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Best Conveyancing Solicitors in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England

Getting the best conveyancing services in the UK should not be that difficult if you have AVRillo by your side. AVRillo has been offering conveyancing services in Royal Tunbridge Wells for many years now and has built an excellent reputation in the industry for exemplary services.

Working with a team you can trust means a lot when you buy property in Royal Tunbridge Wells for the first time. Here are some reasons you should consider hiring AVRillo conveyancers in the UK if you want to speed up conveyancing and move your property in the shortest time possible.
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    Communication AVRillo keeps you updated with all the issues relating to your conveyancing in Royal Tunbridge Wells. We have employed experienced and friendly customer care that listens and takes care of all your inquiries on time. You can reach out to our team round the clock.

    We communicate with you through emails, messages, live chats, and phone calls. We keep you on notice and updated on the progress with your move. You can request a free online quotation for our conveyancing services.
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    No upfront costs We are here to make your move fast and easy. We have a team that is dedicated to making your move less stressful. We don’t ask for any upfront costs when you hire our services. Once we have assigned you a property lawyer to handle your case, we start the conveyancing process immediately.
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    Speed We are up to speed and promise to complete your move in less than 2 months. Ideally, the average moving time in the UK is about 5 months. We apply the simplest methodology in the provision of our services to save you time when moving.
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    Money-back guarantee If you plan to buy or sell property in the UK, you can count on AVRillo for the most affordable conveyancing services. Besides lowering the cost of moving your property, we also promise you a 30-days money-back guarantee.

    It means if you are not satisfied with our services within this period, you can ask for a refund of your money. You keep all the services we have offered you, and we refund you all the money. AVRillo is more concerned about your happiness when buying property in the UK.
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    Proven track record You want to complete your move to the UK by working with the best team around. Here are some stats that prove we are the best team to hire for your conveyancing in the UK.

    -We have won over 60 awards since our establishment
    -The Sunday Times trust our services for being unique, simple, and affordable
    -We have handled over £7 billion worth of deals in the UK
    -Our team can move your property in just 2 months, way below the national average of 5 months
    -We have a success rate of 95% for all projects we have handled. It means when you hire our conveyancing services, you are more likely to succeed.

Our Royal Tunbridge Wells conveyancing solicitors have won more awards in a year than most lawyers win in a lifetime.

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Conveyancing in Royal Tunbridge Wells: FAQs

Why should I contact a conveyancer when buying property in Royal Tunbridge Wells?

If you are buying or selling property in Royal Tunbridge Wells for the first time, you should hire a licensed conveyancer to hold your hand in the process. Working with a conveyancer means you will be more equipped and informed of any underlying issues that need yours at tension. 

A conveyancer does all the checks and searches on your behalf, fills out the Stamp Duty tax form for you, and drafts a contract that leads to buying the property.

Need immediate assistance? Contact AVRillo property conveyancing solicitors in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Also, if you are not conversant with the clauses in the purchase contract, your conveyancer will interpret everything for you. 

How long will it take my conveyancer to move property in Royal Tunbridge Wells?

It takes between 8-12 weeks to move property in Royal Tunbridge Wells. However, how long it takes will depend on how fast your conveyancer does all the local searches and checks on the property. 

Your conveyancer should also have enough experience to speed up the moving. When you hire an experienced property lawyer, you can be confident of moving your land or house in a record time of two months.

What should I do to speed up the conveyancing process?

If you feel like your conveyancer is taking ages to complete your move, you have the right to ask them to speed up. You can also do the following if you want to speed up the move:

  • Start the conveyancing legal process as soon as you make up your mind that you want to buy or sell property 
  • If you are selling a flat or house, you should apply for a leasehold management information pack
  • Prepare yourself for price negotiations if you are buying property 
  • Choose the right time of the year to sell your property 
  • Choose your buyer wisely 

Who is the right buyer for my land or home?

The right buyer for your property in the UK is someone who can complete faster. When choosing a buyer for your property, you don’t want to go for one with the highest price offer. Choose a buyer who can complete the offer as fast as possible. Find a buyer who is paying in cash to speed up the process. 

Why is a DIP important when buying a property?

If you are buying property in the UK for the first time, a Decision in Principle (DIP) is very important. DIP is also known as Mortgage Promise or Agreement in Principle. DIP will do the following:

  • Tell you how much you can afford to pay for the property 
  • Get the credit and affordability checks 
  • Confirm if the lender is willing to lend you 
  • Provide you with a certificate that can help support your offer to the buyer
  • It puts your offer to the seller in a more light and positive way 

How do I choose my property lawyer in Royal Tunbridge Wells?

