(1) £5k for 5 deals (2) £25k extra or we’ll double your referral fees

We’ll pay £1000 to you and your client if you find another conveyancer with an identical guarantee. 

With the average conveyancing fall through rate of 39.8% (OnTheMarket) agents lose £4000 per fall through and make an average *10% to 20% profit (*according Nathan Emerson CEO PropertyMark). 

Not with us. Why? Because as ex estate agents, now UK’s official best conveyancing lawyers, our lawyers have to complete in a record 8 to 10 weeks or they don’t get paid salary commission – just like you don’t! Imagine how different we are to every other lawyer you instruct who still gets paid even if your clients fails to move. 

Benefit for you, an extra £25k pa for every 5 deals a month over a year; an extra £50,000 for 10, £75,000 for 15 and so on. We’ve got some agents making an extra £250,000 using us and with no contract ties! 

For your clients: our 60 day promise that if your clients don’t love us, they don’t pay us (and we’ll still pay your referral fee in full). Clients because they know we can virtually guarantee their move where no other lawyer can.

All this backed up with the UK best legal service. That’s 2000 5 star online reviews, 70 awards including 2 The Negotiator Best Supplier Gold awards, 3 Sunday Times Best Conveyancer Gold awards, EA Masters and 8 ESTAS Golds, including Best National Conveyancer 2023. 


Click below for (1) extra £25k, (2) £500 per referral & (3) Formula 1 prize draw. 

3 easy steps to earn (1) an extra £25k & (2) £5k on completion of your 1st 5 deals instructed in your 1st month 

1. You fill in our form.
2. We chat to qualify and onboard you.
3. You send 5 instructions in month 1 & get paid up to *£5,000.

(£500 each for your 1st 5 instructions; thats £2500 but double up to *£5,000 if we act on each related in your 1st month).


Do you want to know our secret to paying you an EXTRA £25,000 to £250,000 pa? 

By doubling your completion rate, faster
 1. All problems found by week 3 not week 20 

We raise enquiries on day one compared to conveyancers often leaving last-minute enquiries just before the national *5 months average to completion (*125 days reported by Rightmove). In comparison our innovative workflows find issues in the first few weeks pushing for an 8 week completion.

2. Solutions found by week 5 not week 20   

Our specialism means we don’t waste months in arguing the small stuff  that other lawyers often do at the cost of the client losing their deal. Instead we provide practical solutions in the first few weeks to complete on 8 to 10 weeks. Your client secures their move and you get paid faster, where others don’t.  

3. If you don’t get paid your commission we don’t either! 

Do you have 5 minutes for £25K & to secure more of your clients’ moves?

If you do, call or book a video call. Even, if we don’t think we can do business together after our 5-minute chat, we’ll (1) enter you in our F1 competition and (2) donate £50 your chosen charity or send you a bottle of champagne for your time.


Call Alastair or Hazel on their mobile or click their name to book an appointment on their calendar.

Click to book with Alastair Maloney
National Accounts Director
tel: 07944920785

Click to book with Hazel Grayling
National Accounts Manager
tel: 07366598561


How we double your referral if we can’t make you an extra £25,000 per branch?

Because we put our money where our mouth is. If we don’t deliver on our promise to make you an extra £25K pa per branch, we’ll double our referral fees retrospectively from the very first case you instructed us on. We just need 5 cases in your first month to prove we understand you and your clients pain points by:

1) cutting your 39.8% loss of commission to our 5 to 10% record low  

2) target 8 to 10 weeks to completion (not the 5 months average).

And, like you, our conveyancers only get a commission if they complete with an excellent service score. 

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