Our People

We Don't Do Numbers

Each Staff Member is an Individual. Each is Treated Equally. Each is Given a Personal Development Plan, Regularly Updated with ‘one to One’ Meetings Where Staff Are Encouraged to Impute into Their Careers and the Firm. Our Peoples Vision Statement (written by Our Staff) Sums Up Nicely Our Culture of Support:-“Find an Employer Who Believes in You 100%; Who is Prepared to Commit to You 100% and then Commit Back 100% and Watch Yourself Grow and Grow."

Training Academy

Each Individual is Nurtured and Enrolled on the Coveted ‘A V Rillo Training Academy’ with Law Society Accredited CPD Trainers As Well As Qualified Communication Coaches. Our People Go Onto to Become Highly Successful and Desired Experts in the Industry, Learning Legal As Well As Non Legal Skills Such As Communication, Focus and Leadership.

Long-term Security and Well-being

Our Staff Feel Safe Knowing We're Working Hard to Look After Them. Well-being Wise for Example, We'll Always Be There for You and Even Appoint a 'buddy' As Well As 'mentor' to Help. Just Imagine Coming into Work Feeling Happy, No Longer Having That “…Monday Morning Feeling!” Our Staff Stay Long Term and Invite Friends and Family to Join Us. Work Wise, You Won't Need to Compromise Yourself Just to Get Work In. Our Reputation for Quality Means There's Plenty to Go Round, with Clients Coming from All Walks of Life, from Local, to Professional, to Media, Sport and Politics.'

We’re Looking for You...are You Ready?

We're a Growing Firm with a Growing Reputation. We're Always Looking for Friendly, Personable and Passionate People Who Want to Be Part of a Successful and Rewarding Team.


By Sending Your CV to Angelo Piccirillo at aap@avrillo.co.uk or Call Angelo on 0208 370 3877

Julie Graham | Accounts Team

AV Rillo is like family. The atmosphere is friendly and encouraging.  I still can’t believe how much time the bosses give to their staff, and without hesitation. I feel privileged to work with my colleagues, every day, and I know not everyone can say that.   

Hussain Ahmed | Solicitor

As an 8 year call solicitor I headed up my own department with a leading London conveyancing firm before joining AVRillo.  I wanted to go onto the next level so joined them because of their reputation for conveyancing expertise and support.

I knew they would help me reach my goals but was shocked by just how much by they have enabled me to exceed even my own expectations.  The firm is built on loyalty, openness, and trust.  I come to work feeling happy and safe. I could not see myself working for anyone else. 

Anik Hussain | Solicitor

My career has progressed beyond my wildest dreams.  The partners are always there for me.  They are direct, approachable and open to anyone who wants their help. Their communication training has helped develop my personal skills which has made me a more professional and competent solicitor.

Sheila Patel | Solicitor

I have been doing conveyancing for 14 years and I have found my home at AVRillo. I love going into work. The partners are loyal, hard-working and supportive. Nothing I ask is ever too much for them.   I thought I knew a lot before I joined but their Property Academy and one to one training programme has moved me onto the next level.  These guys do way beyond any other firm. I am proud to be part of the AVRillo team.

Glenda Lapwood | Trainer & Customer Services

I was pleasantly surprised when joining A V Rillo a few years ago by their dynamic approach to conveyancing.  Having worked for several large companies in the past I was unsure if a family run firm would live up to my expectations.  However it was so refreshing to find that, not only did they have a state of the art workflow system, but also the partners (Angelo and Tony) invested time in their staff to encourage innovation, motivation and self-development.  Everyone who joins this merry team are fully committed to providing the best quality service they can for their clients and I can truly say am proud to be part of such a wonderful family.

Jasmine Ebra | Receptionist

I have recently graduated and began working for the solicitors firm AVRillo. Instantly I became accustomed to the environment as the partners, Angelo and Tony, made me feel very welcome and at ease. Despite being incredibly accomplished and successful individuals they don’t make you feel inferior and they are very approachable and easy to talk to. Working for this firm is incomparable to my previous roles in administration.

