Property Logbook

Benefit to you: Save costs, stress and time

Overall, the property logbook portal offered by AVRillo aims to simplify and speed up the home buying and selling process by providing a secure and user-friendly platform to store all necessary property documents. This includes documents such as title deeds, planning permissions, and certificates for building work, which can be easily uploaded and accessed online. By having all necessary documentation easily accessible, the risk of delayed sales or additional costs due to missing documents is diminished. Additionally, the logbook portal provides a lawyer-client interface, reducing the time and effort required by conveyancers in tracking down necessary documentation. The ultimate goal is to create a hassle-free conveyancing process and ensure a more pleasant experience for both buyers and sellers.


Our logbook portal will allow you to safely store with ease, documents you will need when you come to sell and need fast:

▪ The Land Registry Title Deeds to your property
▪ Planning Consents
▪ Building Control approvals
▪ Guarantees and warranties
▪ FENSA, Electrical Certificates, Corgi boiler and gas installation certificates
▪ New window certificates
▪ Alteration certificates
▪ NHBC new house building certificates
▪ Leases
▪ Deeds of Variation
▪ Share Certificates
▪ Indemnity Insurance Policies


property logbook

Don’t waste time and money searching for lost  documents you need, to sell.

Every year hundreds of thousands of people think, racking their brains to remember where they left these documents; spending days if not weeks, searching their drawers, lofts, garages, and office filing cabinets looking for the paperwork their conveyancers and solicitors will need to sell their house or flat. Without these documents, the property sale and purchase will be delayed, costs wasted and even not completing at all, not to mention additional stress in an already difficult process.


In a recent survey by the  Law Society of their solicitors,

▪ 76% said that lack of documents caused material delays

▪ 88% said the required documents were not readily available from their clients

▪ 90% stated the lack of documents adds material costs to the conveyancing Process

What is AVRillo logbook and sale-ready pack home moving solution?

AVRillo has even created an interactive home moving experience from pre-sale to purchase to post-completion. There’s a reason why AVRillo has won awards making our customers feel supported; as the country’s most innovative conveyancing legal firm, we make the journey a simpler, less stressful one with more upfront transparent information such as the log book and our sales-ready pack.


How good is the solution?

Good enough to be backed up with a happy guarantee. That`s right. If our customers aren’t happy with our conveyancing, our ease of use of our upfront portal and our material information, they don’t pay us. No questions asked. No catches. That’s how sure we are of helping our clients move and save wasted in an industry where so much money is warned by buyers and sellers.

Why? Because we believe customer care is vital regardless of industry, especially when selling and buying a home in England & Wales. We believe a great home moving customer experience means fewer customer care calls, complaints and disputes because customers feel valued, empowered and eager ur refer to family and friends!


How easier, safer and cost-effective is our portal 

Well, first of all, it’s free.

Secondly, it is secure. We scan all documents allowing an electronic backup to the physical documents stored. We take the safety of all data extremely seriously and have gained Cyber Essentials, government-endorsed standard data protection.

Thirdly, it will save you money and wasted costs when 37% of all sellers fail to move, to completion, even after instructing their conveyancers. Losing tens of thousands of pounds in the process

The purpose of the portal is to make your data available faster. To plug the Tharp in the current conveyancing system in England and Wales which lags so far behind the rest of the world. The latest data from the World Bank shows whilst the UK is ranked 7th best for ease of transacting business”, it is placed 47th in the world for property and conveying transactions, ranked lower than for example Kosovo, Mongolia, and Rwanda.


So what’s all the problem with documents?

Because documents are needed to sell and buy. Thats it. It’s compulsory. The frustrations for sellers, buyers, conveyancers and solicitors alike is the ever-increasing frustration caused by missing deeds and documents. Not only does applying for duplicates lead to additional expenses but also crucial delays.


Which documents do you need to sell?

As a property owner, you may ask yourself which documents your conveyancer need when you come to sell your property. You may not realise these documents are essential, but they certainly are. A few examples are:

If a document has been lost and a duplicate cannot be obtained, then you might have to pay for an Indemnity Insurance Policy, which could cost anything up to £850.

Even where duplicates are available these will cost you.

▪ FENSA certificate if you If you lose this certificate, a duplicate will cost you £20..

and log book and the Local Authority will issue a building regulation compliance certificate. These are vital documents which must be passed to the buyer’s solicitor.

