8x Benefits of the Material Info
& Exchange Ready Pack

versus the £18,000 risk of not using the pack.

It’s worrying when 4 out of 10 sales collapse each year in the UK, commonly due to delays of up to 4 to 5 months. But you know it’s serious when even the President of Law Society refers to “the home buying and selling process .. being .. far from perfect .. the most expensive purchase- .. and .. stressful ..”. Where a “..very large number of property sales still falling through during the conveyancing process due to late disclosure of problems”.

The financial cost of not having the most comprehensive best pack. That’s AVRillo’s.

Ask yourself one question. Would you opt to instruct a cheaper surgeon or cheaper less successful blood tests with a 4 in 10 risk of failure? No! But that’s what the risk by instructing a conveyancer without AVRillo’s unique material into and exchange ready pack; an increased risk of an average £20,000 loss.


How not having our pack could cost you £20,000. If you’re one of the 4 in 10 that fails to move first time around, wasting potentially a year by starting again on the market, a new agent, a new conveyancer, then even a small 5% property change during that delay, say on a £300,000 average property price, creates a £15,000 loss, plus potentially £5000 lost on two sets of lawyer fees, disbursements, wasted mortgage repayments or wasted rent, or lost mortgage deals and higher interest rates.


It’s the most compliant in the UK meaning less risk up to 2 years imprisonment, an unlimited fine or a lifetime ban for the agent publishing the sellers property information now required upfront.


Faster with more security because legal work starts in the 103 days (according to OTM) the property is advertised meaning a lot of the legal work is done upfront before an offer is accepted, cutting months of delays with traditional conveyancing.


It helps cut a 4 out of 10 fall-through risk to a 19 in 20 success rate. 


Reduce delays from 4 months to completion to as fast as 60 days (as in Denmark).


An AVR exchange ready pack is included for free doing a lot of the work traditional lawyers do months later. It will order land registry deeds, local land charges and other material info months upfront, title check these, prepare a legal complexity of 100, raise additional enquiries, suggest practical solutions, produce an upfront report on title, and pay defect indemnity insurance for missing planning consent, lack of building regulations, breaches of freehold restrictive covenants.


Reduced emotional stress of losing the transaction first time around. The Moverly survey found 83% of buyers and sellers put moving and conveyancing in the top 5 most stressful situations in life.


What the experts say about the benefits of fully put together upfront Material Info pack?

President of the Law Society,

Nick Emmerson says about new material information and forms:

 “. a very large number of property sales are still falling through during the conveyancing process and late disclosure of problems at the marketing stage” it’s important for ‘buyers to have important information upfront .. reducing enquiries” “helping to reduce both the time the process takes and the number of sales that fall through .. and “making chains more robust.. with ‘issues identified and resolved early’

Levelling Up Minister Neil O’Brien MP said: 

“Far too often when buying and selling properties, deals fall through, costing young people thousands of pounds in wasted expense. By providing all the necessary information up front, this can be avoided, and it will make the process of buying a first home much easier and more cost-effective.”

Sean Hooker, Head of Redress at The Property Redress Scheme, said: 

“ ..Fewer complaints, faster transactions, happier customers, what is not to like?”

Rebecca Marsh, Ombudsman at The Property Ombudsman, said: 

“.. By providing more vital information at the point a consumer first becomes aware of a property, the less likely transactions are to fail, leading to higher consumer trust and confidence in the sector.”