My experience so far at AVRillo has been fantastic. I have been given ample support during my time here and I have learned a great deal from my colleagues and the partners.

Jessica Payne | Conveyancing Paralegal

My AVRillo Experience

Having recently graduated I was excited to be starting my career in law at such a well-established firm, and I was looking forward to being part of the A V Rillo team. Everyday has brought new challenges but being surrounded by such a strong team of people has meant that I am able to meet these challenges head on and I have learnt so much in such a short space of time. A V Rillo Solicitors is a firm that really cares, not only about clients but about staff as well, and this is apparent in the way all the staff work cohesively together. A V Rillo is a firm that strives for greatness and this is evident in the constant work that is put into developing an efficient case management system and making sure clients are always kept updated and satisfied. The Partners give training and support that is unrivalled compared to other firms and I am excited to develop my career at such up and coming and ambitious firm.

Rippley Gallagher | Conveyancing Paralegal

It’s hard to put into words just how great I am finding my experience working for A V Rillo solicitors.

It’s always apprehensive starting a new job, you never really know what to expect, and I must say I was completely and utterly shocked by how friendly and welcoming everyone was. 

With great work ethics A V Rillo not only ensure that their clients remain happy from day one, but that all of their team is happy too. I’ve learnt more in the short space of a month being at A V Rillo than I have in my time working in conveyancing, and I hope to continue to learn more with the training and support that is offered to me on a daily basis.

I admire the fact that everyone acknowledges the importance of working closely together, and that no problem is ever a big problem.

A V Rillo is constantly growing with receptiveness to new ideas and I feel absolutely privileged to be part of it.

Ruth Montia | Admin & Reception

Three months ago, Angelo and Tony Piccirillo gave me a great opportunity to work for their already well established, but growing firm. I had graduated months previous and had been looking for work whilst being a full time mother, so this came as an exciting new stage in my life.

Straight away, I was made to feel welcome and embraced the family atmosphere that surrounds the office. We all work as a team and help each other where possible.

Everybody at AV Rillo is encouraged to learn and given training to reach their full potential, which is just one reason why A V Rillo is so successful.

This firm is also at a new and exciting stage in its life and I feel privileged to be part of it.

Sarah Baker | Conveyancer

Working for A V Rillo is like no other, run by Angelo and his younger brother. They provide constant training and mentoring that is tailored-made to help you achieve and make the grade.

Their enthusiasm for the firm is most infectious, gives you motivation and gives you direction.  They treat you with the greatest kindness and their ‘open door’ policy allows you to pick the brains of the industry’s finest!

Besides all the work stuff, Angelo and Tony are great to be around; they are genuinely funny and quite profound! If you want to look forward to a nice morning greeting come to one of Angelo’s morning meetings!

Suzanne Osman | Conveyancing Paralegal

I first joined A.V.Rillo back in 2007. I was a bit apprehensive at first as to if I would fit in as I had a bad experience with a solicitors during my work experience at school. Angelo and Tony were however a pleasant surprise and have put my faith back in solicitors knowing that they are not all stuck up and arrogant but some are actually down to earth, approachable, normal family people.

They made me feel welcome and I fitted in straight away. It was my first proper office job and I didn’t really have any experience but I am very hardworking, enthusiastic and quick to learn and they both saw these qualities in me and gave me a chance. I am so glad they did as I am happy to say I proved them right.  

I feel that a good employee is someone who always works to the best of their ability is always willing to learn new things but also is friendly and approachable and a fast learner and someone who can organise and prioritize their work and pay attention to detail. This is very important especially in my job role as I log in the initial forms that the clients send in and there is often  many mistakes i.e. forms not properly completed, not correct I.D. documentation or discrepancies within the clients name . It is also vital that you keep everything private and confidential and not discuss any cases outside the office. It is also vital that you can prioritize your work load and keep an eye on your timescale. As I am also responsible for the post going out every day I have to ensure that I leave myself with plenty of time to get the post prepared and franked ready for 3.30pm each day when the postman comes to collect the post, I often have reports on title to put together as well which can take longer so it is important to be accurate as well as fast and efficient.

