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What are you losing?

Stop! You don’t have to take it anymore!

It’s not right and its not fair.

You should be the one to decide how much you earn…not your conveyancer. The wrong lawyer will fail to complete a third of your deals.

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  • How to lose £100,000 plus a year?
  • How to make an extra £100,000 a year?

CALCULATE your extra income

Number of cases you 'tie up' a month?
Your agent commission fee? £ (average)
Your % abortive rate? (*average is 37%)
Referral fee you are being paid by your solicitor?
Do you want a referral fee from us, if so, how much ?

How we calculated your EXTRA Income ...?

Commission you lose with your current abortive rate (pa)
LESS-Commission you would lose with AVR's lower 9% abortive rate
Total EXTRA commission using AV Rillo of
Total current referral fees p.a (based on your current abortive rate)
Total NEW AVR Referral Fees with AVR's lower abortive rate of 9%
Your overall TOTAL EXTRA INCOME (Commission + Referrals) by using AVR