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Here are six savings with our 'one thing' quote.

‘You get what you pay for’ or ‘Go cheap, pay twice’ are true because cheap costs contribute to 400,000 sales that collapse each year (40% nationally). Not with our unique 95% success rate.
  • 1. 40% failure risk with cheap, 95% success with us.

    We invest your costs back into hiring more expert lawyers with more time and cutting-edge technology to push your case at our 95% success rate, not 40% failure nationally in the UK.
  • 2. Go cheap and risk a 12-month delay with other conveyancers with a 4 in 10 failure rate. You lose 5 months with the first lawyer, 3.4 months finding a new buyer or seller, and another 5 months with your second lawyer.
  • 3. Risk of £7,000 lost by not using us, maybe more!

    The true cost of choosing a cheap alternative can be staggering. Just a 1.8% price change means you lose £5,000 on a £282,776 property (average UK property) over a 12-month delay if you’re one of the 40% who fail elsewhere. Plus, with £1,500 in wasted lawyer costs, £500 in lost disbursements, and VAT, the total extra you risk losing is £7,000. But if the property price changes by just 3.8%, you risk losing £12,000. And if the property is priced at £450,000, you risk losing £14,000 (1.8%) to £24,000 (3.8% price change).
  • 4. Another £12,000 saved with us.

    If buying, reduce your risk of losing another £12,000 in wasted rent if you are waiting 12 months to buy and paying £1,000 rent a month; or save unnecessary mortgage repayments at £1,000 a month if you are waiting 12 months to sell.
  • 5. Don't pay with our 60-day cooling-off period. Trial us. Don't like us? Don't pay us.
  • 6. Opt not to pay us even after 60 days.

    We're so confident in our 'one thing' move rate that you can even opt not to pay us at all.

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