I have learnt a lot about conveyancing within my time at A.V.Rillo and about our proclaim case management system and I have to say it is excellent.

In 2008 I unfortunately had to leave A.V.Rillo due to personal circumstances however the opportunity came where I managed to come back in 2012 which was the best decision I ever made.

At  AV Rillo  each and every person is treated as an individual and I love working there and being part of not just the team but also the AV Rillo family.

It is very rare in life to find a job that you actually look forward to doing every day. The whole atmosphere and environment is something very special and I am so privileged to be part of it and I look forward to being with A.V.Rillo as it continues to progress and expand in the future.

Andreanna Athnansiou | Client services

Andreanna Athnansiou

Andreanna (‘Ange’) is part of the client services teams creating bespoke quotes for new customers. She enjoys cooking and spending time with her family. “AVRILLO show me daily they genuinely care about their staff and their clients”

Anik Husain | Solicitor

Anik Husain

Anik is a senior. He passion is to hit his clients deadlines. It makes him feel good when clients are happy. He enjoys music, movies and sports. His favorite sports include Football, Tennis and Formula 1. "I love my job at AV Rillo because I always have the opportunity to develop and I want to continue to make a difference for all my clients and agents"

Eliysha Jack | Client services

Eliysha Jack

Eliysha deals with all post completion formalities to ensure efficient completion of registration for our clients. In Eliysha's spare time she enjoys reading, socialising with friends and family. "At AVRillo there is constant support throughout the office and always an opportunity to learn and develop your skills"

Farah Islam Syed | Solicitor

Farah Islam Syed

Farah has been a property solicitor since 2007. She enjoys cooking, running and shopping. 'AVRillo continually support all staff so they can be efficient and support their clients'

Ella- Rose Sampson | Legal assistant

Ella- Rose Sampson

Ella is an integral part of AVRillo's conveyancing team. She is extremely organised and a brilliant asset. Clients love her ability to just get on with the job. Ella enjoys spending her spare time with family and visiting vintage markets. "I love it at AV Rillo. It has the perfect balance between friendly and professional"

Georgina Lapwood | Client services

Georgina Lapwood

Georgina has a dual role. She helps run the hospitality team as well as the using her expertise in IT. Always there for to help. She likes to socialise with friends at the weekends and is a big Spurs fan. "I love working at AV Rillo the partners see my potential and inspire me to do more"

Glenda Lapwood | Client services

Glenda Lapwood

Glenda is part of the client services quoting team. She is well like by customers who like her ability to listen and advise. In her spare time Glenda likes to be with family, discover new places and enjoys classic sports car racing. "A great family atmosphere with a true determination to succeed"

Hussain Ahmed | Solicitor

Hussain Ahmed

Hussain is a senior solicitor and team leader, taking a proactive role in marketing the firm. He is combines practical solutions with an easy manner which clients like. He makes them feel human. Hussain enjoys martial arts and performed for the Royal family at the Queen's Jubilee. "The partners always listen to staff to facilitate their vision to become the best property firm in the country"

Jessica Payne | Conveyancer

Jessica Payne

Jessica is crucial part of the conveyancing team. Her clients like her re-assuring manner and her ability to find solutions when complications arise. Jessica likes to socialise, shop and she also likes to knit. "I love coming to work, I always feel supported and enjoy working as part of a cohesive team"

Joanne Turnbull | Client services

Joanne Turnbull

Jo is part of Jessica's conveyancing team. Kind hearted, efficient and hard working. Clients love her ability to reassure them in difficult times. Jo is a Liverpool fan and loves to travel. "The main reason I love working at AVRillo is the family atmosphere."

