Our Secret To Making You 8x Profit


Our conveyancers are trained and paid like estate agents. Like you, if the seller doesn’t move, our lawyers aren’t paid commission either. They’re as motivated as you and the client to complete; hence, their 95% success rate, not 60% nationally with conveyancers.


We’ll title-check the deeds on day one, not months later. Gone are the typical late enquiries. 


Solutions found in days, not months elsewhere. E.g., additional enquiries are resolved practically by thinking like estate agents, not arguing over the small stuff which clients don’t want; they just need to move 


No hiding behind emails. We pick up the phone and talk to you and the other lawyers. 


We sales progress the chain and collaborate a bit like mediators. We are not argumentative, but solution based.


Millions spent on time-saving AI, Robotics, and other unique Technology, leaving our lawyer more time to push the deal. E.g. we issue contract papers, order deeds, and raise additional enquiries automatically on day one.