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No ‘ifs or buts’ about us. Just try us for free.

60-Day Free Cooling off Period.

Just imagine having a free 60-day cooling-off period instead of the UK 14-day cooling-off.  

Only with AVRillo do you get 60 days to ‘cool off,’ meaning you have 60 days after instructing us to experience our award-winning work and cancel the transaction during those two months without incurring any costs. No other firm gives you this added free time and protection to reconsider your decision if you change your mind for any reason. And all this is free and in addition to the additional option of their no move no fee service all the way to competing, even beyond the 60-day cooling off period. 

Why 60-day free trial is only by us?

Because we believe in both our record moving 19 out of 20 clients (compared to the 4-in-10 failure rate nationally) but in keeping you happy. With over 50 awards for Best Customer Service and Best Conveyancing firm, including from The Sunday Times) (and countless other categories), AVRillo remains the UK’s most independently awarded conveyancer for a reason.  

We can’t afford to get it wrong, and we don’t want to.  

Not only will clients leaving us in 60 days affect our reputation, but it will also lose us money because we promise not to charge costs if that happens. Our substantial cost investment in our client satisfaction means we just can’t get it wrong.  

Benefit of you having no ‘buyer’s remorse.’  

Never be trapped into a contract to pay costs if you change your mind. Not only do we not charge costs, not take any costs upfront or ask you why, if you change your mind, but we’ll also forward all work to a new firm of your choice, for free, and still you’ll ahead, as our initial procedures and work are the fastest in the UK.  

Why wait? Experience the AVRillo difference today—instruct risk-free!

We genuinely want to keep you happy. So…

1 If you’re not happy with our service, you get your money back.
2 If you’re not happy with our lawyers, you get your money back.
3 If you’re not happy with our work, you get your money back.


Did we mention, you can get your money back? Next step is easy.
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