Don’t risk not moving.

Move with AVRillo and save £000s on your Conveyancing.

Don’t risk not moving.

Move with AVRillo and save £000s on your Conveyancing.

The story of people over profit

The story began 25 years ago when the two Piccirillo brothers, both specialist solicitors and estate agents, decided to change how sellers and buyers were being treated by solicitors across the country. They were left feeling shut out and ignored by the lack of communication about the moving process. They decided to do the opposite of what other solicitors were doing: they put themselves in their clients’ shoes and focused not on profit, but people first. 

We wouldn’t want you to gamble losing thousands of pounds, as approximately 1 in 3 agreed property sales collapse and never complete with other lawyers. That’s why we’ve invested our profit into some of the country’s best conveyancers, creating revolutionary conveyancing processes and building award-winning technology. Together these virtually guarantee every client’s move.

8 reasons why customers choose us…

  • 1. The highest move rate in EnglandSellers and buyers lose thousands of pounds in wasted fees and property price changes, because they’re not guaranteed to move until exchange. So the faster your lawyer works, the more chance of you moving and the more money you save. Save thousands with our 95% success rate vs the 37% average failure rate elsewhere.
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    2. Our unique 60-day free trial and 100% money-back guarantee We literally can’t afford to get it wrong for you. We’re so confident in our award-winning systems that if you're not 100% happy with us, you can walk away without paying a penny - and keep our work for free too.
  • 3. Trusted by the industry to get results We're the most awarded UK conveyancers for a reason. With over 70 awards for being the best, including from The Sunday Times and over 2000 5-star Google and Trustpilot reviews, our experts will virtually guarantee your move.
  • 4. Innovation and communication: that's why clients come back for moreWorried about not getting through to your conveyancer? You should be. Poor communication and the outdated, slow paper system are leading to the UK fall-though crisis. Instead, we’ve invested millions into award-winning comminication with our agency and client portal, offering regular emails, Whatsapp and text updates, 24/7 live case tracking and call surgery appointments so you can speak to your conveyancer directly. It’s like nothing clients have ever experienced and why they come back to us time and again.
  • 5. More speed, less riskThe more your lawyer delays, the more risk of you falling to move. Last year 1 in 3 UK cases were aborted. We’ve rewritten the story of the hare and the tortoise because, as tortoises, we’re cautious enough to find problems you need to sort out, but as hares, we’re nimble enough to find practical solutions to these fast - at the very start - not towards the end when most conveyancers scramble around to try and fix it after it’s too late. That’s how we complete in half the time (2 to 3 months, not 5 to 6 month UK average).
  • 6. More collaboration, better resultsA common complaint is that conveyancers argue over all the small stuff with the lawyers on the other side, ignoring the real practical solutions that we, as experts, look for at AVRillo. No lawyer collaboration. Not with us. We’ve won Gold awards for collaboration because we work closely with your estate agent to push your case faster.
  • 7. Transparent quotes and no upfront depositWe work differently from other conveyancers who demand deposits upfront for their legal costs. We also don’t believe in topping up your quote at the start with optional services you may not even need, meaning you only pay for what you use. We list all our costs and fees upfront in our terms and conditions before our clients instruct. This way, you can estimate what to expect to pay at the end with no hidden surprises. We think this should be standard practice across all conveyancing firms.
  • 8. Cheap isn't cheap in the long runThat's especially the case with legal work. Don’t go cheap and gamble your money and risk one of the biggest investments of your life. We know that when you’re spending hundreds of thousand of pounds, you don’t want to risk being one of the 300,000 sales that abort each year. Property prices quickly change so starting afresh risks losing thousands. Choose the right lawyer at the start and avoid the extra cost.

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No ‘ifs or buts’ about us. Just try us for free with our 60 day money-back guarantee.

We’re the UK’s only conveyancers to offer a money-back guarantee. No more buyer’s remorse if you aren’t 100% happy with us. That’s right, change your mind, not a penny paid for our costs…zilch, nada, rien! Nothing means nothing in any language! So there’s no risk for you to give us a try.

We genuinely want to keep you happy. So…

1 If you’re not happy with our service, you get your money back.
2 If you’re not happy with our conveyancers, you get your money back.
3 If you’re not happy with our work, you get your money back.


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