First Time Buyer: AVRillo vs. Local Conveyancers

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First Time Buyer: AVRillo vs. Local Conveyancers


For many, purchasing a home is a significant milestone, especially for a first time buyer. The journey to homeownership is filled with excitement, anticipation, and a fair share of complexities. Key among these is conveyancing – the legal process of transferring property ownership. For a first time buyer, the choice between a renowned firm like AVRillo and local conveyancers can be pivotal. This blog explores these options, providing insights to help you make an informed decision.


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Journey of a First Time Buyer in Conveyancing
  3. AVRillo’s Approach to First Time Buyer
  4. Local Conveyancers and the First Time Buyer
  5. Direct Comparison for the First Time Buyer: AVRillo vs. Local Conveyancers
  6. Why First Time Buyers Should Consider AVRillo
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQ


The Journey of a First Time Buyer in Conveyancing

Embarking on the property ladder, a first time buyer often encounters a landscape riddled with legalities, paperwork, and procedures that can seem daunting. The conveyancing process, involving everything from handling contracts to dealing with the Land Registry, requires meticulous attention to detail. Missteps can lead to delays, additional costs, or even transaction failures. Hence, selecting a conveyancer who understands the nuances of a first time buyer’s needs is crucial.

AVRillo’s Approach to First Time Buyers

AVRillo stands out in the UK conveyancing market with its tailored approach to first time buyers. Recognised for their efficiency and expertise, AVRillo simplifies the conveyancing process, making it more transparent and less stressful for new buyers. They leverage technology to streamline tasks and keep clients informed every step of the way. Their ‘People Over Profit’ ethos resonates particularly well with first time buyers, who often need extra guidance and support.

Customer review:
AVRillo are genuinely the most reasonable and efficient solicitors we’ve ever come across. I recommend them to anyone, especially when buying or selling. Meltems team were always available for a call and responded to my emails quickly which to me is the most important aspect of the process!

Local Conveyancers and the First Time Buyer

Local conveyancers offer a more traditional, often face-to-face service. For a first time buyer, the appeal lies in the personal touch and local knowledge these professionals can provide. However, the experience can vary significantly from one firm to another. While some may offer a bespoke service tailored to a first time buyer’s needs, others may not have the same level of resources or technological support as a larger firm like AVRillo.

Direct Comparison for the First Time Buyer: AVRillo vs. Local Conveyancers

1. Efficiency: For a first time buyer, time is often of the essence. AVRillo’s streamlined processes, underpinned by advanced technology, often lead to faster transaction times compared to some local conveyancers, who may rely on more traditional methods.

2. Cost Transparency: For a first-time buyer, grasping the cost implications is of utmost importance. AVRillo’s transparent pricing model is a beacon of clarity right from the beginning, eliminating the risk of hidden fees that may occasionally arise with local conveyancers.

3. Expertise in First Time Buying: AVRillo’s team specialises in dealing with first time buyers, offering tailored advice and support. In contrast, while local conveyancers offer a personal touch, they might not always have the same level of specialised experience.

4. Technology and Support: AVRillo’s significant investment in technology has a direct impact on ensuring efficient communication and streamlined process management. This is especially crucial for a first-time buyer embarking on the journey of conveyancing for the first time. In contrast, local conveyancers might not consistently provide the same level of technological integration.

Customer review:

I first sold my property last year using AVRillo. They came highly recommended and I had the perfect experience with them. The process ran smoothly and efficiently, so much that when it was time to purchase a new home I did not hesitate to return to them. They offered me a discounted rate and once again the service was excellent.

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Why First Time Buyers Should Consider AVRillo

For a first-time buyer, selecting AVRillo can be a game-changer. Their dedicated approach towards first-time buyers ensures that your journey to homeownership is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Additionally, the online quote system is particularly beneficial, offering a quick and easy way to understand the costs involved. Furthermore, AVRillo’s commitment to transparency, efficiency, and customer care makes them an ideal choice for anyone stepping into the property market for the first time.



For a first time buyer, the right conveyancing partner is more than just a service provider; they are a crucial part of your journey to owning your first home. While local conveyancers offer a personalised touch, AVRillo provides a blend of expertise, efficiency, and technology-driven services tailored to meet the unique needs of first-time buyers. As you embark on this exciting journey, consider AVRillo for a conveyancing experience that is professional, transparent, and attuned to your specific needs as a first time buyer.

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What makes AVRillo different from local conveyancers?

AVRillo specialises in conveyancing with a focus on technology and efficiency. They offer a streamlined process, transparent pricing, and are particularly adept at handling the unique needs of first time buyers. Local conveyancers, on the other hand, may offer more personalised, face-to-face services but might not have the same level of technological integration.

As a first time buyer, how important is it to choose the right conveyancer?

Indeed, choosing the right conveyancer is paramount for first-time buyers. Indeed, the decision you make regarding your conveyancer can be the pivotal factor that separates a smooth, well-guided process from a bewildering, stress-filled ordeal. A highly skilled conveyancer possesses the expertise to adeptly navigate the intricate landscape of property purchase, leaving no margin for error in managing the critical legal aspects.

How does AVRillo help first time buyers in particular?

AVRillo specialises in offering customised services specifically designed for first-time buyers. They go the extra mile by providing clear guidance, transparent pricing, and efficient processing. What sets them apart is their use of technology to keep clients well-informed and to streamline the conveyancing process, making it not only more understandable but also less intimidating for individuals who are new to the world of property buying.

Are the services of local conveyancers more expensive than AVRillo?

It’s not always about the expense, but more about value and transparency. AVRillo offers clear pricing structures without hidden fees, which is beneficial for budgeting, especially for first time buyers. Local conveyancers’ fees can vary, and sometimes additional charges may not be immediately apparent.

Can I get an online quote for conveyancing from AVRillo?

Yes, AVRillo offers an online quote system. This is particularly helpful for first time buyers to understand the costs involved in their conveyancing process upfront.

Is personalised service better for first time buyers, as offered by local conveyancers?

Personalised service is important, but so are efficiency and expertise in conveyancing. AVRillo combines personalised customer care with professional efficiency, offering a balanced service that caters well to first time buyers.

How long does the conveyancing process take with AVRillo compared to local conveyancers?

The conveyancing timeline can vary based on the complexity of the transaction. However, AVRillo is known for its efficient processes, often leading to quicker transaction times compared to some local conveyancers.

What should I consider most as a first time buyer when choosing a conveyancer?

When you’re a first-time buyer, it’s essential to take into account several factors. These include the conveyancer’s expertise in handling first-time buyers. Additionally, consider their transparency regarding costs, the efficiency of the process, and the level of support and guidance they offer throughout the transaction.

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