, or isn’t entirely liveable yet, poorly storing furniture, possessions and white goods could leave them susceptible to weather damage. A summer move is arguably far more exciting than any other time of year, as unpacking and redecorating in warmer temperatures and lighter evenings will be a more enjoyable process.


Planning Ahead

Of course buyers will have an ideal moving time in their minds, but it’s important to be realistic. Circumstances may force earlier, or later moves than initially hoped. Beginning the buying process during the summer won’t necessarily mean that the move will also be completed during the summer months; complications can arise and the process can be a lot longer than hoped.


It’s difficult for estate agents and conveyancers to determine exactly when it’s the right time to buy, but careful consideration of personal and professional circumstances is a good indication of whether a summer move will suit.

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