Speed cuts risk to just 9%

Delays kill 37% of all completions!

This graph shows why conveyancer’s delays are responsible for 48% of all failed cases (124,000 sales a year; 10,000 aborted sales a week!).

It also shows why we working at the twice the speed makes you twice as safe!

Furthermore, see how AVR’s exchange of 8-9 weeks means we only lose 9% of potential moves
Whereas the national average of 15 to 16 weeks, loses 37% of sales with other lawyers.

Check with your own lawyer before you instruct them because if they don’t know their own move times, or abortive success/ abortive rates, start wotprrying as they should!

You are entitled to an answer. If they refuse, ask yourself –  is that the risk or service you want to suffer over the next 4 months of your life? How much do they really care if their clients move or fail?

Speed Line Chart