Order your AML (Anti-Money laundering) ID

Fine or up to 14 years in prison if AML breached

Government laws make it an illegal offence not to comply with the UK’s anti-money laundering laws. Why? Because it wants to stop the many criminal gangs that steal billions of pounds yearly from buyers and sellers. Reduce your risk by only using biometric secure online checking. Don’t use old-fashioned, paper documents; even if emailed as these can be forged by criminals within 15 minutes to steal your identity and money.  

Cost of your AML

For clients and sellers who instructs is via their agent they get three benefits. 
1/ You don’t get need to go through money laundering checks twice. 
2/. You don’t get double charged by your estate agent and your lawyer. Just once. Much cheaper. 
3/. If we doAML we’ll do it a loss leader, at £25.97. And, more securely too as buyers and sellers are at risk of losing hundreds of thousands of pounds sadly. 
4/. We’ll even fund AML for you upfront; so you only get billed this nominal figure in months to come, at the end, not up front. 

Who to use to pass your AML?

Use Checkboard. They are one of the few UK experts in this field. They are FCA regulated and use government-backed Open Source banking technology to help keep you secure. We’ve made it cheap, easy, fast and secure for you. We’ll send you full details at offer stage. But if you want find out more, now, simply click http://avrillo.co.uk/aml-checkboard/