How To Get The Best Out Of A Conveyancing Partner

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How To Get The Best Out Of A Conveyancing Partner

In order to get the best from a residential property conveyancer, you need to ensure that you have instructed a proactive cutting-edge conveyancing firm right from the get-go.

As the legal considerations involved in property transactions can sometimes drastically delay the moving process, it is essential to find yourself a conveyancing firm that gets on with the work at hand and promptly delivers from start to finish in less time than the average 16 weeks. Firms usually display their standard time frame on their website, so it is important to take note of it.

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Success Rate

It is also crucial to ask for the firm’s success rate. –  People find it hard to believe that solicitors are responsible for a whopping 37% conveyancing failure rate, so if you discover anywhere near this kind of appalling figure, you know that you will find it hard to get the best out of such a conveyancing firm. Therefore, it is crucial to find a more successful and reliable conveyancing partner who has their clients’ interests at heart and does not put their transactions at risk by taking far longer than is necessary.

The longer your exchange takes, the more chance you have of being saddled with financial losses and losing your sale or purchase. The other party will have an extended time before exchange, and may want to pull out for various reasons such as finding another buyer willing to pay a higher purchase price.

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Property rices

And if you start all over again by purchasing another property or selling to another buyer, you face the risk of losing thousands of pounds because property prices can rise as well as fall. And you would definitely have to
to pay duplicate costs and may find that starting over takes a long time. Moreover, you and your family could suffer untold stress and anxiety. – All negative consequences which may well have been avoidable if you had instructed a better conveyancer with more respect for your interests.

Getting the best from a conveyancing partner also means getting the best service for a reasonable fixed fee. While there are often a variety of cheap deals plastered over the internet, they normally have a catch, and after all the add-ons that you may not realise you have to pay for, you will be wishing you had gone with a long-standing reputable firm which has crystal clear upfront honesty about their fixed fees.

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Conveyancing is one of the most complex aspects of the moving process, and so being acquainted with the basic facets of the procedure is a wise move. A good firm  has these on their website, and when you understand the different stages, and your conveyancing partner is in regular touch with you, it will all seem very clear.

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Always check that the conveyancing partner you are interested in has a modern IT approach to getting things done as fast as possible, and that they have the CQS logo to show they are Conveyancing Quality Scheme accredited by the Law Society, thereby insuring you will receive the best possible service. Furthermore, check that they have a proven track record by seeing how many years they have been practising, and by reading client testimonials.

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