How Can I Ensure The Conveyancing Process Runs Smoothly And Faster?  

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The conveyancing process can seem very daunting to those that are first time buyers or who have not sold or purchased a property for a long time. It is a very unfamiliar process that some may find emotional and stressful.  

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  1. Make sure your finances are organised.  If you require a mortgage to purchase the property then make sure you have obtained a ‘mortgage in principle’ 
  2. Find an excellent and reliable conveyancing Solicitor who will carefully check the title, obtain searches, and ensure any enquiries are dealt with satisfactorily on your behalf
  3. Check online reviews to ensure your Solicitor is highly regarded before instructing
  4. Communicate with your Solicitor throughout your transaction so that they can address any concerns you may have and set your mind at ease.  They are there to help and guide you through the conveyancing process  
  5. If there is an Estate Agent involved in the transaction then make sure you liaise with them throughout the process as they can speak directly with all parties involved in the transaction.

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How can I speed up the Conveyancing Process?

  1. Firstly follow the key points above
  2. Instruct your Solicitor and organise your finances as early as possible.  Instructing your Solicitor at the earliest opportunity is essential to allow the conveyancing process to commence 
  3. Keep your documentation organised and complete all required paperwork quickly and efficiently.  The quicker you respond and deal with documents sent to you, the quicker the transaction can proceed 
  4. Don’t panic if your Solicitor sometime goes days or weeks without contacting you, the conveyancing process means you will need to allow them sufficient time to investigate title and carry out searches.  Rest assured that they will immediately contact you should any issues arise 
  5. Remember that communication really is key.  All parties involved in the transaction want the same successful end result and communicating effectively can achieve that result in the best possible timeframe 

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 How do I find a Conveyancing Solicitor?

There are so many ways to find a Conveyancing Solicitor firm that it can sometimes be difficult to choose which Conveyancing Solicitor to choose.

You can find a Conveyancing Solicitor by looking online or maybe you know of a Conveyancing Solicitor in your area.  By looking up Conveyancing Solicitor firms online and then giving them a call, you can make your enquiries with them as to whether they will be able to help you with your transaction. 

Similarly, see if you can find a Conveyancing Solicitor in your local town where you can make an appointment to see them to discuss your transaction.  By speaking to them, you will be able to get an idea as to whether you think they will be a suitable company for your needs.

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How can I find a Conveyancing Solicitor that I can trust?

The best way to find a Conveyancing Solicitor that you can trust would be to ask friends and family who they have used and whether they would recommend them.  Another great way to find a Conveyancing Solicitor is to check their reviews on Trustpilot which will give you the best idea of other people’s experiences with that firm.

The above is the best advice to find a Conveyancing Solicitor and whilst not everyone’s experience is the same, at least if you have the knowledge that if someone else was impressed with that firm, then hopefully, you are likely to be impressed too.

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