NHBC Guarantees – replacement – £50

Guarantees for Damp – typical cost of replacement – £30

FENSA Certificates – eg where you install new windows. Typical cost of replacement – £30

In addition, the installer will supply you with a guarantee, a specification and an insurance policy. All of these documents will be needed by your buyer. FENSA certificates for new windows, gas and electrical certificates, planning permissions and guarantees can all be uploaded

CORGI Certificates – new boiler, the installer will issue an installation certificate – typically carrying a replacement cost – £30

Electrical Certificates – typically carrying a replacement cost- £30

Planning permission and building regulation approval are needed for alteration.  If you cannot find these, the Local Authority will charge a fee for providing duplicates. they can charge £10 to £20 for each permission; the worst of it, the delay and stress of chasing these.


The AVRillo logbook will save you, your conveyancer’s time and your money

It will speed up your Buying and Selling of Your Property

▪ Law Society survey – 88% of solicitors stated that necessary documents were not readily available from clients

▪ Everyone involved in the sale/purchase of the property will know where the Deeds Packets are held

▪ Conveyancing process substantially speeded up by readily available documentation

▪ Deeds Packet checklist available to accelerate the re-mortgaging process

▪ Helps avoid wasted time waiting for search results and documentation

▪ Speedier conveyancing process reduces the risk of a broken sales chain. Avoid Extra Fees


What is needed is a  single secure electronic online portal storage location where the owner stores all their deeds and important related documents if the owner needs to sell their home without delay. Critically experienced in the home selling process leading to 37% of all property completions failing. It’s this portal that AVRillo has made available, as we say for free.


How has AVRillo created your secure Property Logbook your home

We’ve followed the government’s guidelines on improving the Home Buying & Selling Process, creating a database storing essential documents relating to a property purchase. The Property Logbook is a crucial part of the government levelling up white paper and national trading standards guide to save sellers and buyers money and wasted costs and make the selling and buying process more efficient with a true legally ready sale pack for your sale.

The portal logbook includes ownership information obtained when your purchase. For example, the length of the leasehold term, any variation documents, planning consents, and even a place to keep any indemnity insurance policies in case of problems.

We’ll keep the portal open for you until your next sale. No more wasting weeks on finding lost documents in an emergency or paying for copies. The Logbook is accessed via secure login, and any further documents can be uploaded to a folder unique to that property throughout the years of home ownership.


We’ll keep relevant documents ready for your sale, in one secure place.

We make these documents available for online viewing, at your request, at any time.


Additional documents can be added over the years of ownership,

This will give you 24/7 access to your real-time Logbook. We’ll start you off by buying your office copy land registry deed, for free, and uploading leading this to your logbook portal. You then simply add new documents on your easy-to-upload portal. It takes seconds to upload these in a simple menu-selected process drop-down. You choose the document you need to upload, and we will name each document so it’s easy to identify when you need different documents to provide to the new buyer and their conveyancer at short notice.


How do you keep your documents to hand?

Retaining all of these certificates and paperwork is often difficult to find when we are busy, let alone when under pressure when the conveyancers are instructed. You not having all the paperwork ready, often scattered in different drawers or other so-called safe places, will likely lead to delays, additional costs, or, worse still, your failure to complete as delay is one of the most significant contributors to failed completions

Using our logbook data portal means you will never face these deflates and costs again. You will have these at third fingertips within seconds. Whenever you need to access simply use your secure login. Better still, you can allow your conveyancer or estate agent access to them when you come to sell. Just one less headache to worry avoid in an already stressful time.


When you sell the property, all the information will be easy to hand in, ensuring a fast and easy sale.

As conveyancers for the last 24 years, we know exactly how much time you can waste searching for documents which may or may not exist, or you can’t find them fast or are just lost. Often, despite rigorous searches, our clients end up having to pay for expensive Indemnity Insurance Policies.

After going through the stressful conveyancing process, many purchaser clients do not have a secure way of storing (and being able to find again when the property is sold many years later!) the deeds and supporting documents that are sent to them.


What’s in it for you? 

A lot. A hassle-free conveyancing process for your property sale in the future – an enormous cost and time-saving benefit for all conveyancers, solicitors sellers and buyers.