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Welcome to AVRillo, one of the best estate agencies and conveyancers you can hire when exchanging property in the UK. We have been in the industry for many years now, and we look forward to making it easy for you to exchange property in the UK. Our team of property lawyers is always ready to handle your conveyancing and put a smile on your face.

We adopt the simplest methodology that helps us in completing all transactions in the shortest time possible. Here is why you should look forward to working with AVRillo when buying property in Romsey, Hampshire, England and other parts of the UK.
  • Effective communication When you reach out to a conveyancer in Romsey, you want them to keep you updated with everything regarding conveyancing in your location. AVRillo has employed a customer care team that will listen when you make that call.

    We communicate with our clients through multiple platforms to keep them up to date with our progress. You can contact us through direct phone calls, emails, live chats, and messages.

    Additionally, once we assign you a conveyancer to work with you, we give you that chance to interact with them and establish a relationship that can help in speeding up the conveyancing process.
  • Collaboration At AVRillo, we work as a team on your project. Our staff is committed, and we put our mind on the task beyond the normal working time to ensure you move within the shortest time. We will get you on the phone and have everything sorted out right in the comfort of your couch.

    We understand the longer it takes to complete your move, the more likely you spend. Therefore, we collaborate with you to make your work easier and affordable.
  • A trusted conveyancer AVRillo is a conveyancer you can trust when moving your property to the UK. Trusted by The Sunday Times and over 40,000 happy clients, you can always count on us that your move will take place swiftly and fast. We get most clients through word-of-mouth referrals because of our commitment to quality service and customer care.
  • Speed is our targetIf you’re moving to the UK, you can trust us for speed and quality services. The UK average for moving property is five months. However, AVRillo promises to move your property in a record time of just two months. We put our expertise and experience to work and ensure you buy or sell your land and house in the shortest time. You can take advantage of our 95% success rate which is above the national average of 63%.
  • Money-back guarantee AVRillo values your satisfaction more than anything else. It means when you reach out for our services, we give you a 30-days money-back guarantee. We refund you all your money if you are not satisfied with our services within this period. You keep our services so far, we get to lose, and you walk out happy. AVRillo is committed to offering you the best conveyancing services in the UK.
  • No upfront costs are needed. At AVRillo, we don’t ask for any upfront payment before we begin working on your move. Once you contact us for conveyancing services, we assign you a conveyancer who will hold your hand throughout the move. We conduct all the initial checks and searches as you prepare to make your payments. This way, we can catch up with time and complete your move soonest.

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Conveyancing Lawyer in Romsey: FAQs

What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is a process that sees the transfer of property from the owner to the buyer. The conveyancing process may look simple, but there are many documents and formalities involved in the process. When buying property in Romsey, you should have a qualified property lawyer in your team to help you out with the work.

What questions should I ask my conveyancer?

When you reach out to a conveyancer for the first time, you want to find out if they have all it takes to move your property the legal way. Therefore, you should ask them the following questions:

  • How long have you been a conveyancer in Romsey?
  • Do you have the right qualifications for this job?
  • Do you have insurance protection?
  • Who was your last client?
  • How much does your conveyancing service cost?

At what point do you pay the conveyancing fees?

You are more likely to pay the conveyancing fees at the end of your transaction. This is the time at which the deposit will be transferred. You receive your conveyancing bill upon completion.

Do you provide online conveyancing services?

AVRillo offers online conveyancing in Romsey and other locations in the UK. If you are moving to any property in the UK, you can give us a call or send our team an email to get you sorted. With online conveyancing, you get to save a lot of time and money. We can promise to help you move in two months.

Why should I contact an online conveyancer in Romsey?

There are many reasons why you should go for online conveyancing. They are convenient, easy to reach when you have an issue, and more secure than your local conveyancer. For instance, when you contact AVRillo, they listen to you and start working on your move immediately to save you time. 

An online conveyancer will get all your paperwork done fast and save you time for regular meetings, as seen in traditional conveyancing.

When should I contact a licensed conveyancer in the UK

You should contact a licensed conveyancer when you need help with the following:

  • Buying or selling property like new home and land
  • Extending your lease contract
  • Transfer of equity
  • Remortgaging

How do I find the best conveyancer when moving property?

