Finding the Best Conveyancing Solicitor in Northampton

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Finding the Best Conveyancing Solicitor in Northampton

Table of Contents

  • What Does a Conveyancing Solicitor Do?
  • Why Use a Specialist Conveyancing Solicitor?
  • Tips for Choosing the Best Conveyancer in Northampton
  • Top 5 Conveyancing Solicitors in Northampton
  • What is the Average Conveyancing Solicitor Fee in Northampton?
  • How Long Does Conveyancing Take in Northampton?
  • Conveyancing Process and Timeline in Northampton
  • FAQs about Conveyancing Solicitors in Northampton

What Does a Conveyancing Solicitor Do?

A conveyancing solicitor handles all of the legal work involved in buying and selling a property. This includes:

  • Transferring legal title deeds and registering property with the land registry.
  • Reviewing contracts for the sale and answering queries about the terms.
  • Conducting various searches to check for potential issues with the property, such as flooding risk, planning permissions, mining subsidence and more.
  • Preparing transfer documents and liaising with mortgage lenders.
  • Handling the exchange of contracts stage when terms are legally agreed upon.
  • Facilitating the completion process when funds are transferred and buyers receive the property keys.

Essentially, a conveyancing solicitor manages the conveyancing process from start to finish, ensuring the legal side of your property purchase or sale is handled correctly. They work closely with the buyer’s and seller’s solicitors to move the transaction forward and avoid delays.

Why Use a Specialist Conveyancing Solicitor?

While some general solicitors may offer conveyancing services, it is usually best to use a conveyancing specialist, for several reasons:

  • Expertise. A specialist conveyancing solicitor focuses solely on property transactions. This expertise can help them spot potential issues and navigate the process more efficiently.
  • Efficiency. Conveyancing specialists encounter thousands of different property transactions over their careers. This gives them experience resolving a wide range of issues quickly.
  • Less Risk. Shockingly, 39.9% of property sales fall through each year even after the buyer and seller instruct their solicitors. Specialists like AVRillo reduce this risk substantially with their expertise.
  • Heart Specialist Analogy. A specialist conveyancing solicitor can be compared to a heart specialist doctor, whereas a general solicitor is more like a general practitioner or A&E doctor. You want a true specialist handling this critical process.

With so much on the line during a property purchase or sale, it makes sense to use a conveyancing solicitor who specializes in this field and nothing else. Their level of experience and efficiency can make a big difference!

Tips for Choosing the Best Conveyancer in Northampton

Finding the right conveyancing solicitor is crucial for a stress-free property transaction. Here are top tips for choosing the best conveyancer in Northampton:

Read Reviews

Reviews offer invaluable insider information straight from past clients. Check for conveyancers with consistently glowing reviews on Google, Trustpilot, and Facebook.

Ask for Recommendations

Talk to family, friends, and colleagues who have bought or sold property in Northampton. Ask which conveyancer they used and whether they would recommend them. Estate agents can also suggest reputable solicitors they work with regularly.

Verify Credentials

Ensure your chosen conveyancer is accredited by the Law Society, indicating they meet high standards of training and expertise. Also confirm how many years experience they have handling Northampton property transactions.

Assess Transparency

The conveyancing quote should clearly explain all fees and costs with no hidden surprises. Avoid solicitors who won’t provide a detailed breakdown of their pricing.

Look for Guarantees

Some conveyancers like AVRillo offer guarantees, free trials, or the ability to switch solicitors mid-transaction if dissatisfied. This provides assurance of their service quality.

Evaluate Communication

Look for conveyancers who provide regular updates via phone, email, SMS and an online portal. Clear communication is vital for a smooth process.

By keeping these tips in mind during your search process, you can find the very best conveyancing solicitor in Northampton for your needs!

Top 5 Conveyancing Solicitors in Northampton

After extensive research, these top 5 conveyancing solicitors in Northampton consistently come highly recommended:

1. AVRillo

With excellent reviews and awards like the Gold Trusted Service Award from Feefo, AVRillo is a reputable nationwide firm that specializes in conveyancing. Their excellent communication, transparency on fees, and ability to complete transactions quickly make them a top choice.

2. Taylor Rose MW

This well-established firm has a strong local presence in Northampton combined with national expertise. Their team of property professionals come highly rated for their responsive service and guidance.

3. Howes Percival

Providing dependable legal advice since 1742, Howes Percival has earned a trusted reputation in Northamptonshire. They have experience assisting with all kinds of residential conveyancing matters.

4. Irwin Mitchell Solicitors

This respected national law firm has an office in Northampton with property lawyers skilled in regional conveyancing regulations and processes. They have a track record of success.

