Solicitor for House Buying: Why Do You Need Them?

Purchasing your property for the first-time? You will need the help of specialist conveyancing solicitors who are experienced in property purchase and can guide you during the entire conveyancing process. 

Solicitors play a vital role when transferring a property title from one person to another. They handle all the legal aspects of selling and purchasing a property on your behalf.

Solicitors ease the entire property transfer process, which is otherwise quite complex and tiresome. They understand the local market, enabling them to resolve the challenges faced during the process effectively.

The solicitor’s work depends on whether they act on the purchaser’s or the seller’s behalf. If hired by the buyer, they need to review the property title to ensure there aren’t any issues that can prevent you from buying the property or reselling it again in the future.

Solicitors employed by the seller are expected to provide evidence to the buyer’s solicitor supplied to them by their client.

The house-hunting process is quite daunting and stressful. You need professional and independent property opinions from a proficient solicitor to lead you through all the challenges. 

In this article, I will discuss the need to hire solicitors for house buying. 

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House Buying Solicitors

House buying solicitors also liaise with various parties involved in the transaction, such as estate agents, mortgage lenders, and the seller’s solicitors. They will handle the necessary legal paperwork, including property searches, ensuring that there are no hidden issues or potential disputes associated with the property. They will also arrange for the transfer of funds and coordinate the exchange of contracts and completion of the transaction.

By engaging a house buying solicitor, you can have confidence that your house purchase transaction is being handled by a qualified legal professional. They will work diligently to protect your rights, ensure a smooth transfer of ownership, and provide valuable legal advice tailored to your specific circumstances. With their expertise and attention to detail, house buying solicitors play a vital role in facilitating a successful and stress-free house buying experience.

Licensed House Purchase Solicitor

A licensed house purchase solicitor is a legal professional specializing in assisting individuals or entities in the process of buying a house. Their expertise lies in handling the legal aspects of a property transaction, ensuring that all necessary legal requirements are met and protecting the interests of their clients.

When engaging a house purchase solicitor, they will guide you through each step of the house purchase process. This may include reviewing and advising on the terms and conditions of the purchase contract, conducting thorough due diligence on the property, and performing title searches to ensure there are no legal issues or disputes affecting the property.

Additionally, a house purchase solicitor will liaise with various parties involved in the transaction, such as estate agents, mortgage lenders, and other solicitors or conveyancers representing the seller. They will facilitate the exchange of necessary legal documents, handle the transfer of funds, and ensure that all legal requirements, such as property registration, are fulfilled.

Types of Property Buyer

There are different types of property buyers, as provided below:

  • First-time buyers: As the name suggests, these are people who are buying their home for the first-time. 
  • Repeat buyers: They are the ones who have a home before and are looking to upgrade, downsize, or relocate. 
  • Investors: These are buyers who purchase properties with the intention of generating rental income or flipping the property for a profit. 
  • Vacation home buyers: These are buyers who purchase properties as a second home or a vacation home, usually in a desirable location such as a beach or a ski resort. 
  • Retirement buyers: These are buyers who are looking to purchase a property for their retirement years, either as a primary residence or a vacation home. 
  • Corporate buyers: These are buyers who purchase properties for business purposes, such as for their employees or as an investment. 
  • International buyers: These are buyers who purchase properties in a foreign country, usually for investment or vacation purposes.

The Need to Hire Solicitors for House Buying  

Solicitors are very helpful whenever you are going through a legal process as they help you understand the process better and take the necessary actions per the law.

Seeking legal advice enables the clients to resolve challenges by finding the best solutions for drawing up legal agreements related to properties. 

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Here are some of the reasons why you need to hire solicitors for the entire house-purchasing process:

1- Guides Throughout the Process

It is not mandatory to hire a solicitor during the house purchasing process; still, it is highly recommended to hire one, especially when you are a first-time buyer with no experience in the property purchasing process.

Professional advice from a solicitor enables you to make best decisions during the process. Solicitors can easily explain the technicalities involved without overcomplicating the situation whenever you are unsure about any particular aspect of the deal.

