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How to Save Money?

Are you looking to move with safety?


Click to try us for free, with the UK’s only love us or leave us ‘Happy No Money Paid Guarantee.’ Not happy with our service? Simply walk away within 30 days. No charges. No questions. No fuss.

Why Our Customers Choose Us?

1. Legal call in surgery

Are you confused by the jargon and process of conveyancing? You’re not alone, it’s one of the biggest complaints made against solicitors generally. This is why we launched a dedicated Legal Surgery. Our Legal Surgery gives you the opportunity to get all your legal questions answered.

Rather uniquely, we don’t believe you should have to pay the usual solicitors hourly charge rate; instead you have access to these extra consultations, for free. We're just happy to help.


2. Certainty - You’re in safe hands

You only get one chance at moving, without losing money. If you are one of the 37% who fail annually, you can end up paying thousands more: Lost fees? Lost costs? Lost property prices? Lost mortgage? Lost time? Lost opportunity? Loss of sleep!

Not with AVR. It’s our guarantee of 91% success (not 63% with others) which attracts clients to continue to recommend friends to save not only stress, but also thousands, by using us. We would love to show you how.

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3. Speed – Move in 2 months rather than 4

We’ve rewritten the story of the tortoise and the hare: the slower the process is, the more risk there is of your deal falling through. In fact, 48% of all fall throughs are attributed to ‘solicitor delays'. 

As hares, we nimbly tackle the most complex of challenges, reducing the time it takes you to move, from four months to two.


4. Collaboration - We listen to you

It's a known fact that to increase your chance of moving you need a solicitor who listens to you and works with you. The key to successful conveyancing is communication. We avoid baffling legal jargon and spiel, and instead work with you and your estate agent to find solutions best suited to getting you moved quickly and safely.

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5. Raving fans. Here's just some of our satisfied customers

4.91 Average

78 Reviews

Mr Kempster

Very helpful and friendly with a good service

Posted 8 months ago


Highly impressed with the speed and quality of the service. Sarah made the purchase process so seamless, didn't need to worry about anything.

Posted 2 years ago

Mr Mason

Absolutely brilliant service, we were kept informed along the way and reached completion.

Posted 2 years ago

Mr Lancey

Efficient and friendly team

Posted 2 years ago

Mr Cima

Great team, super service.

Posted 2 years ago

Mr Musselmann

Incredibly fast, efficient, transparent, helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend AVRillo to anyone who wants to buy or sell with minimum complications or delays.

Posted 2 years ago


Helpful, confident, secure and quickly. Thanks

Posted 2 years ago

Mr Sarna

Good experience, very efficient, professional

Posted 2 years ago


very good at responding to emails fast with all queries I had.

Posted 2 years ago

Mrs Mottram

The staff at AVRillo are very professional and welcoming, nothing was ever too much and they would always get back to you quickly. They were very patient in explaining the procedure of everything.

Posted 2 years ago

Mr Ball

I found A V Rillo to be very professional - a 5 star service! Devi and her team were helpful at all times, quickly returned our calls and kept us informed at every stage of the process. Overall we were very pleased and would recommend them to others.

Posted 2 years ago

Mrs Rayner

The service level that AVRillo provided for the sale of two of my properties was very professional and on point. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family. Very satisfied! Jenny

Posted 2 years ago

Mr Golds

Thanks AVRillo for making our move so smooth.Regards John

Posted 2 years ago

Mrs Sandeman

They have been so wonderful to me!! So understanding and helpful I would certainly pass their company on to family and friends

Posted 2 years ago

Mr Thorne

Very quick and efficient

Posted 2 years ago

Mr Reeve

Speed and attention to detail was 1st class.

Posted 2 years ago

Mrs Jacks-Bryant

They were so helpful, quick and friendly. They answered every question super quickly and professionally, I have no complaints at all.

Posted 2 years ago

Mr Waterhouse

Fast and efficient throughout. Excellent service

Posted 2 years ago


Amazing service, helpful, friendly and very efficient. Would certainly recommend. Sarah an absolutely pleasure to deal with.

Posted 2 years ago

Mr Eyre

Friendly and reliable staff

Posted 2 years ago

Mr Tennet

You have worked very fast and always kept me informed and were easy to contact

Posted 2 years ago