What's in the Material Pack for me?

Material Information Pack - AVRillo
Material Information Pack - AVRillo

1. Don’t risk losing your business virtually overnight? 

A criminal record, imprisonment, a lifetime ban or an unlimited fine, will not only lose you trust, with prospective sellers, buyers and staff, but destroy your online reputation forever. Leading to loss of cash flow, investment and sufficient money to trade. Not with our pack. 

2. We’ll pay for your pack if you’re a premium estate agent.  

Makes you stand out on the valuation against your competitors. Win the take on, sell faster, with a better buyer, a better offer, and reduce your client’s 39.8% national fall through rate (OTM data) to our record high 95% success rate (by we title checking and finding solutions when the property is listed!). 

Or you can ask your Vendor to pay. It’s an effective way to gauge if your vendor is committed.

3. Choose the right pack. 

They definitely aren’t all the same. 

The wrong material pack and you’ll get prosecuted or an unlimited fine, or a lifetime ban. AVRillo’s pack will instead, and your vendor fails to move. Cut that risk and comply with Trading Standards wanting you to involve a conveyancer upfront, and be virtually ready to exchange during the 103 days the property is listed (data from a mixture of Righmove, On the Market and Zoopla). 

Material Information Pack - AVRillo

4. Our unique pack has the only interactive protocol forms that allows you to avoid prosecution by complying with your legal duty to update your pack. 

How? Because rather than you asking your vendors to complete the Law Society TA6 or Basbi protocol forms we’ll do this for you. And more, our interactive intelligent coded online protocol forms mean when your vendor completes these they automatically go to Material pack as an update.

5. Our unique pack makes you £98,000+ more & helps you move 95% of all your clients not 60.02%.

5.1. Our pack moves 19 in 20 deals compared to 4 in 10 failing nationally? 

We don’t waste the 3 months other  conveyancers do after the offer is accepted. We’ll title check, raise enquiries, find solutions and Report on title, all during the 103 marketing period not after SSTC. 

5.2. Don’t leak £98k to £192k in lost Commission a year

PropertyMark report an average £4000 lost on each failed sale for you and £1500 for each vendor, £1500 for each buyer. Overall £7000 lost on each deal. 

5.3. But what’s your loss alone?

An agent with 10 deals a month losing 4 out 10 completions monthly (OnTheMarket data) equals £16,000 pm (4x £4000 pm), £196k a year, £1 million lost over 5 years. 

Note: if you do 5 deals a month you still risk losing £98k a year, £1/2 million over 5 years. 

7. Why we’ll move 95% of your clients & make you £1/2 million to £1 million more. 

In summary. 

Our pack is unique. It cuts risk of prosecution, moves 95% of your clients not 60% and stops you leaking between £98k to £194k per year. 

But click here if you want to prepare your own Material Information. That guide will help you find out what you’ll find out and include to comply with your Property Redress scheme, the National Trading Standards obligations The Consumer Protection from UnfairTrading Regulations Act.