8x More Completions with our F1 Speed & Teamwork

We used to be estate agents; we know how to ease your pain.

As former estate agents and now the UK’s Best Conveyancers, we understand the loss to the 4 in 10 sellers who fail to complete with conveyancers nationally. Using our combined legal and estate agency experience we created our unique ‘one thing’ conveyancing that focuses on ‘one thing’; moving 95% of clients, compared to 60% with other firms nationally.

What’s your client’s loss by not using us?

1/ A 40% risk of your client losing £15,000. 

For example, if the price changes by just 5% on an average £300,000 home, or £7,500 if it changes by 2.5% (during the overall 9 to 12 months delay if the first move falls through, including another 103 on the market (according to Rightmove) and two lots of 5 months legal’s with other lawyers).

2/ 83% of sellers and buyers suffer stress-related conditions, according to the recent Moverly Report. Why subject them to this?

What’s your loss by not using us?

1/ Pipeline moved 4 to 6 times a year, not twice with other lawyers nationally. We’ll convert your pipeline/ cash flow every 2 to 3 months, compared to every 5 months nationally with other lawyers. 

2/ Your reputation suffers if the conveyancer you recommend lets your seller or buyer down by taking 5 months (compared to our 3 months) or fails to complete the transaction, as with 40% elsewhere, compared to our 95% success rate.

3/ You can make an extra £166,062 profit per year with us, totaling close to £1 million in 5 years.

How? According to OnTheMarket, the national fall-through rate is 39.8%, and PropertyMark shows that agents lose an average of £4,123 in commission on each fall-through. For an agent with 10 take-ons per month, this 39.8% fall-through rate results in:

– 4 fall-throughs per month
– £15,900 lost per month (4 x £4,123)
– £190,800 lost per year with other lawyers nationally

In contrast, our record of a 5% fall-through rate means:

– 0.5 fall-throughs per month
– £2,016 lost per month (0.5 x £4,123)
– £24,738 lost per year with AVRillo

By using AVRillo, you make an extra £166,062 profit per year:

£190,800 (lost per year with national average lawyers) – £24,738 (lost per year with us)

Total extra   = £166,062

Over 5 years, this amounts to an additional:

– £830,310 Potentially over £1 million if your commission is higher than the £4123 average

Submit form to calculate £166,070 more profit a year.

Do you have 5 minutes

Do you have 5 minutes to keep your clients happy, save them money, and make yourself an extra £166,000 in pure profit a year? 

In exchange for your 5 minutes, AVRillo will donate £50 to a charity of your choice, or enter you in a prize draw to win £50, champagne, or tickets to exciting events like F1, Ascot, Cricket, or Rugby.

Our ‘one thing’ conveyancing have helped our clientele move, achieve significant savings and increased profits for the estate agent. If you can instruct 7 to 10 new clients monthly, you could be on your way to earning an additional £166,000 in pure profit annually.

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We look forward to helping you grow your business and achieve your financial goals.