Gazumping in Property Transactions: Understanding and Prevention

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Gazumping in Property Transactions: Understanding and Prevention


Navigating the property market can be fraught with challenges, such as gazumping. This guide aims to help buyers understand gazumping and how to avoid it, with insights informed by industry experts like AVRillo.


Section 1: Decoding Gazumping

What is Gazumping?

Gazumping occurs when a seller accepts a higher offer from another buyer after having accepted yours, potentially setting you back in your home-buying journey.

Legal Perspectives

While gazumping is a legal practice in the UK, it’s crucial for buyers to understand their rights and the nuances of property law. Firms like AVRillo offer valuable legal advice in these scenarios.

Section 2: The Impact and Prevalence

Understanding the Statistics

Recent studies highlight the commonality of gazumping in the property market, underscoring the need for buyers to be aware and prepared.

The Emotional and Financial Toll

Gazumping can lead to significant emotional stress and financial loss, particularly when it occurs late in the buying process.

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Section 3: SSTC – Sold Subject to Contract

Exploring SSTC

The SSTC phase is a critical stage in property transactions. It’s during this phase that gazumping most commonly occurs.

The Conveyancing Process

Efficient conveyancing can reduce the risk of gazumping. Services like those offered by AVRillo help streamline this process, ensuring timely progress towards contract exchange.


Section 4: Strategies to Prevent Gazumping

Insurance as a Safety Net

Home Buyers’ Protection Insurance can be a wise investment, offering a financial safety net in the event of gazumping.

Being Prepared and Proactive

Ensuring that all financial arrangements and legal documentation are in order can significantly reduce the risk of gazumping.

Building Rapport with Sellers

Developing a good relationship with the property seller can sometimes influence their decision, making them less likely to accept a later, higher offer.

Considering a Lock-Out Agreement

A lock-out agreement gives you an exclusive right to purchase the property for a certain period, providing a layer of security against gazumping.


Section 5: The Role of Estate Agents in Gazumping

Agents’ Responsibilities

Estate agents are required to present all offers to sellers, a practice that can inadvertently lead to gazumping. Understanding their role is crucial for buyers.

Client Review:

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Section 6: What to Do If You’re Gazumped

Assessing Your Options

If gazumped, it’s essential to carefully consider your financial limits before making a counteroffer. Firms like AVRillo can provide guidance in these situations.

Promoting Your Advantages as a Buyer

In situations where increasing your offer isn’t feasible, emphasizing your strengths as a buyer can be an effective strategy.



Navigating gazumping requires understanding, preparation, and sometimes professional assistance. By following these guidelines and seeking expert advice from firms like AVRillo, buyers can better navigate the complexities of the property market.


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Gazumping happens when a home seller accepts a higher offer from another buyer after initially accepting yours, potentially disrupting your purchase plans.

You can protect yourself by getting Home Buyers’ Protection Insurance, preparing your financial documents early, moving quickly through the buying process, and building a good rapport with the seller.

SSTC means that the seller has accepted an offer on the property, but the sale is not legally binding until contracts are exchanged.

An estate agent can inform and advise you, but they’re legally obliged to present all offers to the seller. Choosing a proactive agent and communicating effectively can, however, help expedite the process.

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