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AVRillo has a team of award-winning Conveyancing Solicitors in Romford. We are accredited by the Law Society to offer you the finest conveyancing services in Romford. Get an instant online conveyancing services quote. Property transactions have several potential pitfalls that if not treated professionally might put you in deep trouble. Whether you are selling or buying property in Romford, you would need a licensed conveyancing solicitor who can process the transfer legally.

At AVRillo, we make your property buying experience smoother, faster, and hassle-free. We have a team of licensed conveyancing solicitors who are experienced in the UK property transfer laws. We help you negotiate a better deal and question the solicitor of the dealing party to get you a fair property. Our conveyancing solicitors in Romford, East London hold several years of experience in handling multiple cases of property transfer smoothly, safely, and securely, that too at a cheaper price.

AVRillo Conveyancing Solicitors in Romford

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    Free consultation and guaranteed payback for conveyancing services in RomfordYour satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Hence, when it is about delivering quality conveyancing services, we provide you with enough time to judge and decide if we are the right fit for you. We offer a 30 days long trial period at no cost.

    Within this period, you can consult your case with us and ask any questions related to our services. One of our conveyancing solicitors will take up your case, discuss your concerns, and clear any of your doubts. If our services fail to get your interest, you can discontinue our services and get your refund. We will pay back all your money, while you can keep our work for free that we did for you within the trial period.
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    Extensively informed about the current conveyancing solicitors market in RomfordAfter working for years not only in Romford area but within the whole country, our entire panel of licensed conveyancing solicitors in Southampton is now highly knowledgeable not only about local but also about the entire UK's real estate market. Hence, when you contact us for our conveyancing services in Romford, we can handle property transfer cases seamlessly in that particular area. For years, our licensed solicitors have been successfully processing several conveyancing cases in Romford. AVRillo’s award winning lawyers are known for seamlessly handling clients’ conveyancing needs.
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    No advance to begin the conveyancing processWe value our client’s comfort in the case first before they get engaged in making payments. This is the reason why we do not charge advance payment to our clients before starting their work.

    You literally don’t have to pay anything before you see the process of conveyancing services has begun. The moment you contact us to take up your case, we begin the conveyancing process immediately without keeping you waiting to make the payment first.
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    Faster property transfer without trouble only with AVRillo in RomfordWe have designed our conveyancing services as straightforward as possible for our clients in Romford. We focus to minimize legal jargon to the least so that you can accomplish your conveyancing transaction with minimal fuss and in minimum time. We finish a normal transaction within two months, which is faster than the average time taken to purchase a property for the first time.

    We do not put you at any risky or cumbersome task, especially reviewing the contract that needs one to be highly cautious about as not everyone is honest. If by any means a single point is missed out, you may attract the risk of getting defrauded. Hence, we suggest you get the best conveyancing services in Romford as we have a higher success rate than most of our competitors.
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    Cheaper price and the most reliable conveyancing service in RomfordMoving to Romford could be very costly if you approach a qualified licensed conveyancing solicitor, but not with us. Our excellent quality conveyancing service will cost you a lot cheaper. Plus, we make sure that all your money is worth the service we provide.

    We have a brilliant track record of successful conveyancing transactions in Romford throughout the year. So far, we have worked for thousands of satisfied clients not only in Romford area who dropped their testimonials here acknowledging our work. We were awarded many times by many institutions that prove our excellence in handling cases of buying and selling properties in Romford.
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    Confidential data protectionFor AVRillo, the safety and security of ownership documents are the top priorities. For several years we have been handling these sensitive documents and information and have been successfully keeping them safe. This is all because we update our system to protect your documents from malware and other possible online threats. Additionally, there is an IT team as a standby to handle any undesirable access. Also, when you have a conversation with one of our conveyancing solicitor, directly or over the phone, we ensure every single detail remains between you two only.

Conveyancing Solicitors for Romford

Romford is one of the largest administrative towns in East London. It is also one of the largest metropolitan centres that have been highlighted in the current London Plan. Historically, Romford was an administrative town or centre for the liberty of Havering. This town is 15m above sea level on gravel terrace. It has a continuous gentle rise in the eastern suburb towards the Harold Court and the Gidea Park. The top tourist attractions in this town include the green parks, the Romford Greyhound Stadium, and the Brookside Theatre. This town is one of the most peaceful places you can live when you come to the UK. Some of the best places and neighbourhoods in this town include Collier Row, Rise Park, and Rush Green. According to the Office for National Statistics, Romford has a population of 95,894. The average property price in this town is £359,971. Most of the houses in Romford are owned by households. Need immediate help? Call our conveyancing solicitors in Romford on tel:0208 370 3877
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Conveyancing Solicitors in Romford: FAQs

How would I know about the source of water supply in the property I am buying?

Your conveyancing solicitor in Romford, Essex will carry out a water authority search. It will find out the source of the water that is supplied to the property you are buying as well as if there are any public drains on the property. This is essential to know as it might affect any building work or an extension done in the future.

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How would I know if the property is genuine?

