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Conveyancing Process in Rutland: FAQs

What do I get when I hire online conveyancing services?

What makes online conveyancing unique and outstanding is the ability to provide unique services right in the comfort of your home. With a success rate of 95% in the country, you can be certain that your move will occur within the scheduled time. 

Reduce paperwork and the number of meetings you have with your property lawyer by simply engaging with them online as you continue your busy routine. Online conveyancing saves you time, money and keeps your privacy. You don’t want to worry about completion at the right time when you hire an online conveyancer for the move.

What services does online conveyancer offer in Rutland?

When you reach out for online conveyancing in Rutland, you get all the needed legal services like:

  • Transferring equity 
  • Buying and selling land 
  • Buying or selling a new home
  • Remortgaging
  • Gifting property 
  • Extending lease

The list of services you get when you contact AVRillo does not end here. You can contact our customer care team for more information. We listen to your issues and give legal advice when you plan to buy or sell any property in the UK.

How much do I pay when conveyancing in Rutland?

How much money you pay when conveyancing in Rutland will depend on many factors like:

  • The value of the property you are buying: High-value property attracts a high Stamp Duty fee and deposit 
  • Your property lawyer: If you hire a high street property lawyer, you should expect to pay more for their services. Always ask your lawyer for their quotation first before you instruct them.

How long is the conveyancing time when buying property in the UK?

How long it takes to move in Rutland will depend on the type of party you are buying and the kind of conveyancer you are using. For instance, if the property you are buying needs many searches and checks before you can instruct your lawyer to draft a contract, it is more likely to take time. If you buy or sell a leasehold property, that is also likely to take more time to complete. 

The average time for conveyancing in the UK if you buy property for the first time is approximately 5 months. At AVRillo, we make the conveyancing process easy for you by saving you time. We promise to help you complete it in just 2 months.

How much do I need to pay as a deposit when I exchange?

The set deposit amount should be at least 10% of the property purchase price when you exchange in the UK. However, you can negotiate this rate with the property seller. 

You should consult your property lawyer if there are any other options to cut the deposit when you exchange.

Can I let the property?

If you are buying a house on a mortgage, you should seek the lender’s consent before letting the property. Check all the terms of the lease if you own a leasehold property. This way, you can find out if the property you own is permitted for letting. 

Can a conveyancer act for both the buyer and seller of the property

No, this is not possible in the UK. There is a Code of Conduct that guides all conveyancers and property owners. It means that conveyancers cannot act for both buyers and sellers to avoid conflict of interest. An example is an issue with a Title Deed that may force the buyer of the property to withdraw. The property lawyer has to inform the buyer and the seller, which can often result in a conflict of interest. 

What is the right time to instruct a solicitor?

The right time to instruct your property lawyer is when you have decided to sell or buy a property in Rutland. The sooner you instruct your lawyer, the higher your chances of reducing the conveyancing time. Speak to your property lawyer before you can put your leasehold property on the market. Also, if you are buying a property in the UK, you should contact your property lawyer before you make an offer to the buyer. 

When should I apply for a mortgage?

When you plan to buy any property, you should view and ask how much it will cost before you can tell how much you will afford. Various mortgages in the market come at different rates. You want to confirm if the mortgage you are going for is the right one for you.  

You can work with a mortgage broker to determine which mortgage offer is the best in the market before you make up your mind. It is also possible to find a mortgage in principle before you can buy any property.

Can I stay in a property after completion?

No, you cannot stay in a property after completion. According to most contracts, a property seller should move out or vacate the property with all their belongings and furniture on the completion date. The property buyer can sue you for breach of contract if you don’t vacate on the date agreed. 

What is a contract chase?

A contract chase is where the seller of a property offers the property to more than one buyer on the basis that the first person to exchange the contract gets to buy the property. Contract chase is legal in the UK. 

However, if you are selling your property on a contract chase, you should inform all the buyers that the contract was issued to more than one person. You cannot claim any lost expenses from a seller if you lose out on a contract chase. 

When do you pay for the agent's fees?

You are supposed to pay an agent as soon as you are interested in the property, and you agree to exchange. If an agent introduces a buyer who exchanges contracts to purchase the house, the agent is liable for payment. 

The agent gets his share on completion date from the net proceeds of the sale of a property. In most cases, the seller or buyer’s solicitor will settle the fees on their behalf. 

Why is my conveyancer asking for proof of identification?

Proof of ID is necessary for any person buying or selling property in the UK. This is because all property lawyers are required by law to check the real identity of their clients and protect themselves against fraud and money laundering.

When do I collect the title deed to my property?

Today there are electronic title deeds that the Land Registry holds in the UK. However, you still need some supporting documents that you will keep safe because they are required when you sell your property the next time. 

How much will I pay as Stamp Duty?

How much money you pay as Stamp Duty depends on the value of the property you are buying. For instance, if you buy a property worth £1.5 million in transfer value and above, you are likely to pay 12% as stamp duty. All property with transfer value or lease premium of less than £125,000 does not attract any stamp duty fee.

Why should I go for a survey when buying a property?

You should go for a survey or check if you are buying or selling property in the UK. When buying land or a flat in Rutland, you want to carry out a private survey to find out if any underlying issues can affect you in the future. 

Before buying the property, you should also conduct the environmental search, local search, water, and drainage search. Ask your conveyancer to suggest a surveyor you can hire to conduct an independent survey of the property. 

Once I have moved in, do I have a comeback on my seller?

No. You cannot come back to your seller once you have moved into the property. Therefore, before you can commit to exchanging the contract and sign accordingly, you want to confirm that everything in the property you are buying is in order. 

For the case of a house, you should check that the appliances and other systems are working properly before you sign or exchange the contract. 

You may be entitled to compensation if the property you are buying is damaged in any way and you raise this issue on time. If sellers leave any furniture or rubbish behind on the completion date, they are is said to be in breach of contract because they have failed to give a vacant possession as agreed.