Peter Styles-Martin

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Peter Styles-Martin is based in Deal, Kent, and provides conveyancing services to clients in the East Kent area including Ashford, Canterbury, Folkestone and Margate.

What makes East Kent so special?

I have lived in Deal, Kent for most of my 40 years and I now live here with my husband and son. I know most of the County very well and know Deal extremely well and have a good presence within the community. Deal is one of those towns where everyone knows you, even if you move from outside, you will eventually fit in nicely and anyone moving to the town will always be welcomed by the locals.

Deal has become very much one of the best places to buy a house and has featured in several broad sheet newspapers over the last few years with their reviews on where you should eat, where you should go on staycation and where you should buy a house. It is a favourite for people thinking of moving from London to the coast for a quieter more charming life and famed for its historical links to smuggling and in more recent history, the former home of the Royal Marines School of Music. It has direct access to the High Speed train service to London where you can travel to the capital in about 1 hr. 22 minutes and has a brilliant long unspoiled coastline with an award winning pier.

Kent is very special, because it is the Garden of England and is home to the Gateway to Europe (Dover) with very famous places which have proved very popular when looking to buy a house. From an historic Canterbury to the place where the humble Sandwich was invented, from the charms of Whitstable and their Oysters to the retro vibe of Margate. Wherever you go in Kent, you wouldn’t be disappointed as there is so much to explore for everyone.

What do you love about being a Conveyancer?

I started my legal career in 2008 where I began as a legal secretary and have progressed to where I am today, as an experienced Conveyancer. I love the excitement and pace that comes from working with property. No two days are the same and it is great to deal with the challenges that it presents, trying to work out the best way to achieve the best results for my clients.

It makes me happy when I can call someone to tell them we have completed on their new house purchase. Most of us have been there, waiting for that call to tell you that you now own your new home where you can make fantastic memories. For such a big event in someone’s life, it is great thinking that I helped them start their journey as home owners. I deliver a high quality service which is reflected in the Google reviews I have received:

“Excellent service received by Peter Styles-Martin. His communication and level of service was excellent. I would certainly recommend Peter to others.”

“Excellent service during the sale of our property under probate. Peter Styles-Martin ensured the entire process went as smoothly as possible with good communication at all times.”

“We bought our house last year and had a few mishaps with the buyer messing us around. We had Peter handle our work for us. He did an amazing job. Peter kept us informed every day with everything that was going on and updated us every time he had contact with everyone else in our chain. He was very efficient and professional and could not have asked for anyone else to do this for us. I would recommend Peter for anyone going to buy or sell a property.”

What makes your service special?

The way I think about things is to behave exactly how you wish to be treated by others. If you are good at your job and communicate well with others , treat people fairly and with respect, then you will be treated with the same respect.

I have built a good rapport with agents in my local area and have gained their respect by giving them good communication and updating them regularly. Not only that, I feel it is important to make agents feel that we are all on the same team and we all want to achieve the same end result.

I believe that it is important to gain trust from everyone in the transaction and show how the extra efforts you go to will allow the transaction to get to a speedy and satisfactory conclusion. I believe that without agents, we wouldn’t be able to do our job effectively.

What are your passions other than being a conveyancer?

I love spending time with my husband, son and 2 cats. I have a passion for gardening and love entertaining with friends.

My favourite passion, is the paranormal. It’s a bit strange and quirky and not everyone’s cup of tea but I love the fact that sometimes you cannot explain something and we possibly live on somewhere after we have died.

In recent years I became a ‘Dementia Friend’. This is where you learn more about what it is like to live with dementia so you can better assist others who may have dementia. It is not always obvious when you meet someone for the first time so it is very useful in understanding how to best approach people and how to respond when faced with someone who may have dementia.

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