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You really can’t ask for a better service at a better price. AVRillo’s customer service is far superior. Every time I speak to them they melt any fears I may have and I’m filled with confidence. Each case feels special. Everything is explained with prompt, regular updates so clients ring us far less, allowing us more time to sell. Their secret is their communication and constant chasing the chain to make sure all move forward with pace. Tim – Balgores

Never known more helpful, hard-working and proactive conveyancers. They think and act like estate agents. Always available to talk through a case when the majority of other solicitors don’t even respond to email – let alone phone calls. Their proactiveness has prevented many sales falling through. The clients moving process is pleasurable and they have cut down our transaction times by weeks. I don’t throw around praise like this loosely – but these guys are excellent. Brendan Petticrew – Director of Newman Estate Agents

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If you want your transactions to go through fast and complete – you seriously have to use these guys. This will make you more money, and keep your clients happy. I’ve worked with many conveyancing firms over the years and AVRillo’s proactive attitude is simply amazing. They don’t just meet your expectations – they exceed them! Darren Vicary – Hunters Estate Agents – Camberwell

Average time to exchange 5 months with AVRillo it’s 8 weeks. Tom. Sales Manager

In 15 years I have never come across solicitors like you. You are just on a whole different league! Andrew. Director

I’ve worked with 100’s of conveyancers over a 13 year period but AVRillo’s professionalism, speed and attention to detail was in a different league to others, working under pressure to deliver a completion within 6 weeks. Jack. Blackheath

Communication and the speed of completions are excellent. They always respond and do what they need to do to assist in a smooth process, often resending docs that the other sol has either lost or ‘misplaced’. They will call the other solicitors to chase them and also the agents, something that is unusual. They are happy to explain clearly what may be common tongue to them, but not to the general public any issues that are not the norm. A good relationship has been built and long may it continue. Sue Peyton – Move Revolution – Sales Progression

Professional from start to finish. They communicate, give the heads up, and good at finding solutions for clients. I highly recommend them. Thomas Neil MNAEA – Gracechurch Estate Agents 

As an agent for over 30 years regular contact between agent and solicitor is crucial to ensure the sale completes successfully. They allow me to work closely with them and have been extremely impressed by their excellence. I recommend their services in the knowledge that our Clients will be looked after well and receive the best service and care they deserve. Ivan Ziff – Martin & Co Estate Agents

I can’t recommend them more highly. They keep me up to date and get things done quickly and efficiently. I’ve been an estate agent for 10 years so I know just how much of a difference a good solicitor can make. Nicola MacDonald – Choices Estate Estate Agents

AVRillo are so refreshing. Extremely helpful and patient. They always called us back the same day and reply to our emails promptly. Their customer services are second to none. James Metcalf – Stephen James Estate Agents

They are professional, proactive, efficient and focused. Their staff are friendly and endeavour to get each transaction through as quickly as possible. I would not hesitate to recommend them.Liza Daniels – Daniels Estate Agents – Bromley

I cannot praise AVRillo enough for their highly efficient and professional service. The regular updates and willingness to assist are first class and nothing is too much trouble. Would strongly recommend. Louise Gibson – Balgores Estate Agents – Romford

I can safely say that AVRillo are the best I have ever dealt with. Phone calls are always returned promptly and things that need to be dealt with are always dealt with straight away rather than letting it just sit on the side of the desk like most solicitors would do. I can highly recommend AVRillo to anybody that is looking to sell or buy a property.Charlie King – Balgores Estate Agents – Hornchurch

Out of all of the solicitors I have dealt with, AVRillo are by far the most efficient, professional and their updates and constant communication is very impressive. Mark Nassab – Coswat Estate agents

I have been dealing with lots of solicitors over the years and AVRillo are the BEST by far.  They  get stuck in, help keep things on track and will get involved to try keep everyone happy, I have had a few nightmare cases at the minute but AVRillo has dealt with them perfectly. Jamie Maloney – Daniels

