The No-Brainer Deal Explained

3 easy steps to get paid twice for the same deal…

1. You fill in the form.
2. We onboard you.
3. We start paying you double!

No contract, no tie-ins because we want you to judge us on what we do, not what we say.

Is this no-brainer deal an easy sell to the client?
Yes, that’s why we’ve called it a no-brainer! Your client gets the best lawyers in the UK, with 60 days guaranteed work for free, at a discounted rate.

It’s a no brainer for you too. You get a happy client (take our 8 ESTAS Golds in just 2 years, not to mention 1000 5* Google reviews as a guarantee) and potentially up to – or over – £6000 in referral fees in just 2 months.

How easy is it to send over more instructions?
Very EASY, you can start doubling up your referral fees by instructing us:
On both ends for buyer and seller as our Regulator has given us special dispensation. We can now do it, so just use it!
Related cases and any in the chain.
Vendors that don’t instruct you on a valuation, but instruct us with your intro. They still count, you still get paid!