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Speed | AVRillo

Don't gamble your dream away.

91% move with us, compared to 63% nationally

Gambling on your choice of conveyancer will cost you.

The fact is that last year 48% of sellers and buyers, which comes to 112,000 cases, actually failed to move due to lawyer delays. That is thousands in lost property prices per customer as well as £1000 lost in fees, in addition to this delays can be up to 5 months long!

Not with us, with our award winning and money saving service the safety in your move is virtually guaranteed.

Ask yourself one question: What’s your main reason for instructing your lawyer?

If it’s to move then you can’t take risks with your biggest asset worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. We have to be honest, if you want to gamble with not moving then we won’t be right for you.

In the graph below you will see, shown in green, that our speed produces a record 95% success rate as opposed to a 1 in 3 risk of failure. To put that into perspective, that’s a 37% chance of failure with the UK average lawyer who can also be up to half as slow.

Speed Line Chart