Estate Agent Material Information Pack: Navigate Trading Standards with AVRillo Conveyancing

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Save thousands with our 95% success rate
compared to a 39.8%* failure rate nationally.

* according to OnTheMarket data (OTM is one of the top 3 UK property portals alongside Rightmove and Zoopla)

AVRillo revolutionises the estate agency and home buying/selling sector with an innovative Material Information disclosure pack for estate agents, doubling as a pre-offer, exchange-ready contract pack.    

Embracing Innovation for more certainty, less stress, more speed (8 months, to a few months), reduces risk (40% risk of not moving, to potentially just 5%) and the risk of unlimited fines, up to 2 imprisonments or lifetime bans for estate agents.   

This initiative boosts transparency, speed, and certainty, reducing stress and emotional turmoil for UK property buyers and sellers, as indicated by GP reports. Agents can now sidestep potential legal repercussions, including imprisonment, lifetime bans, and unlimited fines, by adhering to the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations (CPR), as interpreted in Parts A, B, and C of Trading Standards’ guide published on 30/11/2023. Discover the impact on agents, sellers, and buyers on AVRillo’s dedicated page. 

Estate Agent Material Information



AVRillo, an innovation and Gold winner in the UK conveyancing market, has significantly advanced the estate agency and home moving process. By enhancing the disclosure speed and estate agents’ Material Information obligations, this move redefines transaction transparency and efficiency, aiming to reduce completion times dramatically. The proper application ensures most legal work is accomplished within the 103-day average for receiving an accepted offer. 

Estate Agent Material InformationMaterial Information’s role is crucial, governed by the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations, known as the CPR. This legislation mandates that no property can be advertised or listed without complete disclosure of all Material Information, ensuring buyers make informed decisions on viewing, offering, or purchasing properties. 

Recognising the urgent need for compliance with Material Information law and the sellers’ duty to provide it, AVRillo developed a comprehensive Material Information Pack. This pack aids estate agents in disclosing essential information from the start, aligning with requirements from the Law Society, Council of Mortgage Lenders, Propertymark, the government, and National Trading Standards. It propels the conveyancing process toward greater efficiency, reliability, and significantly reduces the fall-through rate in UK sales and purchases from 39.8% to as low as 5%. 

Emotional distress during or after moving  

A recent national Moverly survey highlights that 83% of buyers and sellers experience stress-related issues during or after moving, with a staggering 39.8% failing to move altogether—resulting in thousands of pounds in lost costs. Out of the 83%, 72% see conveyancing and moving as one of the top five most stressful events in their life, and 11% see this as the top stressful event, ahead of death, divorce, and health issues.  

Estate Agent Material Information

The material information pack is set to positively transform the estate agency and moving industry, offering estate agents and clients a streamlined process that minimises delays, increased transparency to the buyer, and reduces their risk of up to 2 years of imprisonment, unlimited fines, and lifetime 

For clients, early access to Material Information guarantees a transaction marked by transparency, certainty, and trust, allowing for informed decisions much earlier in the process. Ultimately, this innovation aims to reduce stress, costs, and time associated with transactions. 

Take a look at our Material Information Pack, accessible on our dedicated page, https://avrillo.co.uk/material-information-pack/ showcases mitigating wasted costs, delays, fall throughs by award-winning digital and scientific advancements by emphasising clear and accessible Material Information required by the government, natural, trading standards, and other bodies, 



AVRillo’s introduction of the Material Information Pack, in compliance with Parts A, B, and C of Trading Standards, represents a significant leap forward for the UK estate industry. By prioritising clarity and accessibility of estate agent Material Information, this initiative benefits all parties involved in property transactions—sellers, buyers, and especially estate agents—offering a transparent and efficient service, reducing the time it takes for Property to go on the market, currently at 103 days according to on the market. Also, reduce the time from offer accepted to completion of 5 to 6 months, down to as low as 40 days, nearer to the Scandinavian, Norwegian and Swedish timescales  

For estate agents and their clients looking to navigate the complexities of property transactions with confidence, visit AVRillo’s dedicated Material Information Pack page for more details AVRillo’s dedicated page. 

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