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Upfront Information – ‘Sale Ready Pack’

For the first time, a truly revolutionary game changer in the selling & buying process to reduce both wasted costs and fall throughs. A legally ready upfront ‘Sale Ready Pack’.

Are you eligible?

You can order directly from us for £150, or you ask your estate agent to register with us to see if we can help them offer this pack to you for free and with no tie-ins. They need to click this link:

Why the government believes you can save money with upfront information?

Levelling Up Minister Neil O’Brien MP says:

“Far too often deals fall through, costing people thousands of pounds in wasted expense. By providing information up front, this can be avoided, and will make the process of buying much easier and more cost-effective.”

So what’s in the pack? 

6 documents to help you achieve a 95% success rate vs a 37% failure rate without.

1. All ‘Material Information’ the government and National Tradings Standards recommend to reduce clients wasting thousands in costs by their 37% risk of their move falling through.

2. Property Land Registry Deeds.
To look for issues upfront not after the offer is an accepted and then breaking the deal.

3. A Difficulty Rating Score. A mini ‘Report on Title’ (months earlier than other lawyers). Where we analyse the property deeds upfront, find existing problems but add upfront solutions too.

4. An indemnity policy:
Where we insure the most common title defects other lawyers ask their clients to pay for or argue months over, often leading to their one-third fall-through rate.

5. A draft Contract of Sale and Transfer Deed- TR1. Giving both buyer and seller the peace of mind of knowing there are no hidden surprises in the contract documents which may come out of of the woodwork later and jeopardise a fall through, months down the line.

6. Protocol forms:
We’ve made these completable by the seller, online and auto-uploaded into our portals. This produces faster, easier, more secure forms: Property Information Form, Fixtures Form and even a Lease Form so we can order the lease info without the typical months of delay.


What does the legal ‘sale ready pack’ look like?

Here is a snapshot what the complexity score report looks like.

How to Make Your Property Sale Ready