OnTheMarket Agent Registration

Golden ticket to New York on AVRillo.
It could be you! 

Here’s the Deal, there are two deals!

The lucky winner, could in fact, be you! Your chances are exceptionally high because this competition is exclusively for OnTheMarket BDMs, around 40 of you, unlike the thousands we usually open our competitions to.
How to Enter:
Every live instruction earns you 1 golden ticket or league point, up to 7 ticket/ points per transaction. For example, in a sale and purchase, you’ll get 2 golden tickets, 4 if we handle both ends, and potentially 7 point tickets if we’re part of the chain.
To win the New York trip, your ticket needs to be drawn from a hat. The more golden tickets you earn, the higher your chance of winning.
To secure one of the 5 prizes for the top 5 league places, it’s based on the most tickets/points:

1st place – £1000
2nd place – £750
3rd place – £500
4th place – £250

To qualify for either competition. 
You have 16 weeks (until 24/12/23) to reach:
– A group target of 6 instructions a day (easy when combined between 40 BDMs).
– An individual target of 15 individual instructions over 16 weeks (easy as it’s 1 a week). 
Good luck to all! 🍀