If you plan to buy a property in the UK, you want to ensure the lawyer you are working with has the right qualification to take on the job. In the conveyancing industry, there is a different service level. There is stiff competition between traditional conveyancing services and online conveyors. 

Fortunately, none of these options in the industry may be better than the other. The most important thing is finding out if the property lawyer you choose to work with has a proactive approach to ensure you swift and easy sale and purchase. 

The conveyancer should be fast enough to offer a quote of how much they charge. They should be able to communicate effectively and on time on the progress of your conveyancing. Additionally, the conveyancer should be fast during the pre-instruction time. 

You want to know if the property lawyer you hire can work under pressure and speed up your conveyancing process. Ask your property lawyer about their track record, success rate, and customer testimonials to prove their quality services. 

What next after contacting my property lawyer in Royal Tunbridge Wells?

Once you have contacted your property lawyer and you’ve made them aware of your intentions, you should proceed with the following:

  • Ask your conveyancer to email you their welcome pack soonest
  • Complete all the forms and ID as soon as possible and share them with the lawyer
  • Contact the estate agent and share the conveyancer’s details with them
  • Tell your solicitor if you have any questions or concerns 
  • Ask your property lawyer if there is anything they will need before you can proceed with the conveyancing 
  • Tell your solicitor if you are getting financial help from your family to buy the property so that they can draft a Gifted Deposit document for the lender 
  • Ask your lender, if the valuation survey can be fast-tracked 

What is the difference between exchange and completion?

A completion date is when you agree with the property seller that you will be moving in and vacating your old property. The completion date is normally written on the contract. If the seller does not vacate or honor this date, you can sue them for breach of contract. Exchange is where the buyer and seller of a property agree to commit to the transaction by signing a contract. 

When should you apply for a mortgage?

Before you plan to review a property in the UK, you should do some initial search and checks. This way, you will choose a mortgage that suits you based on the property you are buying. You can get a mortgage from most lenders in principle before you can choose a property you want to purchase.

What tells me that the property I bought is now mine?

You can only tell if the property belongs to you once you’ve come to a binding agreement and signed a contract. With a contract, no party can pull out of the agreement because this can attract a penalty. 

What is gazumping?

Gazumping is where a property seller accepts a higher offer before they agree to sign a contract with a buyer. A lock-out agreement is one of the tools you can use to stop a seller from gazumping. 

What is a local search?

A local search is where you confirm the status of the property you are buying from the local council. This is a set of standards that your property lawyer raises with the local council. This search relates to the property you are buying and is more likely to develop or extend neighboring land or property. 

The local council will charge a fee that you should pay once the search is complete. Your property lawyer will collect the fee from you and pay the council once they search the property.

What is a stamp duty fee?

Stamp duty is a type of tax that the government levies if you buy land, flats, and other types of instruments. How much you pay as a stamp duty tax depends on the property you are buying. If you are buying property below £125,000, you are not likely to pay stamp duty. 

When buying property exceeding 1.5 million, you pay a 12% stamp duty fee. You can ask your property lawyer to help you calculate how much you will pay as stamp duty tax when you’re buying property for the first time. 

For more help contact AVRillo conveyancing solicitors in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Is it possible to sell my property online?

Yes, you can sell your property online and right in the comfort of your home. You have to visit your local conveyancer website and instruct them to start the legal process. 

Note that once you instruct your property lawyer to sell your property online, you will have to pay them some agent fee even when they don’t sell the property eventually. You want to check with your estate agent what rates they are charging for their conveyancing services and how much you are able and willing to pay.

Do I need a survey when buying property in Royal Tunbridge Wells

If you buy property in the UK through a mortgage, you will have to conduct a valuation and survey. The lender will ask for property valuation and not a survey. This is to the lender’s benefit. It is important to conduct a private survey of the property before signing a contract with a seller.

Must I pay the 10% deposit when I exchange the contract?

It is not always a must that you pay the 10% deposit when you exchange. You can always agree with the property seller on a lower deposit amount. The contract will always require that you pay 10% of the purchase price as a deposit. Negotiate with your seller on a lower deposit and pay. You can also seek advice from your property lawyer on how to minimize the deposit.