5. Thomson Webb & Corfield

A long-standing presence in Northampton for over a century, this firm offers a personalized approach to property transactions. Their conveyancing expertise covers freehold, leasehold and new builds.

While these 5 firms stand out as excellent options, it’s wise to get quotes from a few conveyancers before deciding. Make sure to compare their fees, experience and service offerings.

What is the Average Conveyancing Solicitor Fee in Northampton?

Nationwide, conveyancing fees typically range from £850 – £1,750 depending on the specifics of the property transaction. However, conveyancing costs in Northampton generally fall within the following ranges:

  • £750 – £950 for a straightforward freehold property purchase
  • £900 – £1,200 for a standard leasehold property purchase
  • £1,000 – £1,500 for a buy-to-let or shared ownership purchase
  • £650 – £850 for a simple property sale

The final conveyancing fee consists of basic charges for a standard transaction, plus any additional fees incurred for extra work needed during the process. For example, an AVRillo client could pay:

  • £749 for basic conveyancing work
  • £150 for a leasehold supplement
  • £100 for help completing SDLT forms
  • £40 Conservation Area search fee

Total = £1,039

Beware of solicitors who only provide estimated ranges without detailing the actual fees. Get a complete breakdown in writing before instructing a conveyancer.

How Long Does Conveyancing Take in Northampton?

While every property transaction varies, the standard conveyancing timeline is around 5-6 months from offer accepted to completion day according to government statistics.

However, specialist conveyancing solicitors aim to speed up the process significantly. For example, AVRillo has an average completion time of just 8-10 weeks – cutting a typical transaction nearly in half!

Their expertise identifying potential hiccups early, plus efficiency obtaining searches and answers from all parties, enables them to complete conveyancing much faster than regular solicitors. This accelerated timeline helps buyers and sellers save on mortgage fees and potential property price fluctuations.

For optimal timing, it’s best to instruct your conveyancer as soon as your offer is accepted, rather than waiting weeks later. This jumpstart helps shorten the process.

Conveyancing Process and Timeline in Northampton

Below is an overview of the key stages that make up a typical conveyancing timeline in Northampton:

Offer Accepted – The seller accepts the buyer’s offer for the property. Conveyancers can be instructed immediately to get a head start.

Mortgage Approved – The buyer’s lender provides a mortgage agreement in principle, which confirms financing.

Searches Ordered – The buyer’s conveyancer orders local authority searches related to planning, flooding, mining etc.

Contracts Exchanged – Legally binding contracts are signed and exchanged between the buyer and seller. A completion date is set.

Funds Transferred – The day before completion, the buyer transfers the remaining purchase funds to their conveyancer.

Completion Day – Balance of funds is sent to the seller. The buyer receives the property keys and officially becomes the new owner!

While timing fluctuates, most Northampton conveyancing transactions follow these key milestones. An experienced conveyancer helps guide you smoothly through each stage.

FAQs about Conveyancing Solicitors in Northampton

How do I find conveyancers in my local area?

Search online for firms specializing in Northampton conveyancing. Check reviews on Google, Facebook and Trustpilot. Ask family, friends and your estate agent for referrals. Compare a few quotes and credentials.

Should I use a conveyancer or solicitor for conveyancing?

A conveyancer specializes in property transactions, while a solicitor may practice various legal fields. Specialists have more focused expertise to handle conveyancing efficiently. Many solicitors also brand themselves as conveyancers.

Can a conveyancing solicitor help with lease extensions?

Yes, a residential conveyancing solicitor can handle lease extensions for leasehold properties. Their expertise with property transactions makes them well-suited for adding time onto a lease.

What questions should I ask a potential conveyancer?

  • How many years experience do you have in Northampton conveyancing specifically?
  • What is your conveyancing process and timeline?
  • What communication channels do you provide?
  • Can you guarantee your quote or provide a free trial period?
  • What steps do you take to speed up the conveyancing process?
  • What happens if I’m not satisfied and want to change solicitors mid-process?


Finding the right conveyancing solicitor is the most critical decision when buying or selling a property in Northampton. Their expertise navigating the legal process smoothly and efficiently can make or break your transaction.

Be sure to choose a specialist over a general solicitor – their focus and experience with thousands of conveyances makes a major difference. Vet potential conveyancers thoroughly using the tips in this guide, and don’t simply choose based on the cheapest fee. Quality service leads to a stress-free result.

With an award winning nationwide conveyancing firm like AVRillo, you gain the benefit of both regional and national expertise. Their transparent fees, guaranteed quotes, and ability to complete transactions in nearly half the typical time provide immense value.

Use this guide as a helpful resource when researching and selecting your Northampton conveyancing solicitor. The conveyancer you choose provides the foundation for a successful property transaction from start to finish!

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