Josie Piccirillo | Client services

Josie Piccirillo

Josie is head of accounts. Efficient, organised and hard working. She ensures this important part of the solicitors office is well run and always up to date. In her spare time she loves the cinema and spending time with her children, friends and not forgetting her husband! "I am so lucky. AVRillo is like a home away from home".

Jude Hilton | Client services

Jude Hilton

Jude works with the accounts team managing the day to day accounts of the firm. Jude is a keen piano player, enjoys art, rock music and playing pool. "I love working at AVRillo because it is such a positive place to be"

Julie Graham | Client services

Julie Graham

Julie has been at AV Rillo for 6 years and deals with all aspects of money recieved/paid out and bank/ ledger reconcilations.
Julie likes to travel and enjoys trying new restaurants. "I love coming to work at AV Rillo because Tony and Angelo are great bosses and very approachable."

Mandy Sampson | Legal assistant

Mandy Sampson

Mandy works in the Completions team. It's a pressurised job ensuring clients gets to move smoothly on the day. It can get manic but Mandy is always there for her customers. She is a caring and consciousness person and in her spare time Mandy is very family orientated and also loves animals. "Working at AV Rillo is like having an extended family"

Meltem Erdogan | Conveyancer

Meltem Erdogan

Meltem is known for getting the job done. Not always easy in conveyancing. Her customers like her direct and honest approach. Well respected. Her Hobbies are going to the Gym, and swimming. She enjoys traveling and meeting new people. "At AV Rillo the training is immense and it is unbelievable how much you can learn on how to give to clients".

Pritesh Dave | Solicitor

Pritesh Dave

Pritesh is a hard working solicitor who listens and produces results. He is part of Sarah Bakers conveyancing team. "I felt at home immediately. Excellent focus on client care and solutions. I have no doubt that this is the best place to become a leading conveyancer."

Rab Nawaz | Client services

Rab Nawaz

Rab has been with AV Rillo for 7 years. Great organisation skills. Part of the solicitors support team. Issuing contracts, dealing with the Land Registry and post completion enquiries is just part of what he does. In his spare time he likes to read, go for country walks and spend time with his family. "Working for AVRillo is a privilege for everyone here. It is a great platform to enhance my skills"

Richard Buck | Client services

Richard Buck

Richard is AVRillo's IT Manager, overseeing all IT operations, including coding. In Richard's spare time he likes to play jazz violin, practice Tai Chi Chuan and is a keen blogger. "AV Rillo is the best firm I've ever worked for, the partners are amazing employers"

Rosie Penny | Legal assistant

Rosie Penny

Rosie is passionate about getting the job done and is ultra-organised. Outside she enjoys the odd shopping trip! and meeting up with friends. “AVRILLO has a really friendly atmosphere with great support."

Ruth Montia | Client services

Ruth Montia

Ruth is our Hospitality Manager and maintains our social media and website. Ruth enjoys spending time with her family ,reading novels and watching classic movies. " AV Rillo is a growing, successful and innovative firm. I feel so lucky to be part of it"

Sarah Baker | Conveyancer

Sarah Baker

Sarah is the Deputy Head of Conveyancing. She specialises in residential conveyancing, and has led a successful team here since 2011. She prides herself on exceeding her clients’ expectations, investing in relationships and achieving the highest standards. “I love the challenge and the fast paced vibrant atmosphere here. AVRillo has consistently supported me throughout my career.”

Sarah Dye | Legal assistant

Sarah Dye

Sarah assists the solicitors with sales and purchaes files whilst keeping client and agents updated. Sarah likes to go jogging, read and try new restaurants."AVRillo has a great support network with training always given when asked for."

Sheila Patel | Solicitor

Sheila Patel

Sheila is a conveyancing solicitor with over 12 years specialist experience. She handles both sale and purchase files. Sheila likes to eat out and spend quality time with her daughter. "I enjoy the working 'buzz' and all that I have learnt during my time at this fantastic firm."

