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Dealing with the land registry, drawing up contracts, and transferring the cash during the property transfer in Winchester is not easy. As an individual moving to Winchester, you must know that the UK laws are strict to the extent that can invite penalties and cancellation of the deal, or fraud due to mistakes in the process.

AVRillo has a team of accredited and experienced conveyancing lawyers working with a mission to help you with every step of your moving house journey. We are the award winners in saving you time, money, and stress on your move to Winchester.

Residential Conveyancing Services in Winchester - We Make Your Move Cheaper, Safer And, More Secure!

Following are the reasons why AVRillo’s conveyancing services are the best when moving to Winchester:
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    Free trial for 30 days and money-refund policyWe highly consider your comfort when you are with us. Hence, we allow you a total of 30 days to know more about our services, discuss their case, and decide if we are fit to take up your transfer case. It means we do not charge you at all before or immediately after your case.

    When you are fully satisfied with your experience within the given time span, you can continue with us. If you are not impressed by our services, we will refund your money. Moreover, all services delivered during the inquiry period will be free. You don’t encounter any risk since you will not make any payment.
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    A wealth of knowledge about the UK’s real estate marketAVRillo has a panel of conveyancing lawyers who have processed the property transfer in most of the regions in the UK. Therefore, when you contact us for our services in Portsmouth, we allot you the solicitor specialized in property transfer cases in that particular area. Our licensed solicitors have successfully transferred several properties in Portsmouth. AVRillo has won several awards in seamlessly handling clients’ conveyancing needs, emerging as a leader in the conveyancing market.
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    Zero upfrontWe do not charge any money in advance, even if there are several conveyancing service providers in the market who charge upfront. When you start with us, we offer you relief in the beginning so that you get enough room to get comfortable. Also, when you seek our services, we pick up your case immediately and begin working on it without asking you to pay anything.
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    Faster and seamless property transferOur licensed conveyancing solicitors are exceptionally well at accomplishing property transfer cases in Winchester. Therefore, you have your transfer processed faster without any trouble with our Winchester team. Usually, we take two months to complete a normal transaction, which is faster than the average time taken to purchase a property for the first time.
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    Cheaper yet high-quality serviceWe quote our pricing based on the list of expenses we encountered throughout the transfer process. Our pricing structure includes every single expense. Hence, you have a clear understanding of why we are charging a certain amount as a fee. Besides, we keep our pricing super affordable for every individual.

    Our success record in the UK has been exceptionally good in Winchester. In the last few years, AVRillo has been awarded many times and recognised as a leader in the conveyancing market.
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    Confidential data protectionFor AVRillo, the safety and security of ownership documents is a top priority. For several years we have been handling these sensitive documents and information and have been successfully keeping them safe. We follow the best security guidelines to keep our systems secure.

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Winchester Conveyancing Services: FAQs

What are the common registration searches?

Common registration search is used to cross-check if the land purchased is classed as ‘common land’ as per the act called Commons Registration Act 1965. You would need the search if the property is situated in rural areas, near a village green or village common. It is mostly done in rural areas by a legal company or via search companies.

The common registration search tells you about the rights of the local community over the land you are purchasing. The local community may have the right to use it as a footpath, grazing, or to run a local fete.

What are Land registry pre-completion searches?

Land registry pre-completion searches comprises of the following searches:

  • Land Charges Search 
  • Bankruptcy Search
  • Official Search of Part with Priority 
  • Official Search of Whole or Part without Priority 
  • Official Search of Whole with Priority 

Land registry pre-completion searches are done after the exchange of contracts, but before the completion to ensure that everything is exactly as before the contract exchange regarding the property or your ability to buy the property.

Are there any constraints of searches?

Yes, searches may not pick up everything. Here is the list of what it would not cover:

  • The change in the planning permission of the area may affect the property after your searches are made.
  • The planning permission might be applied, but is not yet.
  • The living experience in the property during rush hour of day and night.
  • The condition of the area of where the property is located in different seasons, such as in the rainy season which increases the chance of flooding.

