I don’t like Mondays…or Fridays?

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Mondays are always hard. A long day ahead at the office with the realisation that the closest thing you have to the weekend is leftover’s from yesterday’s Sunday roast. Who can be blamed then for not wanting to swamped by the madness of the Monday telephone calls?

To avoid getting bogged down, a study has shown that on certain days of the week some specific industries are busier than on other days. Let’s take conveyancing. Moneypenny’s recent study suggests that there are certain times of the week in which we should avoid telephoning our Estate agents (and the same applies to solicitors).

Moneypenny’s results suggested there was a 14 per cent increase in telephone calls in the second quarter of the year compared to the first quarter, adding that Monday is the peak day for handling telephone contact to agents.

Avoid calling in the mornings. Moneypenny found that the busiest periods for phone answering were in the morning and between 4pm to 5pm weekdays. So the ideal time to ring is between 2-4 pm.

The study also discovered that Fridays are a no-go. This is because the bulk of completion move out and move in days happen on a Friday.

For solicitors, some are grinding to a halt because of the amount of calls they now get during the day. At AVRillo we’ve taken that on board and we have stopped recruiting ‘call–o-phobe’ (NB. Not technically a word but maybe a future one for the Oxford Dictionary) staff who are afraid of the phone. We train our staff not to fear the phone but to pick up your call, be compassionate and steer you to the right person or the right time to call.

AVRillo’s advice is when that ring, ring, ring comes knocking- keep calm and pick up the phone. Don’t hide, it won’t go away! Even if you just explain when to best call or take down their question to be answered later, take that call now.

You’re 8x times more likely to move with us than with other conveyancers.