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Are you a client? Find out if your estate agent is registered with us to order a Sale Ready Pack

Our Sale Ready Packs are only available through our registered estate agents. Copy the link below and email it to your our estate agent so they can see if they can register with us: http://avrillo.co.uk/estate-agents-otm/

Are you an estate agent? Has your client asked you to register for our Sale Ready Packs?

Has your client asked for our heavily discounted (and sometimes free!) upfront Sale Ready Packs and AML checks? For an opportunity to register yourself with no obligation, complete our form. We’ll assess your application and let you know if your agency qualifies.

We aren’t a panel and don’t ask you to tie in. We work independently to do what’s in the sellers’ and buyers’ best interest. Our pack is designed to increase their chances of moving to 95%, compared to the 39.8%* nationally.

*according to OnTheMarket data (OTM is one of the top 3 UK property portals alongside Rightmove and Zoopla).

If you are accepted, we will provide access to: 

  • Our conveyancing, with the highest success rate in the UK.
  • Our upfront Sale Ready Pack
  • Our AML checks that we pay for your client and make available to you too - so you can pass your own AML obligations to get their transactions moved faster.
Do you want to register for free?

Complete the form below for AVRillo’s revolutionary Conveyancing / Sale Ready Pack / AML checks

*necessary fields to complete

Do you have 5 minutes to transform yours & your clients’ future? 

Call Alastair or Hazel on their mobile or click their name to book an appointment in their calendar.

Click to book with Alastair Maloney
National Accounts Director
tel: 07944920785

Click to book with Hazel Grayling
National Accounts Manager
tel: 07366598561

How we achieve an industry-record 95% success rate: 

Our conveyancing is fast and proactive, just like estate agents and clients need it to be, to get to completion. We get the pain points of moving. With 30 years in the industry, our two co-founders have not only been voted ‘Sunday Times Best Conveyancing Solicitors’ but also were estate agency owners.

Our expert conveyancers are proactive, fast, and, like you, only get paid commission if they complete. And they have to do it with excellent service too, or that commission gets taken away. Our approach to do conveyancing the estate agency way has won us over 70 industry awards.

1. We don’t hide!

We’ll pick up the phone to get things done, and we’ll give you bad news fast, not hide until the end, when it’s too late, just because we’re too scared to tell you.

2. We’ll find more cost-effective, practical alternatives

When we find the problems, we’ll look for practical, more cost-effective solutions rather than argue unnecessarily with the other side solicitors. It’s how we enable our clients to exchange in 8 weeks – not the 5 months elsewhere.

3. We look after cases as if they were our own.

We take our clients’ transactions personally as if they were our own properties. As an added incentive, just like you, our lawyers only get paid a commission if our client completes. Moreover, if our clients complain, our lawyer loses that commission.