What would I need to pay as a seller?

If you bought the property with a mortgage, you will need to pay off the remainder of your mortgage, before you sell it. You would have to consult with your lender or broker to find out how much you owe. It includes possible penalties for early repayment.

Other than that, you may also need to pay for the following when selling your property:

  • Outstanding debts secured against the property in addition to the mortgage.
  • Real estate agent fees.
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) fees (if the property is not exempt or has a valid certificate)
  • Legal fees.
  • Land registry fees
  • Removal costs.
  • Capital gains tax, in case the property is not your primary home or includes a lot of land.
  • Cost for essential home repairs or improvements.

Can I complete the property transfer in six weeks?

We accomplish the transaction within two months. But there are various unique situations and factors that impact the purchase of the property. Most of the time delays occur due to the excess time taken in the transfer of money, late signing and returning of legal documents, and providing incorrect information in the forms. We advise looking at the matters above to make the process faster. We also check every aspect to avoid delays.

What is next after the completion stage?

After the completion stage, your job as a buyer or seller is complete. However, we have some paperwork to deal with. We need to make sure that the Land Registry records are updated to display the new owner, all old mortgages are paid off and removed from the Land Registry, and if any fresh mortgage is registered at the Land Registry. Once all these tasks are completed, we will update you.

How is conveyancing in Winchester processed?

There are three basic conveyancing stages followed in Winchester:

  • Offer and acceptance of the property price 
  • Exchange of contracts among the parties
  • Completion 

Once both the parties – buyer and seller of a property agree on the specific price of the property, they enter into a contract. 

Both parties are allowed to back out of the transaction as long as they are in this first stage since it is not legally binding yet. When either of the parties decides to do so, none of them can incur any financial penalty. 

The party buying the property is free to work with their lawyer and perform property checks. These checks may include:

  • Conveyancing property search by the conveyancing lawyer, such as the local authority search.
  • Independent survey of the property by the buyer, without engaging the solicitors.
  • Reviewing the property information by the conveyancing lawyers, provided by the seller.

After satisfying property checks, the buyer and the seller agree to sign and exchange the contracts. Once both parties sign the contracts, the transaction becomes legal binding to both parties. At this stage of any party that decides to pull out, may face a financial penalty.

When the transaction reaches the completion stage, the deal is considered official now. In this stage, the lawyer submits the property deed to the HM Land Registry, and the seller surrenders or leaves the property.

What are the common reasons for the delay?

We strictly follow the target of completing the transaction within two months and for this, we follow up with other conveyancers and third parties who are holding things up. Yet, there are a few unexpected circumstances that become the cause of the delay. Some of the common causes of delay are listed below:

  • Mortgage applications, taking much longer to process than usual, probably because a reference that the lender requires from a third party is not immediately available, or because the mortgage lender is unusually occupied.
  • A single delay at any point in the chain will delay every other process.
  • The mortgage company comes up with unforeseen conditions.
  • Any member in the chain doesn’t want to process it as quickly as the others.
  • Searches or inquiries reveal something not anticipated before.

Can I get a full breakdown of both the fixed and variable conveyancing fees?

Yes, we do provide a full breakdown of the conveyancing charges right at the beginning. We have a range of conveyancing services available at a flexible price. But, our quote for conveyancing is fixed, which is clearly mentioned at the very beginning of the transaction. 

What identity proof would I need?

For identity proof, you would need anyone from the following:

  • A valid passport
  • A valid driving license

What address proof would I need?

For address proof, you would need anyone from the following from the past three months:

  • Utility bills
  • Council tax bills
  • Bank statements
  • Mortgage offer letter (if you are using a mortgage to finance the property you are buying)

What if I am not a resident of the UK?

In case you are not a resident of the UK, we will ask for two forms of proof of address and one proof of identity, certified by a Notary Public bearing the notarised seal.

After receiving your identification, our solicitor will obtain electronic verification using the ID documents provided. If we couldn’t obtain a satisfactory result, we will contact you for other proof.