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Looking for the best conveyancing solicitors in Surrey and the greater UK? We are an award-winning solicitor with many years of experience in the national and local markets. You can count on us for the most reliable, affordable, and fast conveyancing services. We make it easy to buy and sell a new home in Surrey. Whether you plan to purchase land or gift your child some property, AVRillo is here to hold your hand and make the walk easy for you.
  • No upfront costs required You don’t have to pay upfront when you seek our conveyancing services in Surrey. AVRillo has a team of qualified conveyancing solicitors who are ever-ready to take on your project and deliver the best results. When you make that call, we start the completion process by processing the necessary documents as we wait for you to make the payment. Our goal as a company is to give you the best services without giving money a top priority.
  • Money-back guarantee Sure, there is no other conveyancing solicitor in the UK that values your happiness like AVRillo. When you reach out to our services, we give you a 30-days money-back guarantee. It means you have a month to opt-in for our services or walk away. If you are not satisfied, we refund you, and you hold back all the services we have rendered.
  • Proven track record We have been in the national and local market for over a decade. Our team of conveyancers has many years of combined experience, and we seek to exploit our expertise in offering conveyancing services to our esteemed clients. Since our establishment, we have won more than 60 awards in the country. We were voted the Estate Agency of 2016, putting our face on the map for the most promising conveyancing solicitors in the UK. We not only promise you results but deliver in time. AVRillo has served over 40000 happy clients and is still counting.
  • Transparency in communication The conveyancing process should be kept confidential and transparent because it involves the exchange of property and high-value documents. That is why we have protected our system with the proper malware protection to safeguard all the information you share with us when you contact us. We have also encrypted all the emails you send us. This makes our online conveyancing services reliable, safe, and efficient for most people.

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Conveyancing Services in Surrey: FAQs

Who is a conveyancer?

A conveyancer is a specialist lawyer with experience in handling the legal aspects of buying and selling property. In most cases, only a qualified and licensed attorney can act as a conveyancer in Surrey.

Who chooses a conveyancer when selling a property?

Both parties involved in the property exchange take part in choosing the conveyancer. However, the seller will choose who the conveyancer will be when selling their property in most cases.

How long does the conveyancing process take in Surrey?

How long the conveyancing process takes will depend on several factors, including:

  • The efficiency of the conveyancing solicitor you hire
  • The type of property in exchange
  • The pre-existing property conditions

Other tasks will eventually delay the conveyancing process when selling or buying property. Some of these tasks include land surveying, mortgage application, and other processes. A pre-existing legal issue in purchasing the property and title deed is another factor that can delay the property transaction.

How long does each stage of conveyancing take?

How long each stage of conveyancing takes will depend on factors like the property’s location, how busy the solicitor is, whom you are dealing with, and the type of property you are buying or selling. Here is a breakdown of the time each stage will take:

  • Arranging mortgage – 4 weeks
  • Drafting the contract – 2-10 weeks
  • Exchange and completion stage – 1 week

On average, it takes between 12-16 weeks to complete the conveyancing process in Surrey.

Why is your solicitor taking too long to complete the exchange of property?

Your solicitor is likely to take longer to complete the conveyancing process if they have too many clients on the list. Some solicitors may not be that smart or good in their job – which means they will take longer processing documents to draft the contract and initiate all the transactions.

How do you speed up the conveyancing process?

If you want to speed up the conveyancing process, you should:

  • Instruct your conveyancer early enough to help you get to your new home faster.
  • Only hire conveyancing lawyers with years of experience in your local and national market
  • Communicate with your conveyancer well and on time
  • Sort out all the required documents for exchange early

Why should I consider online conveyancing services?

The only reason you should consider online conveyancing services from AVRillo is that it is safe, reliable, and affordable. They have a team of qualified solicitors or conveyancers that will help you buy and sell the property right in the comfort of your couch. 

Online conveyancing is faster than the traditional way, which saves you time and money in the end. All conveyancing processes are done online, including money transfer, review of documents, and status updates.

How much does online conveyancing cost in Surrey?

The actual cost of conveyancing services in Surrey depends on the type of property you are buying, the nature of the transaction involved, and the rate your solicitor charges. 

Most solicitors will charge a fixed rate for conveyancing services while others charge per hour price. You want to confirm with your conveyancer how much you will pay for the services.

When should I reach out to a conveyancer?