Your ideal property lawyer should have the right qualifications and experience to handle your move. It means you should find out if the conveyancer has attained the much-needed qualifications to become a licensed conveyancer in your location.

How long does the conveyancing process take?

It takes an average of 5 months to move property in the UK. However, this time will vary depending on how fast your conveyancer is and the type of property you are buying. It may take longer to complete if you are buying leasehold property in the UK. 

Therefore, you want to instruct your conveyancer on time to start processing all the needed documents to speed up the conveyancing process.

Who pays the conveyancing fees when buying a property?

If you’re buying property in the UK, you have to pay some costs whether you’re buying or selling property in the UK. Both buyer and seller have to pay for a conveyancer whether they are moving in or out. 

You still have to pay for other disbursement costs that may not be outlined in the conveyancers’ quotation. You want to confirm with your conveyancer how much money they are likely to charge you when moving.

How do I speed up the conveyancing process?

If you plan to buy or sell property in Romsey, England and you want to speed up the process, you should do the following:

  • Instruct your conveyancer as early as you can to help you move and get to your new home soonest
  • Try sorting all the documents you need to make a move early
  • Communicate well with your conveyancer
  • If any issues could arise, you should speed up the conveyancing process.
  • Buy or sell your property an auction
  • Complete everything as early as possible. You can ask your appointed conveyancer to send out all the initial documentation right away.

What does a conveyancer do for me when moving property?

You reach out to a conveyancer when you need help with all the legal and administrative work when buying property. You want to ensure the property you sell or buy is legally watertight to avoid any issues that may arise. Your conveyancer should do the following if you are buying property in the UK.

  • Get a copy of your mortgage offer
  • Carry out all the necessary checks and search on the property you are buying
  • Obtain a copy of the mortgage offer
  • Make the necessary arrangements for your deposit to be paid
  • Send your purchase funds to the seller’s solicitor
  • Exchange the contracts formally with the seller’s solicitor
  • Send the stamp duty to the HMRC
  • Register the property you want to buy to the Land Registry

How long do conveyancing searches take?

Ideally, the conveyancing process starts when you instruct your conveyancer or property lawyer and ends when you purchase or sell the property. The process takes around 8-12 weeks on average, depending on how fast your lawyer is. If you have everything ready, like the exchange documents, you can quickly go through the conveyancing process and save money.

How long the conveyancing search takes will depend on the backlog the Land Registry is facing. It is important to conduct property searches when buying property in the UK because it provides a chunk of information on the property and the land. These are their main searches and checks you should carry out when buying property in the UK.

  • Local authority checks
  • Environmental searches
  • Water and drainage searches

Your conveyancer is likely to carry out other searches like bankruptcy search, chancel repair search, title search, and land Registry priority search.

What does the conveyancing process look like in Romsey?

The conveyancing process in Romsey is not as different as in most locations in the country. The real conveyancing work involves three main stages listed below:

  • Making an offer
  • Both parties exchanging the contracts
  • Completion of the contract

Once the buyer and seller agree on all terms and prices for buying the property, they have to sign a mutually binding contract. Pulling out of the contract at this stage is not possible because it can attract a financial penalty.

It is important that a property buyer only agrees to enter into a contract with a property seller once all the checks on the property are done. Completion is only reached when the seller is paid for the property through their property lawyer or solicitor. The seller vacates the property, and the buyer moves in as greed on the contract.

What is a Stamp Duty, and can I fill it alone?

Stamp duty is a type of tax the central government charges if you buy property for the first time. When buying property in the UK, you have to fill out the stamp duty tax form. In most cases, the completion form comes with over 70 questions to fill out correctly.

Any incorrect answers on the form can attract a financial penalty from the authority. Therefore, you want to engage with your property lawyer when filling out the form. Ask your conveyancer to help you out with the process and avoid hefty penalties.

What causes delays when conveyancing in the UK?

Issues with your property can be the main cause of delays when buying property in the UK. Some of the issues can arise when there is a problem with survey results or some concerns raised by the searches.

If anything comes out that is a major concern when buying property in the UK, you should reach out to your conveyancer fast. Seek advice from the property lawyer and have the issue sorted out before you can sign the contract.