Licensed home conveyancing solicitors are experienced and provide helpful guidance throughout the house-buying process. They help you significantly during important tasks like property transactions.

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2- Makes the Process Easier and Quicker

Legal processes during the transfer of property title can be complicated, and if you don’t understand the terminology, you can face several challenges. 

An experienced conveyancing solicitor prevents you from facing any challenges in the future.

Solicitors spend years building up their experience and knowledge. They go through extensive training that enables them to make even the most complicated legal procedures straightforward.

The experience that these solicitors have empowers them to make the entire house hunting and house purchasing process relatively more straightforward and quicker.

The solicitor that you have hired ensures that there are no errors in the house purchasing process. They make the process much easier, faster, and smoother to purchase the house of dreams.

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3- Provides Legal Advice as and when You Need It

Qualified solicitors are always well-informed about all the new legal updates. They understand the impact of these legal updates and provide you with all the legal solutions whenever you require them.

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Conveyancing lawyers can provide you with the required guidance to achieve the outcome using their years of extensive legal training and the wealth of knowledge accumulated through the experience.

Without the insights of a solicitor who is up-to-date with all the new legal changes, you could end up signing an agreement that falls short of the requirements of the law.

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Legal advice is much more than getting the proper paperwork in place. It protects you and your family in the future, which is one of the most important reasons to hire an experienced and qualified house buying solicitor while transferring the property title between a buyer and a seller.

How to Find a Qualified Conveyancing Solicitor for House Buying?

Having a suitable house conveyancing solicitor by your side ensures minimal delay in the house-purchasing process. You can expect to have a smooth experience throughout the process.

Find local conveyancing solicitors:

Here are some of the ways to help you find a suitable solicitor for a house buying:

  • Ask friends and family for referrals
  • Look and compare the reviews online for local solicitors in your area
  • Ask estate agents to provide references

Using one or a combination of these methods, as mentioned above, enables you to find a suitable and cost-efficient solicitor that suits your needs and requirements.

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What does a Conveyancing Solicitor do During the House Buying Process?

The conveyancer is responsible for several tasks during the house-purchasing process. Here are some of the essential tasks that a conveyancing attorney is expected to perform:

  • Staying in touch with you throughout the process and updating you on any progress.
  • Conducting all the conveyancing searches.
  • Carrying out the exchange of contracts between buying and selling parties.
  • Making various disbursement payments on your behalf, for instance, stamp duty, land tax, and more.
  • Arranging the completion date.
  • Registering the name of the new property owner with the local authority. 

It is, therefore, recommended to hire a qualified and experienced solicitor to expedite the process of house purchasing. 

Find the cheapest conveyancers for first-time home buyers:

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Our team of house conveyancing specialists is equipped with the expertise needed to navigate the complexities of a house purchase. We offer a wide range of legal services, including contract review, due diligence, and title searches, ensuring that every aspect of the transaction is meticulously examined. In the event of boundary disputes, AVRillo’s house purchase solicitors have the knowledge and experience to assist in resolving such issues effectively.

AVRillo understands the importance of providing tailored legal advice to clients during a house purchase. Our house purchase solicitors and attorneys offer valuable legal advice on various matters, including mortgage considerations and contract review. We work diligently to ensure that all legal requirements are met, protecting your interests and facilitating a smooth and successful house purchase.

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or an experienced property buyer, AVRillo’s residential real estate purchase solicitors are here to assist you throughout the home buying process. With their expertise in property acquisition and their commitment to exceptional client service, AVRillo’s house purchase solicitors are your trusted partners in making your dream of homeownership a reality.


Solicitors are generally qualified lawyers offering a wide range of legal services that are very beneficial when buying and selling any property.

They have a very significant role in the legal process of transferring the ownership of the property from the seller to the purchaser and paying the cost of any third-party disbursements, for instance, stamp duty, local authority searches, and more.

I hope this article helps you to understand the need to hire cost-efficient and effective house conveyancing solicitors during the process of property purchase so that you can have the house of your dreams without facing any challenges.

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