As an estate agent of 30 plus years standing, I think I’m fairly well qualified to give testimony to the excellent service provided by AVRillo. They work tirelessly, diligently and extremely professionally to move even the most complicated of my cases. I am very grateful indeed for everything that AVRillo have done for us – an excellent combination of undoubted expertise and a friendly approach. I will be very pleased to recommend AVRillo’s services to future clients. Mike Bidwell – Fine and Country

Fast, efficient with a warm and attentive approach. Highly recommended. Adam Farrell – Sawyer and Co

AVRillo are always available when other firms aren’t. Common sense and practical advice shines through. My clients love them. They can hit almost any deadline I throw at them, even tight ones when buyers need to apply for schools for their children.  Many sales just wouldn’t happen if it had not been for AVRillo managing clients and liaising with everyone. Anya – Castles Estate Agents

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Faster Exchanges


AVRillo are just the best!


Lowest fall throughs

They work like like agents!

Judges reviews

Many firms say they are innovative when it comes to conveyancing but how many actually are? There is here tonight one of the few firms that the Judges felt could actually lay claim to that statement. This firm aims to deliver a wow moment at every point in the transaction. It’s customer satisfaction scores shows that it does. The Judges praised the refreshingly different modern approach to conveyancing and points were given for price transparency and commitment to utilise technology to help their clients. The conveyancing team of the year goes to AVRillo. The Solicitors Journal Awards-Winner

A clear winner. The partners were estate agents before they qualified as conveyancers so they understand the best of both worlds. They use the dynamics of an estate agency to communicate with estate agents – they literally speak the same language and are well able to merge the two to great success. Huge investment in tech has enabled them to mirror the way estate agents work. Friendly and dynamic conveyancing. A real understanding of how to work with estate agents to get the best out of the relationship. The Sunday Times Best UK Conveyancing Awards

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Looking beyond the transaction and chasing the chain, everything they do, they do brilliantly! The Negotiator-Gold Best Professional Supplier

Many firms say they are innovative but few are. Points were given for price transparency and commitment to utilise technology to help their clients. The judges praised their customer satisfaction scores and their refreshingly different modern approach to conveyancing. The conveyancing team of the year goes to AVRillo.The Solicitors Journal Awards-Winner

AVRillo was a clear winner, so can add the gold to its collection of awards from the past few years. The partners were estate agents before they qualified as conveyancers so they understand the best of both worlds. They use the dynamics of an estate agency environment to communicate with the estate agents – they literally speak the same language. They also understand the moving process from both the customer side and the legal side and are well able to merge the two to great success. Huge investment in tech has enabled them to shave three weeks off the average conveyancing time which mirrors the way estate agents work. AVRillo is a friendly and dynamic conveyancing company. A real understanding of how to work with estate agents and to get the best out of the relationship. Keeping the common goal in mind at all times – get the client moved. The Sunday Times Best UK Conveyancer-Gold

Client reviews

An exception firm of solicitors at a great price. Modern conveyancing at its very best. The multi-person handling of the case so my file was always worked on, and the ‘call surgery booking hours’ for communications were liberating. Like going from an old doctor to an all-singing-all-dancing one, things got done, hiccups handled, and the end result achieved as painlessly as is possible in this country. Chris Hammond

I don’t know how they do it for the price. I keep coming back. They make moving easy and fast. Their portal is so good. Not only do I get 360 degree view on what was happening, I got to sign off documents without coming in or posting. So simple. AVRillo have the best technology I’ve ever experienced with just the right frequency of contact. And they always work with a smile. Timothy Cima

Our experience couldn’t be better. We were first time sellers without a clue. Having heard other peoples’ horror stories of loop holes and problems we were sceptical. However AVRillo explained things clearly and kept us very informed of the next step and what was happening. Dawn Mills

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Superb. Email correspondence was fast and hassle free. Good price too. Philip O’Brien

Brilliant! Communication impressive, the ability to book in to speak to someone rather than never getting hold of someone was great and found that they genuinely represented us unlike previous solicitors. Mr Taylor

Always able to get hold of my solicitor when needed and if not available straight away you have the option of email which was always answered promptly or you can make a telephone appointment which works very well. Kevin Piggott