If you reside in Surrey, you should reach out to a conveyancer when you need help with:

  • Buying and selling new home
  • Buying and selling land
  • Remortgaging
  • Property leasing and freehold
  • Buying and selling of leasehold property
  • Equity release
  • Extension of lease
  • Commercial conveyancing
  • Collective enfranchisement
  •  Transfer of equity

There are many reasons you should hire a conveyancer when selling or buying property in the UK. First, you want to ensure the property you are buying is legit and there are no underlying issues that may arise once you transact. 

Secondly, hiring a conveyancing solicitor makes your work easier. You don’t have to move around filling completion forms and searching and checking the property you want to buy.

AVRillo sits on the same panel with most of the lenders in the UK. Therefore, when you buy a property on a mortgage, you can be certain it will go through. We support your conveyancing whether you are using the local building society or the national firm.

Who should be liable to pay the transfer costs in any property transaction?

The buyer of the property should pay the transfer costs to the conveyancer, and this amount should be inclusive of the Stamp Duty fee. The buyer also pays the bond registrations incurred in the process.

What are the stages of conveyancing in the UK?

The conveyancing process in the UK involves three main stages that you should beware of. These stages are:

  • Acceptance of offer
  • Parties exchanging contracts
  • Completion

The buyer and seller of the property should agree to enter into a contract before doing any transactions. At the initial stages of the contract, the transactions involved are not legally binding. It means either party can opt out of the contract and receive no financial penalty.

What are the checks involved when buying a property?

Once the buyer and seller agree to have a contract, the buyer instructs their solicitors to conduct all property searches. Some of the checks and searches on the property include:

  • An independent survey done by the buyer on the property
  • Review of the property information the seller provides. The conveyancer at this stage makes all the necessary inquiries about the property the buyer may be interested in knowing.
  • Conducting local authority searches and other conveyancing property searches relating to the property.

When is a transaction legally binding in the conveyancing process?

A transaction is said to be legally binding once it reaches the completion stage. When both the seller and the buyer are satisfied with their checks and searches, they can now sign a contract. Henceforth, the transaction is now considered legally binding to both parties and pulling out can attract a financial penalty. A Certificate of Title is transferred to the HM Land Registry, and the seller surrenders the property to the buyer.

How long is the conveyancing process in Surrey?

It takes between 12-14 weeks to reach the completion stage of conveyancing if there are no serious hurdles involved in the process. You start counting from the date you instruct the conveyancer. In case of delays in the process, your solicitor will likely inform you of what you should do.

What are the searches likely to delay the conveyancing process?

If your conveyancer wants to ensure there are no underlying issues in the property you want to purchase, they will likely conduct some checks and searches on the property. Some of the searches include:

  • Local authority search – this search is done to find out issues like pollution, planning, highway, and many other related issues.
  • Environmental searches – this is a search done to check issues such as flooding and land contamination.
  • Water and drainage searches – this search is done by your conveyancer to check issues to do with water and drainage in the area.

Do I need building insurance when buying a home?

If you buy a building on the mortgage, your lender will ask you to take insurance. Therefore, you should arrange early enough to have the property insured. You can save some money if you make your insurance arrangements. 

You have to start the insurance process from the exchange of contracts. You can check for more information with the AVRillo customer care team.

What happens on the completion of the purchase?

Your conveyancer sends you a completion statement before the completion of your purchase. Also, to ensure the full availability of funds for the completion process, you should send the full amount to your solicitor a few days before the completion date. A buyer should ensure they have paid the solicitors fee and the purchase price balance in time.

The buyer’s solicitors will transfer enough money to the sellers’ solicitor to buy the property on the completion day. The buyer’s solicitor receives all the relevant documents for the property, including legal transfer documents, in exchange for the money. The seller’s solicitor instructs the estate agents to hand over the property to the buyers.

Can you assist with legal property matters?

AVRillo has a qualified team of lawyers who are always ready to provide conveyancing services to all our clients. Our lawyers are legally permitted to offer legal advice to property buyers and sellers in Surrey. If a legal property case arises, our team of qualified lawyers will advise you on the best possible action you should take.

Do you offer commercial and business conveyancing?

Yes, we offer commercial and business conveyancing to our esteemed clients. Our services include business and commercial transactions. We have a team of lawyers qualified in property and business law. We also back our services with many years of industrial experience and knowledge.

What are some of the questions I should ask my conveyancer?

When reaching out to a conveyancer in Surrey, you should have a list of questions ready to ask them. Some of the questions you ask your conveyancer should revolve around:

  • The costs of their services
  • Who will handle the case
  • What kind of cases the solicitor has dealt with before, and 
  • What communication channel they use. 

You should also find out if the conveyancer is registered and approved by your mortgage lender and the relevant authorities in Surrey to buy property on a mortgage.