Our Speed gives you a 91% Success

Other Lawyers give you 37% risk of Failure

Surveys confirm that lawyer delays risk you not moving at all. In fact, 48% of all failed sales (120,000 a year) are blamed on conveyancers’ delays.

The graph below shows how working at twice the speed of other lawyers, allows AVR to make your move twice as safe!

*We exchange in 9 weeks -losing only 9% of potential moves (moving 91%).
* Other lawyers nationally take 16 weeks – losing 37% of sales (moving 63%).

Not all lawyers are the same. Don’t forget your goal is to move. Before choosing your lawyer ask for their speed to exchange & their success rate. They should keep records. If not, ask yourself: How much do they really care about whether you move or not?

It’s an easy rule to remember, instruct a lawyer with a focus & track record on moving.  No point spending money on them otherwise!

Speed Line Chart