Safety First

Gambling on lawyers cost 350,000 lost sales a year

Safety first.

The fact is, you have a 1 in 3 risk of failure with others lawyers. The LV= Legal Survey found that 350,000 cases were aborted last year, 48% due to lawyer delays!delays.

Not with us. Our speed, award-winning expertise and unique background in estate agency will virtually guarantee the safety in your move, with our 95% success record.

Ask yourself one question: What’s your main reason for instructing your lawyer?

If it’s to move, then you can’t take risks with your biggest asset worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. We have to be honest, if you want to gamble with not moving, then we won’t be right for you. We can’t see you would want to, but some do (not only losing their deal, but paying twice for costs and losing tens of thousands in property price fluctuations).

The graph line in green shows you how our speed produces just a 5% risk, if we exchange in 9 weeks, and the red line shows a 37% failure rate with the UK average lawyer (who can be half as slow, 5 months). Delay increases risk of failure to move.

Speed Line Chart