Stacey Cook | Client services

Stacey Cook

Stacey is part of our experienced Completions team, loves her job and is always ready to go the extra mile for her clients. In her spare time she is a cheeky spurs fan. “I love coming into work every day and the atmosphere here. I like the constant training and support given and how approachable the partners are."

Stefania Payne | Client services

Stefania Payne

Stefania has been with AVRillo for nearly 3 years and assists solicitors with purchase transactions and also does the dictating on files. She enjoys zumba and the gym to keep fit and also like to go to gigs. "I love working at AV Rillo as I couldn’t wish for nicer bosses who always make me feel appreciated."

Stephen Yates | Legal assistant

Stephen Yates

Stephen's our Compliance Officer and helps clients meet their obligations for ID and Anti Money Laundering. Stephen is a keen golfer and loves to travel. He was once in a band that played for Richard Branson. "It's a great working environment with two partners who make you feel part of the family."

Angelo Piccirillo | Senior partner

Angelo Piccirillo

Angelo is a Senior Partner and a co-founder of AVRillo. Angelo is passionate about his business and is committed to keeping his firm's no. 1 position as the best conveyancers in the country. He is a dedicated family man and a keen Tottenham supporter. He loves great food, good wine, the movies and gadgets. To relax Angelo meditates or works out with boxing or Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Tony Piccirillo | Senior partner

Tony Piccirillo

Tony is a senior partner and co -founder of AV Rillo. Tony is passionate about his business and is committed to keeping his firm's no. 1 position as the best conveyancers in the country. He is a dedicated family man and a keen Tottenham supporter. He loves great food, good wine and enjoys cycling.

Andriana Panayi | Client services

Andriana Panayi

Andriana works in the Head of the Hospitality department. In her spare time she loves to cook. "I enjoy working at A V Rillo because you have the perfect balance of working within a family environment, along with being professional and having many opportunities to develop your skills further."

Shadi Toserkani | Client services

Shadi Toserkani

Shadi woks in our hospitality team supporting customer and staff needs. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, socialising with friends and watching movies.
"I love working at A V Rillo because there is a great family atmosphere and everyone supports you from the start!"

Molly Ranger | Legal assistant

Molly Ranger

Molly recently is a legal assistant. In her spare time Molly likes to walk her dog and eat out. "I joined AVRillo with zero conveyancing experience but now feel confident in what I do for the team."

Gamze Bakir | Legal assistant

Gamze Bakir

Gamze is a Legal Assistant and part of Mel's conveyancing team. Gamze is a hard worker and focused on helping clients move. She enjoys being with her family and friends. “A V Rillo has the best atmosphere, with the most encouraging Partners who are always teaching you to do more and become the very best you can. It's amazing!"

Christos Yianni | Legal assistant

Christos Yianni

Christos is a paralegal here at AV Rillo and says he loves being a part of the AV Rillo family!
"Everyone is so welcoming and helpful, and you genuinely do learn something new every day."

Amar Kovacevic | Conveyancer

Amar Kovacevic

Amar is an conveyancer and is part of Sarah Baker's team. He has a commercial sense much needed in conveyancing. He has the ability to cut through red tape and find solutions for clients. “I enjoy the different challenges that each day brings. The training at AV Rillo enables us to give industry leading legal advice and support to clients, while offering practical commercial solutions.”

Lisa Gocool | Client services

Lisa Gocool

Lisa is part of our completions team. Organised. has a real never say no attitude. if the job has to be done, she'll do it. "I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience so far at AV Rillo. I have been given great support and I have learned a great deal from my colleagues and Tony and Angelo."

Donna Moniz | Client services

Donna Moniz

Donna knows a lot about how AVRillo work and the passion for getting the job done and helping clients. She assists the conveyancing team. In her spare time Donna likes to spend time with her family. "I love working at AV Rillo because there is always something new to learn and I have been able to develop my skills"

Aalliyah Larmie | Client services

Aalliyah Larmie

Aalliyah is part of the Hospitality team and deals with clients daily. "I am so happy with AV Rillo, I am learning so much from such a great firm"