With land registry searches. Your conveyancer will do these searches to confirm that the property seller is the legal owner of the property you are buying. For this, they check the ‘title register’ and ‘title plan’ at the Land Registry. 

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What if my property is liable for the cost of repairs to a parish church?

A couple of decades ago, property owners rather than monasteries used to take the responsibility of repairing church chancels. After the law change in October 2013, the church must now establish and lodge liability with the Land Registry. However, in special cases, the church can still insist a property owner to take the liability to repair even if the liability has not been registered. You can either opt for a chancel repair search that costs only a few pounds or take out Chancel repair insurance, which typically costs around £30.

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How is the removal cost quoted?

There are a number of factors that determine removal quotes. They can be broken down below as follows:

  • Full or part house removal
  • Full or part home packing
  • Storage facilities
  • Dismantling plus assembling
  • Distance of travel
  • How many rooms do you have
  • Number of movers and packers required
  • Boxes and packaging materials
  • The layout of the property
  • Any stair involved
  • Moving from a high-rise with a lift

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Is there any right time to book removals?

Yes. It is advisable to book removals once you have exchanged contracts on either your sale or purchase or both. The reason is, there is no binding agreement between the seller/buyer to proceed with the transaction until contracts have been exchanged. In this scenario, either party can pull out, otherwise decide to change the moving date. For example, you may have agreed on a completion date with the other party, then the previously agreed dates may change at the last minute.

Can I expect the conveyancing process to be done in 2 weeks?

Typically, the duration of complete buying and selling of property is approximately 8 to 12 weeks. At times, it might take even more depending on the length of chain you’re in and the time of the year. Other than that, there can be unexpected surprises during the searches or inquiries. 

The time also goes into contacting and communicating with the conveyancer. Altogether, it can take up to 5 months from the time you contact your conveyancing service. 

Hence, there is no specific time for the conveyancing process. However, AVRillo takes an average of 2 months on property exchanges from the date you agree to proceed with your transaction process.

When will I know that my property is now sold completely?

On the completion day, when the remaining amount of the property purchased is handed over to you. Upon receiving the amount, you will leave the property and the buyer will get complete possession of the bought asset. The buyer usually collects the keys to the new property from the estate agents. The date of completion is decided on the day of contract exchange.

What happens in exchange for a contract and how is it carried out?

Contracts are almost always exchanged in a phone call. The conveyancer for the purchaser and the conveyancer for the vendor consults with their clients to decide a date and time to make a call for exchanging contracts. On the specified day, the parties exchange the contracts on phone through their conveyancers.

When they get in a call, both the conveyancers hold a copy of the contract signed by their respective clients. They confirm that they are both holding the right version of the contract. This is because most of the time the final or the original draft has some fine adjustments in the clause, terms, or conditions. Therefore, they discuss any minor amendments or correct typos.

After that, they decide a day of completion with mutual consent and the conveyancers confirm that the exchange has taken place. It is specifically mentioned in the contract. Then each of them sends their version to the other through the post. The buyer also pays the deposit, which is usually 10% of the property price.

What do I need to know about joint ownership while buying property?

You have to decide the type of ownership you want when you are buying, inheriting, or becoming a trustee of a property with someone else. You need to tell HM Land Registry about the choice of your ownership at the time of property registry.

The type of ownership you choose will affect your rights over your property or what you can do with the property if you had a broken relationship with a joint owner, or if one of the owners dies.

There are types of ownerships in joint tenancy:

  • Joint tenant
  • Tenants in common

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Who are beneficial joint tenants?

The ‘beneficial joint tenants’ are also called Joint tenants. It is the situation when two or more people are the owners of the same property. The owners of such property are called joint tenants where each has equal rights and responsibilities.

Under this ownership, you have the following rights:

  • Equal rights to the entire property.
  • The property automatically gets transferred to the other owners if you die.
  • You are not allowed to pass on your ownership of the property in your will.

What property rights do I get as Tenants in common?

Tenants in common provide the following rights over your property:

  • Own individual shares of the property
  • The property doesn’t automatically get transferred to the other owners if you die.
  • You are allowed to pass on your share of the property in your will.

Do joint tenants get equal rights?

When purchasing property, joint tenancy offers equal rights and responsibilities to all parties for the purchased real estate.

Joint tenants receive an equal number of rights in the property, but there are some limitations on how they can use their shares. It also involves the most critical condition of ownership, which is the right of survivorship. 

Do I need to pay conveyancing costs if I am a seller?

Whether you are a seller or buyer, you have to pay the conveyancer whom you hire. For example, you will need to hire a conveyancing solicitor to do the legal legwork for you when selling your home. The task will also include drafting the sale contract and negotiating the terms with the buyer. Then the solicitors of each party will agree on a completion date and oversee the exchange of contracts. For all their effort and services, you have to pay conveyancing costs to your solicitor. Similarly, if you are purchasing a home you have to pay the solicitor for various types of legal tasks. Your solicitor will negotiate the terms with the sellers, request different types of searches, exchange contracts, transfer the funds, and at last register you as the new owner of the property with the Land Registry. This is why you would need to pay conveyancing fees to your solicitor as the charge for these services.

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